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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

NY Judge Sgroi Promoted to Appellate Division, Second Department

NY Judge Promoted to Appellate Bench
The New York Law Journal by Joel Stashenko - October 7, 2009

Supreme Court Justice Sandra L. Sgroi in Suffolk County has been appointed to the Brooklyn-based Appellate Division, Second Department, Governor David A. Paterson has announced. Justice Sgroi has been a Supreme Court justice since 2001. Her duties have included presiding over the special guardianship section in the Tenth Judicial District as well as civil, commercial and matrimonial cases. Mr. Paterson called her an "accomplished and respected" jurist. Justice Sgroi, 56, who was previously a district court judge, is a Hofstra University School of Law graduate. She replaces Robert A. Spolzino, who resigned last month after nearly nine years as a Supreme Court justice, five of those years at the Second Department. Mr. Spolzino said he was taking a partnership at Wilson, Elser, Moskowitz, Edelman & Dicker in White Plains because he could not continue to subject his family to the hardship of what has become nearly a decade without a pay raise for state judges. Appellate Division justices make $144,000 a year and their appointments are not subject to Senate confirmation.


Anonymous said...

OK.... what do we have here.... is she any good?
Does anybody have anything?

Riverhead attorney said...

Maybe she can replace Prudenti. And sooner would be better than later.

galison said...

I assume any judge appointed by Patterson has been vetted by Lippman and is a crook.

How could an honest judge could survive at the Second for more than a week. They would poison her.

I hope I'm wrong.

Anonymous said...

the real problem is most of them have to be taken out, you can not just selectively stop crime if it has been going on for decades,
it is like putting an honest person in the ghetto,
that is the saddest part......

a few rotten eggs spoils the whole crew............

same thing was just said about our Public Integrity Commission,
take the whole crew out.......


Anonymous said...

they will poison her, that is what evil does............
someone call Paterson and tell him the deal.........

Anonymous said...

If the good judge comes out of Suffolk County it makes her suspect even before she moves over to the High Court of Judge Prudenti. They should make a great team talking over their experiences in Suffolk County.

Anonymous said...

Suffolk County Corruption goes all the way back to Judge DeLuca suspended for helping a mob friend and Judge Baisley collecting money in his office when motions were being heard. The barrel has been rotten for 30 years at least.

Anonymous said...

the feds and/or cuomo and/or a special prosecutor need to do a massive raid at all 4 appellate divisions and in other supreme courts around the state, round up judges and clerks that have been committing crimes sometimes probably for decades and then round up the crooks at the CJC and the public integrity commission and then and only then will there be ANY REAL Basis to Claim that "SOMETHING" is being done to change NY. Sampson is Heroic for holding Hearings but New Yorkers have SEEN this GAME before where Kaye put in place several Commissions to Study problems etc, many folks got a chance to "VENT" their problems publicly but NOTHING was EVER done to correct or change anything and everything went back to the way it always was. This is not saying the Sampson hearings are Window Dressing and a Sideshow to distract those pushing for reform but simply commenting on what has occurred in the past.

And even if some of these Judges do not get long jail terms it is likely very important that many of these folks are at minimum put thru the arrest process, removed from office and begin a process showing the Lawyers and Bar Association and public that the old way of "fixing" cases, burying cases, fraud by the courts etc will no longer be tolerated.

from the hudson valley region

Anonymous said...

Don't forget to mention the other employees that have a very MAJOR participation in court corruption...the COURT REPORTERS.

Their alterations are criminal and they know it...but continue to cower to the courts and judiciary..without concern for the massive injustice they are leaping on the innocent victims of their daily work misconduct and abuse of power.

The non-innocent victims don't have to worry about court reporter's crimes...their obvious guilt keeps the reporters honest, as you all ARE THE same type of crime- committing people.

Yes court reporters you are equally as bad as the criminals whose words you are recording and then judging their if you are law-abiding citizens working and designated as special... in a job you deem to be equivalent to that of judge and jury.

I know you people and know your arrogance! Altering the words taken under oath is appalling and worthy of job removal and prison...hopefully you shall see the jail of those you the same venue!

disgusted said...

Another empty suit in a black bath robe, the Gov. could do better.

Anonymous said...

Sandra Sgroi , what a joke !!
If there was a confirmation hearing , I would be there to testify against her.
Either she doesn't know the law in the Guardianship dept and is a COMPLETE MORON , or she is just corrupt.

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