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Friday, January 29, 2010

Odd Pattern of Protection by Federal Courts

Two more civil rights lawsuits against Harrison police dismissed
The Journal News by Theresa Tjuva - January 29, 2010

HARRISON, NY — A federal judge has tossed out two more civil rights lawsuits against the police, making them the 10th and 11th lawsuits to end favorably for the troubled department. "It shows that each and every one that has been brought by a small group of miscontents and (attorney) Mr. (Jonathan) Lovett is entirely frivolous," Town Attorney Frank Allegretti said. "It vindicates the leadership of the police department." Chief Magistrate Judge George Yanthis dismissed claims Friday that the force's top brass violated police officers' free speech when they told them not to discuss the investigation of a missing $2,500 Harrison PBA donation. Harrison detectives learned in 2007 that a cashed check written to the Harrison PBA had been altered to the "Chiefs Police Association," which was headed by now former Police Chief David Hall. The plaintiffs, which included former PBA president Ralph Tancredi, who has filed other failed lawsuits, charged that after they wrote a letter to their superiors about the alleged crime, they were forbidden to discuss it. Yanthis wrote in his decision that the letter was not "a matter of public concern," but even if it was, the department "had a substantial interest in protecting the on-going investigation and thus limit the officers' speech to each other." The District Attorney's Office cleared Hall of any wrongdoing. Yanthis also dismissed a suit from police officer William Duffelmeyer against the town. Duffelmeyer claimed he was denied a promotion to sergeant because he was named a plaintiff in the missing donation lawsuit and a suit that accused police leaders of planting a video camera in the men's locker room. Tancredi said he was surprised by the latest outcome. "I'm baffled," he said by phone. "I'm discouraged by it." Allegretti said the town has spent an estimated $500,000 defending the 13 civil rights lawsuits filed since 2007. All of them have been dismissed or withdrawn, and two more are pending. Lovett did not return a phone message seeking comment. TJUVA@LOHUD.COM


Anonymous said...

Nothing "odd" here.... It's simple CORRUPTION.... OUR RIGHTS ARE GONE.

Warfarin for Rats said...

The slime of NY corruption was spread throughout our NY federal courts by Schumer and Clinton's choices of the best judges that money and corruption can buy. Elections count and Chucky is running scared; the terrorist trial is removed because of his fear. Chucky and the rats are quivering.

Anonymous said...

The Federal Courts are just as useless as the state courts.

They pretend to be doing their jobs, but only are interested in protecting themselves.

Anonymous said...

I just proved felonies to our Attorney Grievance Committee, this includes Court Alteration of Records and altering Federal Disability Records and got a letter stating this is closed......
I thought it was a felony to alter/falsify someone's Federal Disability Records!

Anonymous said...

Harrison is mob heaven and what makes anyone think they don't have a Federal Judge or two on their payroll?

Anonymous said...

It is very, very common for Federal judges to rule against citizen pltfs who have filed lawsuits against the government...and forget about suing the NY court system.. all are RIGGED TO FAIL!

These FEDERAL judges are devising rulings that not only sidestep the law...but are blatantly incorrect as they dare you to appeal..where of course a Federal appeal against the government dft is an absolute.... NO WINNER FOR THE all judicial venues!

Check out any specific judge that you have an interest in their rulings, relative to any government agency...and you will see many if not all negative rulings against the pltf...and "NO recourse' is available to fight this potent court of 0 accountability to the people they were appointed to serve in AMERICA!

The fact the President acknowledges that the courts have rulings that are RAGING against the people of this country, and are advancing the corporate-government America we have been forced to embrace through the Bush will see that citizen action is a given and must come soon...very soon.

Get ready, as we prepare to change the direction of this country, through complete judicial revamping, as never could have been imagined in the history of this nation.

Anonymous said...

wonderful post but how can anything change with the campaign/lobbying money corrupt us
the Attorney Grievance Informant Committees-cover our asses
the Judicial Conduct Cover Our Ass
Hey Paterson- tell the FEDS to answer our calls and investigate...............
If the boys are going to take you down, lets take a few of them down!

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