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Monday, January 4, 2010

Manhattan Judge Admits Guilt in Thinking He's Above the Law

Judge abuses his 'park bench' perk
The New York Post by TOM NAMAKO and BETH STEBNER - January 4, 2010

Guilty as parked! The judge in the high-profile trial of Brooke Astor's son has admitted acting like he's above the law when it comes to parking in his Upper East Side neighborhood -- dodging tickets with the help of NYPD traffic agents who turn a blind eye to His Honor's brazen violations. Manhattan Supreme Court Justice A. Kirke Bartley told The Post he was "wrong" to routinely park his black Ford Expedition at un-fed meters -- which he got away with thanks to a police placard, which is available only to a privileged few. Even though the placard declares, "This vehicle is on official police business," Bartley displays it in his windshield when his car is at home. The placard expires on Feb. 1. Judges who request the placards generally get them, but are not allowed to use them while they're off duty, a source said. Bartley -- who has also been a Criminal Court judge and a Queens prosecutor -- admitted to the infraction after reporters observed his monster SUV on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday of last week parked at an expired one-hour meter, sporting not even one ticket. "The only thing I can say is, I have been remiss. I have not been feeding the meter," Bartley said yesterday. "I was working arraignments [Saturday], and I couldn't feed the meter. "But that's no excuse. It's reality. I should have [put in coins], and I didn't," he said. "I was wrong." Asked whether he was planning to make restitution, the judge said: "I can't speak to that. I've owned up to the fact that I was remiss. And I'm contrite." He also admitted to not feeding the meter on the others days The Post observed his car parked illegally. At one point Saturday -- when meter regulations were in effect -- a traffic agent dutifully planted $65 expired-meter tickets on a red Honda parked right behind Bartley's SUV and on a white Honda around the block. The agent ignored the judge's ride. The NYPD declined comment. The abuse apparently has been going on for months. The Post first spotted the judge's Ford at an expired meter at 5 p.m. on Nov. 5. The placard also apparently gets Bartley out of other motor-vehicle laws -- a sticker on his windshield showed that his registration expired on Dec. 31, and no ticket was issued on Saturday. Additional reporting by Katherine Romero and Jennifer Bain.


Anonymous said...

This guy shouldn't be judging anyone, anywhere, at anytime!

disgusted said...

what do you mean? the judge is guilt in thinking he's above the law? he is above the law and he knows it. that's the mind set and he can't help himself, he's a sick puppy. the cops know the story and they are among the enablers. let the coverup continue. that's to the post for doing the job. now's the time to follow all the judges and their staff around.

Anonymous said...

I knoq Judge Bartley of days gone by. He was one of the better guys in the DA office. Always a gentleman and soft spoken. He sure show bad judgment in this matter.

Why did he think nobody wasn't going to see it? Parking spaces are like gold in Manhattan.

Anonymous said...

Saint Andrew, Patron Saint of Crooked Lawyers and Judges, says to respect this judge's nobility. Judges and lawyers are above the law because they are the law. When Saint Andrew becomes Governor, every crooked lawyer and judge will rest easily. Why are you non-lawyers such hostile people? Give this noble judge his due; he's better than you.

Anonymous said...

ST Andrew you forgot the Golden Rule with the corrupt lawyers and friends, the favor will be returned.........
start the wars now
we want wars
that is what St Andrew is doing,
not making the corrupt accountable, starting wars and people get hurt in war and it is not going to be the innocent!
Does anyone see the gov't is doing this, not responding, they are creating wars and hatred!

Anonymous said...

There is no law, it's all a big scam, a fraud. This is just another example of this situation and sadly no one will do anything since the fox is in charge of the hen house.

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