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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Justice Has Been Waiting for District Attorney Cyrus Vance, Jr.

Morgy says fare (&#!) well
The New York Post by DAREH GREGORIAN, BRENDAN SCOTT and ALEX GINSBERG - December 31, 2009

Outgoing Manhattan DA Robert Morgenthau took a few thinly veiled swipes at his handpicked successor yesterday during a farewell news conference to wrap up his 34 years as the borough's chief crime fighter. Morgenthau, 90, will hand over the reins today to his protégé Cyrus Vance Jr., who has already announced plans to demote two of his ex-boss' favored executives. "I have the finest staff anywhere," Morgenthau told reporters, and he singled out soon-to-be-demoted deputies Nancy Ryan and Pat Dugan, together with Mark Dwyer, who is leaving the office voluntarily. "They've all been key to the success of our staff," Morgenthau said. "They've made a great contribution to the success of the office." Asked if he was upset about Vance's moves, he said that all his successor's picks were "competent people," and that "he's entitled to make" whatever staff changes he wants. But he quickly described Ryan, who reinvestigated the Central Park Jogger case in 2002, as "extraordinarily valuable to this office," and said she was quite possibly "the best investigator in the United States."

Asked what advice he had for Vance, he also made a possibly oblique reference to the hiring of former staffers of Govs. Eliot Spitzer and George Pataki. "Hire people based on merit, not political connections," he said. Vance has tapped former Spitzer Chief of Staff Marlene Turner to serve as special assistant, a position for which she'll be paid $137,500, a spokeswoman said. But that will cost the taxpayers just a bit more, since Turner is already collecting her $16,380-a-year state pension, according to the state comptroller's office. State law generally prohibits state employees from "double-dipping" -- collecting pensions while working in a public-sector job. But the law would allow it in Turner's case because she will turn 65 in 2010. Morgenthau seemed wistful at times during the press conference, but showed a sense of humor as well, quipping, "I'll be out of here [tonight]. Not to worry." In what was essentially a farewell speech, he also thanked Police Commissioner Ray Kelly and the city's other DAs and law-enforcement agencies for their help over the years. "This is not a job for a lone ranger. You need help from a lot of people to be successful," Morgenthau said. The DA knows something about success. "In 1975, when I became district attorney, there were 648 murders in Manhattan. Last year there were 62, and this year, so far, there are 58," he said. He added that when he took office, Manhattan was the site of 40 percent of the city's murders, compared with 12 percent this year. Morgenthau saved his biggest thank-you for his staff. "I take the credit or sometimes the blame, but they do the work," he said. "They're a tremendous group of people."


waiting said...

OK, DA Vance, do you continue to cover up for the mighty, or do you do your job and press charges against the bums?

Anonymous said...

Bernadette E. Lupinetti, Esq. is been protected by the Orange County DA and the AG Office. This two angencies have refused to investigated this criminal. She fixed cases destroying children and families. This individual is a danger to society and children's safety. Child Porn will not been eradicated as long as he have monsters like this woman, facilitating and enabling the sexual exploitation of children. Every day I will write about this criminal until she is investigated, prosecuted and jailed for her crimes against children and families.

Luisa said...

My letter to DA Cyrus Vance Jr. is ready to go on Monday Jan. 4, 2010..let's see what he has to say about my case. My sexual assault, extortion, and coercion case was squashed by the Chief of the SEX CRIMES UNIT, ADA Lisa Friel and ADA Jennifer Steiner Crowell. I was victimized and treated as if I were the criminal and not the victim...They both belong in JAIL for Obstruction of Justice and Prosecutorial Misconduct!!!!!


Is DA CYRUS VANCE for a rude awakening when he see's and hears about the crimes that have been swept under the rug..Or was he put there on purpose to further the cover-ups? ONLY TIME WILL TELL!!!!

Anonymous said...

did I read this right, Morgenthau is 90, 90....there should be and Old Fart Law, the truth is once you get to a certain age, many things do not even matter anymore!

