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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Governor Paterson Set to Make Bold Moves in 2010

Paterson scoffs at another tax hike
The New York Post by BRENDAN SCOTT - December 31, 2009

ALBANY, NY -- Gov. Paterson fired a warning shot this morning at any lawmakers who might be contemplating another income tax hike to close next year's massive budget deficit. During an interview on WOR 710 AM, Paterson cited "rumors" that some legislators might be plotting to push for the second tax hike in as many years to avoid painful cuts to state aid. "I heard a rumor yesterday that some of my colleagues are talking about another millionaires tax and that would demonstrate, I would say, a completely addictive personality," Paterson said. "The rumor isn't traceable to anybody, but somebody just mentioned that to me yesterday and I thought, 'I can't believe at this point that we never get it.'" The governor pointed out that the "$4 billion" soak-the-rich tax plan he and lawmakers included in the current budget has so-far produced 10 percent less than originally projected. Paterson said there's fewer New Yorkers qualify for the tax after the economic downturn and "many have changed their residences and moved out of the state," a fact disputed by tax-hike advocates. The state's projected 2010-2011 budget deficit could grow as large as $9 billion by the end of March, Paterson has warned. Senate Democratic Leader John Sampson said this week his conference would oppose any taxes and fees. Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver (D-Manhattan) has not issued a similar pledge, but said in an interview on Albany's WGDJ 1300 AM that he believed spending was the problem.


doubtful said...

I had little faith in Patterson when he took over as Governor when Spitzer showed us all how not to get laid. Then I quickly lost all faith in Patterson when he appointed Lippman which show Patterson either didn't know what the hell was going on in the courts, or he was just another hack continuing the network of crimes and cover ups in OCA. Recently, however, it appears Patterson might actually step up and do something that will help this state, by acting financially responsibly and not going along with every idiot idea that Silver comes up with. But will Patterson do something about the criminal activity in OCA by the top people there? I doubt it. But you never know in an election year.

Anonymous said...

What's Saint Andrew's, Patron Saint of Crooked Lawyers and Judges, opinion on taxes? Will he extend his beneficence to the others fattening at the public trough? He wants you to know that a lawyer or judge turns bad only because you don't send them money which they are entitled. Make Saint Andrew Governor and he'll never deprive his needy of his beneficence.

Anonymous said...

My educated opinion as to whether Paterson will address JUDICIAL CORRUPTION AND IMPLEMENT REFORM...IS NO!
Paterson has sung the praises of judges all over this state, including upstate, that are the headliners of this abhorrent he is remaining unsighted about acknowledging it's actual existence.
Paterson "deals" with what he knows...(ALBANY) and stays out of what he doesn't know, while actually embracing THOSE unknown things , while not stressing about becoming knowledgable.
This is why his numbers are low , because anyone smart or disgusted by NY state and it's political ventures....can see he is myopic.
Paterson will not address NY STATE JUDICIAL CORRUPTION.

Anonymous said...

here a clue Paterson, my Senator, Maziarz, has gotten a lot of money from the county and state and given those jobs to his friends in the felony plan, do as he says or you are his victim, nothing is beyond their mentality, so get your Senators to act like men and not boys and take care of their own district.......cut costs!
We have county and state jobs and no real jobs, it is how some Senators control the counties.....

Just to dumb to realize not many are actually paying any taxes, and take a mini tax course, then it will all make sense..........

Anonymous said...

If Paterson was going to address court corruption he would show at the hearings and address the issues.....
hello Paterson, you are wasting tax money on these gov't organizations that claim to be for the people........
you could save lots of state money by investigating our complaints and changing the system!
what seems so odd is some lawyers seem to get paid by Andy/certain judges through some lawsuit a lot of money and then those lawyers donate to political gumbas!

Anonymous said...

how the heck would anyone know what is going on in our courts unless you were a perpetrator or victim or FED..........

Anonymous said...

To missed a very large group...the thousands of employees and their families.

