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Monday, January 25, 2010

Governor and Attorney General Asked to Probe Alleged $40 Million Judicial Scam

Integrity in the Courts
“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” (Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.)

January 25, 2010

The Honorable David Paterson,
Governor of The State of New York
The State Capital
Albany, New York 12224 (Delivery Confirmation # 03091830000075798107)

The Honorable Andrew Cuomo,
New York Attorney General
120 Broadway
New York, New York 10271 (Delivery Confirmation # 03091830000075798114 )

RE: Request for Immediate Action Concerning Alleged $40 Million Dollar Fraud by 2 top New York State Judges (Hon. Jonathan Lippman and Hon. Charles Ramos)

Dear Governor Paterson and Attorney General Cuomo:

Our research has revealed, and fully documented, a troubling state court “ethics” oversight structure that is itself corrupt. We have documented countless examples where the law, attorneys, litigants, state employees and, in fact, judges have been targeted for annihilation simply because of a political whim or from the vengeful, misguided desires of a few. Conversely, we have evidence of many outrageous and criminal acts by certain individuals within and about the state court system that have been substantively overlooked for no other reason than their favored position or political affiliation.


We take all allegations very seriously, but especially when they involve New York State’s Chief Justice, Jonathan Lippman, and an Appellate Division Associate Justice, Charles Ramos. We are most troubled by the apparent common denominators of “greed of money” and “thirst for power.” The sad result of these crimes against families, state employees and citizens is outrageous, and must end.

Immediate Action Required

OVERVIEW: New York State Supreme Court Justice Charles E. Ramos received a "waiver" of the Rules Governing Judicial Conduct from then-Chief Administrative Judge Lippman based upon information he (Ramos) provided in writing. The “waiver” pre-approved Judge Ramos to be co-executor of two estates of a couple who were alive; the “waiver” also approved Judge Ramos’ in a role over various family trusts.

DOCUMENTED FACTS: The highly unusual "waiver" of the State Judicial Rules was given by then-Chief Administrative Judge Jonathan Lippman on May 7, 2003. The May 7, 2003 dated letter from the Administrative Judge allowed Judge Ramos "to be named and to serve as a co-executor and trustee under the Wills of Ruth and Herb Weissberg.” (see attached) However, on May 7, 2003, Ruth and Herb were very much alive. And though Herbert Weissberg would die about 2 months later, on July 3, 2003, it was known that Herb had had a stroke and couldn’t speak, due to dementia and aphasia, for well over one year prior to his death.

While Judge Lippman's letter reiterates Justice Ramos' contention that he "had a longstanding relationship of trust and confidence with the Weissbergs going back 36 years"(see attached), there is no mention as to why the original March 24, 2002 dated Will did not name Charles E. Ramos as an executor or trustee but, instead, the Last Will named trusted accountant Andrew Rubin and long-time friend attorney Paul Herman as co-executors. It was only by virtue of a subsequent Codicil, purportedly by the long-incapacitated and dying Herbert Weissberg that Andrew Rubin and Paul Herman were removed as named co-fiduciaries, and replaced with Judge Ramos and the frail, soon-to-be-widow, Ruth Weissberg as the new named co-fiduciaries. Witnesses confirm that Herb could barely say “yes” or “no” and was in a fetal position during the last year of his life. People who knew the Weissberg family for decades were shocked to hear that Judge Ramos had presented himself as a long time "dear friend" of Herbert Weissberg.

It appears that other plans to wrestle control of Herb's millions were in the works. It is also alleged that in October of 2001, Herbert Weissberg’s attorney, Paul Herman, went to the hospital to visit Herb, who was at that time extremely ill and unable to speak due to dementia and aphasia. While it cannot be determined exactly how many documents, purportedly signed by Herbert Weissberg, emerged from that hospital visit, or exactly from whom, what is certain is that Herb’s signature varies significantly from one writing to another on papers with the exact same date. One document, supposedly prepared by Herb, misspells the word “Gramercy” – as in the Gramercy Park Hotel- the place Herbert Weissberg had run for decades. Out of thin air, but with a judicial waiver in hand, Judge Ramos then appeared and became a paid trustee. The question remains that if Judge Ramos was such “a close, personal friend of the family” and as was presented to Judge Lippman, then Judge Ramos surely would have known that Herb Weissberg had been very ill, could barely scribble a signature, and could not communicate or understand anything complex- all long before the codicil giving him (Ramos) so much was even drafted. Simply, people with Dementia and Aphasia do not initiate complex estate changes.

ALLEGATIONS: (1) Judge Ramos, in early 2003, filed papers within the New York State Court system containing knowingly false information, so to advance a scheme where he would improperly, and financially, gain; and (2) Judge Lippman, since at least mid-2007, has been aware of the false presentation of information by Judge Ramos, and he has failed, and he continues to fail, to take appropriate action as required by law.

