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Friday, January 8, 2010

Governor Has Plan to Resolve Pay Increase for Judges Dispute

Paterson Says His Bill Would Resolve Suits Over Judges' Pay
The New York Law Journal by Joel Stashenko - January 8, 2010

Governor David A. Paterson suggested yesterday that a bill he submitted last year to create a commission to review every four years pay levels for the judiciary could resolve the legal fight over judicial salaries that shifts to the state's highest court next week. Mr. Paterson's bill, submitted in May, received scant attention because of the paralysis caused last summer by the power struggle between Democrats and Republicans in the Senate. The commission would not review state lawmakers' salary levels on a quadrennial basis, under Mr. Paterson's bill. Legislators and judges both received pay raises for the last time in 1999. In a statement yesterday, Mr. Paterson said the long pay lag for judges "is wrong and has the potential to do great harm to our very accomplished judicial branch." The Judiciary, he said "deserves…a straightforward analytical approach [to periodic pay raises] and I urge all parties—judges, litigants and legislators—to consider adopting such an approach as a means of settling all of the pending matters before the Court of Appeals." The bill calls for the Legislature to approve or reject a commission's pay recommendations, on a straight up-or-down vote. In an interview yesterday, Mr. Paterson's counsel, Peter Kiernan, said a compensation commission would not authorize raises retroactively. He also said the governor's actual support for a raise recommendation by a commission would depend on budgetary conditions, when raises would take effect and other "abstracts." The three suits before the Court for oral argument on Tuesday revolve around the constitutionality of "linkage" between the judges' raises and issues at the Capitol unrelated to the judiciary or how much judges are paid.


Angry said...

I say we give big fat raises to the honest judges. And the dishonest judges get big shiny handcuffs. Hey, Dave, what about the corrupt judges?

Antoinette said...

I say 'let em ALL eat cake'.

Anonymous said...

They should let litigants give judges report cards, like students give to teachers.

If kids can review teachers, then adults certainly can evaluate judges.

Anonymous said...

Paterson went on Tv with a speach how he was going to clean up corupt lobbying. He has been in office long enought o have done or at least started changes. Had he said anything about giving the judges more money he would have lost votes. Why does he not talk about restoring transit pass to students. He just wants more votes. His attempt is more lame than usual. We are used to Pols lying to get votes in an election year. His attempts are to little too late and his motives for useless speachs that have no meaning.

Anonymous said...

These judges all got $10,000 in frivilous compensation...which is a RAISE...why is that not mentioned by the alawys befuddled Paterson, as I see it...the judges last raise was this year...screw them and their title..... all they really are, are just politicians that are also lawyers...hated by anyone who hates Albany, because that is what works there and in Washington!

Anonymous said...

Until they rule against their corrupt fellow judges, let them all be treated as corrupt also. Do not not reward bad behavior. Try honesty first.

Anonymous said...

A little off topic:

There is an article in today's NY Post about the "Tea Party".

I don't know much about this new party, but it looks like it is anti the current two parties.

They are having demonstrations around the US ending in DC on April 15th. There are two stops in NY.

An interesting point the article made is that the current parties in power don't get that there is a real problem and real anger with the corruption.

Maybe this is going to help.

Anonymous said...

What work do they really do? What do they produce beside trouble? Cut their pay, they have been over paid for years.

Anonymous said...

No pay raises until the CORRUPTION gets cleaned up in the Court system. The corrupt judges have to go to JAIL..NO TICKEY, NO SHIRTY!!!

Enough is Enough said...

I would like to know what kind of CRACK are these people smoking.

The real focus needs to be on cleaning up the corruption in the Court system , not giving the corrupt Judges pay raises..Now, get to work on cleaning up this pitiful court circus..oops,I meant court system.

Anonymous said...

here is an idea, have the Honest Judges turn in the really Corrupt Judges and give them a bonus from the Corrupt Judges Old Salary, after they are convicted!
we may not even need as many judges as we have, may not even need to be replaced!

Anonymous said...

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