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Friday, January 1, 2010

New York: A Failed State of Pathetic Corruption

Failed State
The New York Times - EDITORIAL - December 31, 2009

New Yorkers should be appalled at their failed state government, particularly their corrupt and clueless Legislature. Scandal and irresponsibility have been Albany’s creed for decades. This year, the gang added another outrage to the list: complete fiscal incompetence. The only solace is this: The entire Legislature is up for re-election in 2010. And unless there is a sudden turnaround — and, so far, we see few signs of it — New Yorkers have no choice but to vote out all the lawmakers and start over. If there is any doubt left, here are just a few reminders of this year’s worst of the worst:

WHAT, US WORRY? New York has been on the brink of economic collapse, but the Legislature blithely ignored the problem for months. When the deficit reached a truly alarming $3.2 billion, the lawmakers grudgingly agreed to last-minute fixes while carefully protecting their political buddies and donors. That meant rich school districts on Long Island kept their money (until Gov. David Paterson imposed a temporary, across-the-board reduction), but 500,000 schoolchildren in New York City — many of whom can’t afford it — will now have to pay to ride the subway to class. Even after draining state savings accounts and using federal stimulus dollars that were supposed to be spent next year, they still fell $500 million short. Next year is now a few hours away. The state is already in the red, and it could be facing a $9 billion deficit by March. Yet there is no sign that legislative leaders have spent much time thinking about how to address this disaster.

SCANDALS “R” THEM There were so many legislative scandals this year that we’re not sure where to start. First, there were the revelations — surfacing only after the Democrats took control in January — about how Senate Republicans had abused their 40-year majority and secretly used state money to pursue party business. Among the discoveries: a secret plant, with 75 employees, to print Republicans’ mail to constituents; a Republican-only television studio; secret Republican Party research staff. The Democrats have closed a few of these scandalous operations, but they have not been energetic about scaling back their own perks now that they’re in charge. The Republicans’ longtime Senate leader, Joseph Bruno, stepped down in 2008 before he was indicted on eight counts of exploiting his office for personal gain. Earlier this month, Mr. Bruno was convicted on two felony counts involving “theft of honest services.” The trial offered more instructive and stomach-turning details about the sleazy way that Albany operates. Mr. Bruno ran his private consulting firm out of his posh, taxpayer-financed Capitol office. His Senate secretary, other staff, phones, cars and copy machines were all used to get business and campaign contributions from private clients, some of whom came to him for help in writing and passing legislation. Worst of all, it took federal prosecutors to uncover these abuses because there was no explicit New York State law forbidding them. We don’t want to prolong the pain, but let’s not forget the Republican coup in June, abetted by two of the least-qualified Democrats: Senators Pedro Espada Jr. of the Bronx and Hiram Monserrate of Queens. Never mind that Mr. Espada was — and is — being investigated for allegedly living outside his district and failing to report campaign contributions. And Mr. Monserrate already had been indicted for assaulting his girlfriend, who had been slashed — somehow — in his apartment by a broken glass. Nothing got done for more than a month until these two switched back to the Democratic side. Mr. Espada negotiated another title and salary bonus and more money for his district. He failed, after wide protest, to slip his son into a $120,000-a-year state job. As for Mr. Monserrate, he was convicted of assaulting his girlfriend after dragging her through his apartment lobby and then driving her past several emergency rooms to find a hospital where he would not be recognized. His fellow senators are expected to decide next month whether to oust him. If they have any shame left, they must. He is clearly not qualified to represent New Yorkers.

O.K., MAYBE A TOUCH UP So do any of them get it? Not many. After all this sleaze and incompetence, John Sampson, who leads the Democratic majority in the Senate, suggested this week that legislators might need a public relations “makeover.” No superficial paint job can cover such a rotten core. What is needed is a sweeping top-to-bottom reform. Democratic leaders say they are considering changes, including an ethics reform package that, with more muscle, might make it possible to rein in some of Albany’s worst abuses. There is talk about taming the state’s anything-goes campaign finance system, but it will take more than talk and press releases this time.

Almost no one is focusing on two other major problems: the gerrymandering that allows so many undeserving incumbents to hold on to power and Albany’s relentless greed and influence-peddling. Lawmakers must create a nonpartisan commission for fair redistricting before the maps are redrawn in 2011. Without it, the state will go another decade with no real political competition. They must establish a small, expert financial board to advise the state comptroller on pensions, one unswayed by political pressure or favoritism. And they must enact tough new disclosure laws that require lawmakers to fully, accurately and publicly report the sources of all their outside income. New Yorkers have waited in vain for these reforms. Every year lawmakers promise to do better. And every year Albany has gotten worse. Legislators can either start doing the public’s work now, or voters should turn them out. The election is less than a year away. This article is part of a series examining the political and structural crisis in the New York State government. This series can be read at


zoo keeper said...

