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Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Christine Anderson’s attorney, Jonathan Lovett of Lovett and Bellantoni, was quite clear to the jury in his opening statement. “The case you are about to hear is very straightforward. It involves corruption. It involves Whitewashing.”

PCAC Seeking Citizen Control Over Attorney Grievance Committees
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Public Committee on Attorney Conduct Issues Statement on Start of Litigation Brought By Christine C. Anderson Against New York State Court System Defendants

PCAC President John T. Whitely Applauds Anderson Case Opening Statement Focused on Corruption and Illegality of New York’s Lawyer Controlled Grievance Committees
New York, NY. Public Committee on Attorney Conduct (PCAC) has issued a statement
on the opening of Christine C. Anderson’s case against New York State’s attorney-controlled grievance committees. The litigation before U.S. District Court Judge Shira A Scheindlin in New York City seeks to expose the illegal and unethical conduct of the named defendants, including the leadership of the grievance committees. Ms. Anderson is being represented by Jonathan Lovett, a noted Civil Rights attorney and Rory Bellantoni, a respected former New York judge, who recently resigned from the bench to resume private practice.

Attorney Jonathan Lovett of Lovett and Bellantoni, was quite clear to the jury in his opening statement. “The case you are about to hear is very straightforward. It involves corruption. It involves Whitewashing.”

PCAC President John T. Whitely issued the following statement:

PCAC applauds the efforts of Christine C. Anderson and her counsel, Jonathan Lovett and Rory Bellantoni, as they open their litigation to hold New York State officials liable for conspiring to operate a thoroughly corrupt attorney disciplinary process. As reflected in Mr. Lovett’s comprehensive opening statement, this court challenge is fully prepared to prove that the New York State attorney controlled grievance committees are managed and controlled strictly by money, favoritism and cronyism. This corrupt system must be terminated and its leaders sanctioned. Ms. Anderson, a former attorney employed by the Departmental Disciplinary Committee in Manhattan, is providing the court extensive details of the inner workings of the official corruption and malfeasance, which permeates the attorney controlled grievance process. It is this culture of illegality, which was turned against Ms. Anderson, attacked her, and sought to destroy her reputation and professional standing. Ms. Anderson’s good name must be restored, and she must be fully compensated for the serious damages that she has suffered.


PCAC resolutely believes that Ms. Anderson’s litigation will become a key part of an ever expanding court reform campaign to terminate the existing attorney-controlled grievance system. Recently, individuals and organizations, including PCAC, have filed statements before the New York Senate Judiciary Committee chaired by Senator John Sampson, which is reviewing allegations of official corruption throughout the judicial system. These statements have detailed abuses by the grievance committees and officials, including concealment of evidence, obstruction of justice, sexual assault by attorneys, pilfering of estates by attorneys, abuse of power, fraud, conspiracy and repeated violations of Constitutional rights.

PCAC was established in 2007 by affiliated member organizations, including Litigation Recovery Trust (LRT), a New York based rights administration organization, and Integrity in the Courts, and Expose Corrupt Courts, two Internet blogs focused on judicial and attorney disciplinary processes and procedures. The objective of the PCAC is to replace the existing New York State Attorney Grievance Committees with a body controlled by non-attorneys. PCAC is in the process of completing a review process, prior to submitting draft legislation for consideration by the New York State Senate Judiciary Committee for the purpose of terminating and replacing the current disciplinary committee structure with citizen controlled bodies.

Headquartered in New York City, PCAC represents the first bar review mechanism in the United States established by non-attorneys. Since news of the formation of the PCAC was first made public, individual complainants have been submitting requests in growing numbers to the committee to review both past and current matters before the New York State grievance committees. Requests and documents are being received by PCAC via email at: pcacinformation Telephone inquiries can be directed to 347-632-9775. For additional information, contact the PCAC website at

For additional information please contact:

John T. Whitely
Chairman Executive Search Committee
Public Committee on Attorney Conduct
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New York, NY 10022
Telephone 347-632-9775

Expose Corrupt Courts

William J. Hallenbeck
Executive Director
Litigation Recovery Trust
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New York, New York
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Integrity in the Courts
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The Frank Brady Organization

About Public Committee on Attorney Conduct (PCAC)
The Public Committee On Attorney Conduct reviews both past and present cases brought before the New York State grievance committees to provide an independent assessment and analysis of the facts, and issue proposed findings. With respect to past cases, the committee seeks evidence from persons, who maintain that they have been treated unfairly and unjustly by the state disciplinary committees. As part of its efforts, the committee is actively seeking documentation of all complaints against any attorneys dating to January 1, 1988. Public Committee On Attorney Conduct includes as members individuals, who through their personal and professional lives have established a reputation of responsibility and fairness. While attorneys will be available to the PCAC as advisers, all voting members issuing formal reports and decisions are non attorneys. PCAC is the first such lawyer conduct review organization in the U.S. to be controlled solely by non attorneys.

About Litigation Recovery Trust
Founded in 1995, Litigation Recovery Trust is a New York based claims and rights administration organization. LRT pursues claims and causes of action worldwide, and processes single and group litigation claims, as well as general rights fees and awards. LRT also participates in legislative and administrative initiatives designed to protect or advance individual claims and rights.

About Integrity in the Courts
Integrity in the Courts focuses on ethical and legal issues related to the administration of justice nationwide. Issues impacting both the judiciary and the bar are examined, including compliance with codes of judicial conduct, and codes of professional responsibility. Violations of law and failure to abide by codes of conduct are monitored, together with actions leading to disciplinary rulings, including attorney admonishments, reprimands, censures, suspensions and court ordered losses of licenses to practice law.

About Expose Corrupt Courts
Since beginning publication in March 2007, Expose Corrupt Courts has become one of the leading sources of both public and inside information concerning bench and bar misconduct. While the blog focuses primary attention on the court system of New York State, it regularly covers stories of interest throughout the U.S. Expose Corrupt Courts has led coverage of the massive corruption charges that have been filed against the attorney grievance committees in New York resulting in the filing of over a dozen law suits with the federal district court in Manhattan.


embarrassed said...

I heard about the trial yesterday from an attorney who was there. Lovett is a true professional, one of only a few-type lawyers strong enough to stand up to the corrupt powers of OCA. My friend was most alarmed to see DDC Chairman Roy Reardon at the trial. If that clown had one speck of uncorrupt blood in his body, he would have left the federal courthouse and headed directly to Judge Gonzalez at the 1st department to beg that the DDC doors be permanently shut by sundown. Instead, "See No Evil" Roy headed to a fancy meal. Roy's legacy appears pretty solid- he chaired over the most corrupt state body in NYS history. Mr. Reardon wrongly stayed away from NYS Senate hearings on the committee he chairs, hoping it would just go away. Most importantly, Roy Reardon has done NOTHING. Those of us a ST are embarrassed to be associated with him.

Anonymous said...

Was the snake Alan Friedberg at the trial? If not, he was probably too busy destroying DDC files....

Anonymous said...

that is funny, but oh so true,
are they just at the trial to get names to make sure the files are gone!

Anonymous said...

knock em dead Christine

and as always thank you Frank Brady....

this is why lawyers lie 7 violate innocent peoples rights so much
because they can get away with it....

thank you Christine!

Anonymous said...

What exactly is the Ethnic/Racial/Religious makeup of the New York Departmental Disciplinary Committee, First Department? Does it accurately reflect the Ethnic/Racial/Religious makeup of the New York City community that it supposedly serves, or is it only made up of the "Chosen People?"

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