These folks may not be talking openly..yet...but rest assured...they are conversing at home to friends and I did for many years to many people that are always "so interested" in the judicial system...even doctors, dentists, business people and neighbors.

Passs the word whenever you so many of those mentioned above ask me constantly about my "federal lawsuit" and the actions or non-actions of the judges and lawyers involved....they cannot get enough and all are suggesting a revelation..... BOOK!

So if you think just a few victims ect. are aware of are not paying attention.

The local tea party.....which I am not a part of.... is organized by my friend, who became involved because of my horrific situation with the NY court disgusted as that person has become , they have the money and influence to continue the fight.

As a matter of fact, this huge group wants this person to run for government office.

The information is out there...and I never cease an opportunity to discuss the latest with the wealthy or not, that I I am always ready to jump on OCA'S latest or worse statements about me or my documentated supported allegations!

tax protester said...

If you fired everyone in Albany and took back their pensions I wonder how much money the taxpayers would save???

Anonymous said...

to post at 12:04
just to know the same is happening to others and how they operate is the best savior of all,
you can not make this stuff up and it is so very difficult to believe it is true but it is, don't worry they have pushed me too far and for too many decades and too many times and have harmed & killed many innocents
I will not shut up!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I definitely think a book is in order my story begins 15 years ago with a stalker-(a psycotic one) and continues to lawyers judges and public officials and the continual violation of my rights for no reason except my lawyers,DA, sheriffs did not stop my stalker!

Anonymous said...

as someone who worked ( now, thinking regrettably ) in the state system and seen alot of politics, i doubt paterson or cuomo will do anything about judicial corruption and have not even acknowledged it as a legitimate public issue facing the state despite 2 sampson hearings with one in albany right in the concourse.

look at now convicted former State Senator Joe Bruon who was convicted of 2 federal felonies in a widely publicized trial who just announced a Fundraiser for his Defense before sentencing at popular restaurant in Albany to be Hosted by a Sitting Member of the Legislative Ethics Commission that was just exposed in the federal trial?

did Paterson or Cuomo comment at all on the proprieties of a sitting member hosting this fundraiser for a now convicted federal felon? did either of them mention the state of the new york state ethics and corruption problems and what it has done to the state?

so anyone who is waiting for them to act and change things, don't hold your breathe. there was talk on this blog over a year ago about paterson being warned about schumer and much more and paterson getting letters from top people in these efforts and NOT a SINGLE Press statement from paterson acknowledging the issues much less sending a representative to the sampson hearings?

forget it. hopefully i am wrong but many folks may have been mislead to think things are happening when no sign its so. and i wouldn't be holding my breathe on sampson either. how much more evidence does he need before he takes an affirmative position to change anything?

sure hope to be wrong about all of this but have learned to be realistic and not "lead on" with false hope which is another form of damage to many already damaged

Anonymous said...

and as bad as spitzer turned out and all of his role in part of the problems at least when he was governor he had a Press statement that showed up in both the NY Times and the Capital District Times Union declaring Judicial corruption and patronage as the last part of the state system that had not yet been dismantled.

well, AT LEAST he acknowledged it as an issue and by making the official press statement gave room to apply more political pressure for walking away from the problem. paterson and cuomo have not even acknowledged its a problem yet and sampson appears all over the map during the two hearings like he is turned and twisted in knowing what he should do.

Anonymous said...

Sampson knows what he has to do but he also knows it will hurt people, some his friends and that is an awful, horrible situation to be in!
So let us hope and pray he does the right thing for all, no matter who gets hurt, for the bettermeant of all.

Anonymous said...

as for those attending Bruno fundraiser, at $1,000 per plate,
those are 'consulting fees" and perfectly legal!
these guys are funny!

Anonymous said...

Please make check payable to
"Joe Bruno Defense Fund"
PO Box 38275
Albany, NY 12203


Anonymous said...

I apologise, but, in my opinion, you are mistaken. I can prove it. Write to me in PM.

Anonymous said...

And still variants?

Anonymous said...

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