Time will quickly tell whether these corrupt animals get away with it for yet another year.

Eliot Bernstein - Iviewit - Patentgate said...

ah a chomp on the ole ankle, sharks are in the water, the tip o the iceberg, the beginning of the end, usher in the new year and may it bring all those depraved of their rights some awesome cheer. Now set them straight with long prison gates to scare the rascals kids from trying these crimes again and let them fry in their sins. as always, frying pans free @
g-bless all the heroes who have stepped forward into the light and risked their very soul and those they love to start this slow bleed that can oft lead to a feeding frenzy, ok, one more for the new year, as always, shark bait free @
Bat Out of Hell

ps John McConnell welcome to your new job after wonderful tenure aiding and abetting the First Department goon squad of Cahill, Cohen, Spokony and the CLEANER Naomi Goldstein, welcome to Iviewit, your friend, awaiting your final soul, call me your soul mate (tour guide) of living hell here on earth. Hopefully, to comply with law, your first order of business in the new year will be to turn yourself in, it is easier in the end and then investigate the CLEANER and the US Attorney cases that were fixed and then your role in aiding and abetting the criminal enterprise I am suing within the First Department for 12 Trillion Dollars, did you notify the state auditors. Happy new year’s Johnny you really earned your wings and leg up in the slime, now put your fingerprints on some of this or try to hide under your new desk of corruption. That OCA needs to be eliminated as an illegal organization run by mobsters. As always Johnny, handcuffs free @
Soul Collector (ask Tom Cahill wtftm)
Eliot I. Bernstein
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Anonymous said...

where do I find the Ethics the Senators are supposed to be honorable to?

Anonymous said...

If not indictments...release of documents and facts that have been obtained through investigations...showing how the judicial syndicate really works when you expose their ass from within their own jungle...waiting too long for your cooperation!

Anonymous said...

Well, I hope this year Bernadette E. Lupinetti, Esq. gets indicted for her crimes against children and investigated as to her roll to rigging child custody cases for the purpose of having these children sexual exploited. I will spend the rest of my life exposing this criminal or until the FEDS arrest this criminal for her crimes and human trafficking.

E. Goldstein said...

The NYT forgot about the roaches under the other ends of the Rug. Specifically, Silver, Working Families Party, Court Corruption, Chief Judge Lippman, the appellate Courts, Commission on Judicial Conduct, etc. This isn't Republican or Democrat; it's a corrupt Judiciary, DA's, and media. Will the NYT endorse Cuomo, who fattens on campaign contributions from corrupt attorneys and politicians he fails to prosecute?

Save your money. Line your bird cage with the free papers available on the Street. The Corruption exists only because the NYT deliberately refuses to report court corruption and corrupt local DA's. The NYT neither reveals nor protects whistleblowers against high priced Attorney and Judge corruption.

Here's a simple tests: Has the NYT reported all or some that is revealed on this site. Did the NYT cover the corruption trials in NYC Federal Courts?

NY's "Pravda," oops, NYT, is NYC's "Ministry of Truth."

Anonymous said...

Senator George Maziarz and Wojtaszek you have been exposed!
Niagara County Ricos and threatens witnesses and makes due on those threats!

Anonymous said...

I need one of those Civilian Medal of Honors and Consulting Fees not to tell, and I do not come cheap, like your informants.......maybe it is best you just step down!

Anonymous said...

That worm Sen. George Maziarz is next on the indictment parade. And then Sheldon Silver the ringmaster.Then the gallows for all the corrupt Judges and lawyers.

Anonymous said...

I hope George is next just sad he has gotten so out of control and none of his friends stopped him, did they like how he harms others for their benefit, what a disgusting crew!

Eliot Bernstein / Bat Out of Hell / Iviewit / Patentgate said...

To those waiting for the press, the right arm of anarchy now left arm of corruption for aid, this is like going to Joseph Goebbels and telling to do a story about how the jews are mistreated in the prison camps and that mainstream media is portraying them as rodents to be exterminated. Like going to the Gestapo to complain that the camp guards are mistreating the prisoners and the courts are not following the rules.

So start a f'n printing press, I mean free news, real news, like Franklin did and bird shit it over every car that parks in a courthouse, to every person going into gestapo hq. Make them aware of what is going on at grass roots.