A gubernatorial election has renewed the promise of hope to the great people of New York- citizens who have long-yearned for leadership in reforming the condition of avarice and corruption that exists within and about our state’s government and, tragically, throughout our state court system. We are confident that future generations will echo our gratitude of the gubernatorial restoration of our faith in our state government and in our system of law. Please take immediate action concerning the allegations now presented to you. Thank you.

All the best,

Frank Brady

Franklin N. Brady
Integrity in the Courts &
347-632-9775 tel


LOL said...

Well, well..... this should be interesting..... My bet is neither Patterson nor Cuomo do anything.... too hot of a subject.

Disgusted said...

Where's the NYT reporter? Where are the feds and FBI about honest service by Lippman and Ramos? Has Ramos reported all the income from his Trusteeship? What was distributed and to whom and were 1099's given to all those who did work on the Estate? All should be in the public record. Would the NYT reporter need help in investigation and exposure? Andrew, this about the lack of Public Integrity. What would Lippman tell a jury about his waiver that would be believed?

Anonymous said...

I certainly wouldn't hold my breath for an answer on this one.

Just like what has been going on in PA as written about in Sunday's New York Times "Corruption Rampant in Pennsylvania Coal Country" ( this is just business as usual, and they don't even consider it as being wrong.

Anonymous said...

it is good that this letter went thru verifiable delivery method to both Gov Paterson and AG Cuomo. Now time to see which if either step up and act?

what about our federal authorities?

how about push and/or letter to Sampson and Senate Judiciary to support Federal Monitor and/or special prosecutor since the Senate Judiciary has heard enough evidence already to support these requests rather than further delays by scheduling and rescheduling more hearings which will likely "drag out" thru the political election year?

from the hudson valley region

Anonymous said...

Some of Cumo bigest donersd are lawyers and law firms. Cumo who has been raising money with N.Y highest rollers will not pass up the $$$. Cumo made a statement that he was going to throw out 100,000 lawsuits that were filled because the people were not properly served. The process server was not serving the people that were defendants in the lawsuits. Most of them were for failing to pay credit card bills. Cumo got a lot of free press.
The truth was that some of the people had not been served and had gotten judgments against them.
The law firms and debt collecters took the money out of the peoples bank accounts. All Cumo`s office made them do was give some of the money back. They did not hold anyone responsible. EXAMPLE If you owed 500 to delinquent credit card debt they took out 5,000 from you bank account. They can charge interest and penaltys/legal fees that they do not have to disclose
ALL CUMO DID was make them give back siome of the money a few thousand. Cumon still allowed his friends to charge loan shark rates.
Cumo got his namer as an advocate for the consumer in papers from coast to coast and on TV.
Cumo is an actor, he does little but smile and look good for the camera. He has not came out against mortgage fraud or done anything about it because he wants
thier campaign money. He will do nothing about the courts because he wants lawyer money.
What has Cumo really done, has he gone after heads of mortgage companys that ripped of people, NO he sent a few low level guys to prison for that . they will be out soon. He did not touch the big fish. The big fish might write him a check.

Anonymous said...

Saint Andrew, Patron Saint of Crooked Lawyers and Judges, serves his beneficiaries well, if they buy his indulgences from his campaign fund. Saint Andrew can't serve two masters. Rest assured, Lippman and Ramos will make sure their bag-men contribute to Saint Andrew.
Saint Andrew got his start helping creating the housing crisis and the meltdown of lending before he morphed into his Sainthood for Crooked Lawyers and Judges.

Quietly Smiling said...

Hmmm... now let me get this straight, and please bear with me. Ramos, the judge on the Phen-Phen case, replete with controversies, is buddy's with Lippman, who in turn grew up with and is buddy's with Silver? Allen Isaac, of Esposito sexual assault and battery fame never arrested, supposedly speaks of a high powered lawyer in "Caught on Tape" as he claims 1st Appellete Dept. judges are close to him...Ramos to Lippman to Silver, and are there any guesses as to that high powered lawyer is?????? ;)

Anonymous said...

BLDG 7 = FED AND S.E.C. ++

Anonymous said...

this is great, you can take any Almost Dead Person, get their will changed and as long as you know the lawyer who knows the judge you can commit the perfect crime......

they do this in Niagara County too........low lifes!

Anonymous said...

Great letter Mr. Brady..Thanks for being the voice for the people!! God Bless and let's hope we receive the justice we so deserve!!!


WOW..this story is absolutely outrageous and beyond criminal..Paterson and Cuomo need to take IMMEDIATE ACTION after reading this letter..Can you imagine STEALING money from DEAD PEOPLE..I hope these dead people HAUNT these SOB'S for the rest of their LIVES while they're sitting and rotting in JAIL!!!!

Anonymous said...

I wonder how much money Bernadette E. Lupinetti, Esq. makes from the sexual exploitation of children, after she helps rig the child custody case??

Anonymous said...

I wonder how much the Pigs of Pendleton get paid to Racketeer Cases, to stalk innocent people,
slander, libel...violate all their rights so some commit suicide
if you are not a whore you do not fit in to their lowlife crowd and you have no rights
Georgie do you know anything about it?

Anonymous said...

did they change the locks and clean out their house too and then tell family.....prove it
that is what they do in Niagara County.........and if you say anything it will cost you,we will drag you in and out of court defame your name and make it cost you!
you gotta be a whore in Niagara County and then you have rights!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The same type of Surrogate Court Corruption has been ongoing in Niagara County for quite some time (about 8 years) with Judge Peter Broderick, retired, appointing his brother David Broderick as Public Administrator and the robbing of estates occurred with "approval" of the court clerks. The Broderick brothers in charge of estates were allowing and using Jane Broderick, real estate agent, to sell the estate houses. Then sometimes they used a third Broderick Brother, William Broderick to act as attorney. The 'Court was well aware of all of this and turned a blind eye for quite some time.

the mailman said...

I just checked on www.USPS.GOV to see if those envelopes were delivered to Cuomo and Paterson. The governor got his package in Albany at 7am this morning. The package to Cuomo hasn't been delivered yet. And from the Post Office website it looks like the envelopes were mailed from midtown. So the Albany package got delivered pretty quickly and the Cuomo package has not!?!?!?! Maybe insiders at the AG's office have diverted the package for special handling (read: destroy)

Anonymous said...

This is just the tip of the iceberg. The nasty, nasty comes out in bad economic times like we're experiencing. It will only get worse.

Anonymous said...

This is just the tip of the iceberg. The nasty, naty comes out in bad economic times like we're experiencing. It will only get worse.

Anonymous said...

Hey Andrew are you investigating my criminal complaints at the Attorney Grievance Buffalo?
Including Niagara County Surrogate Court & stalking by a psychotic person who is harming me, lawyers and judges with their psychosis?
Why do the low life think they can get away with it......

Anonymous said...

Hey Cuomo
You should be waiting with open arms for this package! You can not divert this package we all know!

Anonymous said...

Hey George Maziarz,
Would you deliver my complaints to Cuomo personally, you claim you want transparency and honesty.

I would appreciate your help in the matter..........

Anonymous said...

We need to give our complaints to our Senators and see how honest they are on the issues!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I want to know the names of the candidates running against every member of the NYS Senate Judiciary Committee so I can contact them and tell them how useless the NYS Senate Judiciary Committee is, and why the incumbents should be voted out. Any help?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Yo Cuomo!
If you haven't received your package take a trip over to David's office, I am sure he will help you out and maybe he can make sure you are doing your job....

Anonymous said...

Yo Cuomo!
If you haven't received your package take a trip over to David's office, I am sure he will help you out and maybe he can make sure you are doing your job....

Anonymous said...

Ramos is very dirty and has very large eyes. Nail his sorry ass and put him in jail where he belongs, he has hurt a whole lot of good people. So where is Andy "Boy" Cuomo? Oh, I forgot he's putting the arm on Wall Street for bread, that way he can run for Gov. May I suggest that Andy is no saint?

DiogenesNow said...

Where is Saint Andrew, Patron Saint of Crooked Lawyers and Judges? Saint Andrew is protecting his flock and reaping their contributions to his campaign. Ramos and Lippman are the beneficiaries of Cuomo's corruption and his campaign for Governor. Not all Saints work for the goodness from God; some are servants of his antithesis. Who does Saint Andrew serve? Saint Andrew is Spitzer's protege. Has his father, Mario, offered an explanation for Andrew's role in the mortgage meltdown? Ramos and Lippman thrive because Saint Andrew serves them and their corrupt brethren, rather than the people. Elections count and the corrupt need to be removed.

Anonymous said...

Broderick who just resigned, quit abruptly on Jan 21, court has been corrupt since 2001...this is nothing but a criminal enterprise.......what is the deal, no matter what the witness/victim says do the opposite........
nothing is beyond their mentality.......
after watching a crime committed upon my aunt, 10 days before she died, I was dragged in and out of court for over 1 1/2, told I could not have receipts to her estate, nothing in home was allowed to be split and 5-6 pages of complete defamation was entered into the court record by two thugs-haven't worked in 20 years, and who I do not even know,who changed her will and lied to her.......
so do not go to the funeral take a u haul and clean out their home and if anyone says anything about the crimes you just committed,
you can make it cost them bundles
and you will never get a proper accounting, alter the dates on everything......just ask Niagara County Surrogate Court!
this is disgusting someone is not allowed to die properly, any hoodlum can get away with crimes, including our own lawyers and courts!

Anonymous said...

what ever happened to...
I would NOT do that to someone else because I wouldn't want it done to me or my family.......
this crew is disgusting,

Jail4Judges said...

Jonathan Lippman and Chuck Ramos both belong in a maximum security jail.

Anonymous said...

Niagara County Surrogates Court contact the attorney exposing the Broderick matter:

her name is Teresa Snyder - Amherst Lawyer (716) 741-3280

call the newspapers - Niagara Gazette and The Buffalo News. The reporters are also looking into the Broderick matters.

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