In your new f'n printing press write about how the other guys, the bobbles call them, do not do their job and thus why you should pass the flyer on. Weekly rags, plastering the campus, calling for protest on the court steps, they will come, maybe slowly at first but it will get a groove, the people have been robbed and rapped by these people of their home equity and 401's the blood is in the water for outrage, now all we need is abby hoffman or the likes.
so if you really care, i challenge you to take on the man this year, head on, bring him to the light however you must, ie printing press, blogging, protest their offices with 3 friends and a video, bring them to the light. If the typical doors to do this are shut by an effective coup d'etat then end around, use your voice and innovative spirit.
For Silly example, I cite
In fact, in that same fresh breath of epiphany we came up with a new airline, one that has no baggage checks or lines but a waiver for passengers to say they hold harmless the airline if someone brings a bomb on board. Why? to get out of airport security and the hassles on personal freedom they are imposing, including new radioactive body destroying scans. Still would have customs checks but as for the bags and people they fly unmolested. The logic, the number of airplanes that are bombed since aviation began, excluding war, is a handful, maybe on way high side 100. If 500 people were killed on eachl of them that would only amount to 50,000 people over 50 years, which averages about 1000 a year which is statistically infinitesimally small number when compared to say the 35,000 annually that die in cars, which over the same 50 years would add up to 1,750,000 but yet still that is a small number and we do not stop driving or surrender our rights to drive unmolested. Therefore, I would rather have my personal freedom to travel about without government oversight of my life for fear of an underwear bomber and would thus sign the waiver. With the freedom to travel the airline would save on all the security measures for the one off terrorist and could pass those savings on to patriotic flyers who don’t surrender their freedom in fear of terror, you know real patriots.
Just food for otters in the new year. Look forward to seeing you in ny this year for some more fun in the courts. Best and all my families love to you and yours!!!

ps - to keep the cowards or chickenhawking draft dodging American Wussies afraid of guys on camels with no standing armies, air forces or nukes like bush rumsefeld, cheney, yoo, bebe, etc. off our airline we can offer muslims the exit rows, that should scare them away.

Eliot Bernstein said...

Cowards, congress is filled with the spoiled elitist who are so detached from reality they really believe the rest of the world and people are below them and have no respect for the people while they line their pockets with stolen monies for granny’s home equity and 401, to stuff their ivy league (bought not earned with gpa) faces with another greasy slimy burger in a 5th summer home. Not earning a thing, just stealing, it is easy to get rich if you infiltrate the law and suppress the rules, it is not brain surgery, you just have to be soulless.
TEAR DOWN THE WALL AND BUILD HOMES SPREADING LOVE AND PEACE, this ends terrorism much faster than protracted ILLEGAL WARS with real live dead US Soldiers and foreign citizens piling up. Our spreading of hate only begets hate, our nation is not really afraid of terrorists, we have ten thousand nuclear bombs, and just who are we afraid of? I think we should give each rogue nation 2 of them and dare them to use them, knowing of obliteration that would follow, that should make them think of becoming radioactive waste for a thousand years, is that not enough firepower against the guy on a camel who needs to borrow your plane to attack you. Soldiers who died to give you freedom, are chocking in their graves that the Americans they died to give them those freedoms have surrendered them to evil people who torture people and conduct illegal wars in fear of a guy with no country or army on a jungle jim training set. You certainly disgust me, as you blindly surrender, even as the Supreme Idiots stole your democracy in a 5-4 ELECTION FRAUD. Since that day our country has gone lawlessly to hell in a bucket.
Bat Out of Hell

Anonymous said...

It looks like Obama and the rest of the U.S. got a taste of our government agents and agencies who are supposed to be protecting us.

It's only when there is an incident which clearly shows the massive failure of these people to have done their jobs, that anything is ever made public.

Look at Madoff and the most recent terrorist incident.

When are they going to connect the dots and figure out that this is a systemic problem?

Anonymous said...

America is only a reactive nation...not the true land of any see it in every action taken for the courts action to elevate domestic violence to top and intolerable priority, after OJ Simpson killed his ex-wife.
OJ was in upstate NY for years kicking the ass of his wife, over and over again...and this was covered up by the police(paperwork destroyed after the calls were made to them) and those who knew him refused to testify at his murder trial about his adventures here.
Democracy is the pretty name used to lure Americans into feeling safe, secure and protected...but really the behind the scenes presents the real picture.... cut throat corruption...until the need to placate us reveals itself again in reactive rhetoric!

Anonymous said...

In California there is a case 8CA10541 that alone could topple the Shwartzenegger regime

Anonymous said...

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