Anonymous said...

The justice system has old farts that old doing JHO work.
The legal system must demand retirement from these no life monsters in black.
Who the hell wants to work past 70, and if you do it states alot about how you have intelligently and emotionally handled your life and relationships.
Old judges and DA'S always means undesirable personalities in the first place and with some of these gross people...girlfirends they have put in court they can continue to cheat on their judicial wives....right in the courtrooms and offices.....which has been the standard for many, many judges forever.
Wives who are reading this blog...oh yeah your judge husband is likely having sex with workers or lawyers..big time!
What female finds sex with those dirty robes worth any will always be stuck with the memory of tying him up to get it up....the rest of your lives...right know exactly who you are...enjoy the big payday and the "little limp" pleasure you suffered to obtain

will galison said...

The first criminals Cy Vance has to put away are the thugs that work at the DA's office.

Secondly, we have to bring criminal charges against the DDC and CJC officials for OFFICIAL MISCONDUCT, a class A Misdemeanor (among other things).

We have to jump on his opportunity and hold Cy Vance to the fire.

Contact me to coordinate this effort.


Anonymous said...

get them Will......
has anyone noticed those females that perform those favors as they get older they get more psycho and spend their lives harming others and the Receivers of the Favors cover up for them?

Anonymous said...

hey Judges pay the $25.00, or is that why they were given a raise?

Anonymous said...

5,0000 divided by 25= how many favors?

Anonymous said...

sometimes men are dumb, those females are doing that stuff so they can use you!

Anonymous said...

anyone know who Cy Vance hired from the Pataki Administration? hiring cronies from Spitzer and Pataki is another Deadly Doom mix. check out the 2005 3 Day News specialy in the NY Daily News called "stuck on the Mafia's Highway" detailing all the mobbed up construction Companies previously barred from State work getting contracts from the DOT and Thruway and everywhere ALL SIGNED OFF by then NYAG Eliot Spitzer while the FBI had these companies on known Organized Crime watch lists and more. Even read about good old Al Pirro who was able to "Negotiate" State Contracts for a connected company while suspended from his law practice.

oh boy, sounds like Cy Vance is doing a great job already with thes hires!! NOT!!!

Anonymous said...

link to Greg Smith and Daily News expose originally in print in September 2005 while SPITZER was STILL NYAG and Pataki Still Governor; what a great bunch! NOT!! so what is CY VANCE doing hiring these cronies???


The mob isn't ripping off taxpayers just on highway construction jobs, either.

A four-month Daily News investigation has found that New York's organized crime families — supposedly banned from all such construction projects — are back in public works big time — at city schools, playgrounds, bridges and parks.

Since 1995, dozens of contractors barred from doing government work because of mob ties, corruption or serious safety violations have been able to win more than 100 public contracts worth more than $1.2 billion.


So with MADOFF and ALL these Budget Problems, where did Spitzer, Pataki and maybe even Morgy and now Vance let all our money go?? and the other officials that have looked the other way since??

Anonymous said...

Wasn't it Morgenthau's office that origianlly tried and convicted those kids in the Central Park Jogger case, that used false confessions?

How is it that he is taking credit for reduced crime an murder in the city? Was he out there stopping all that crime?

Vance is doing the right thing by cleaning house. I wouldn't keep someone else's hand picked staff to support me either.

I hope Vance hits the ground running.

Anonymous said...

OCA is notorious for bribing its employees so they don't go public with inside information. They also hold on to the biggest LOSERS and MOST inept and untalented bunch because they are soooooo easy to influence and manipulate. They are very transparent!

Anonymous said...

To 1:31 pm--example of what you said, look at DDC in 1st dept, it's perfect description for them.

Anonymous said...

DDC is better at accepting bribes! $$$$$

Anonymous said...

The DDC is corrupt from top to bottom and bottom to top. From support staff all the way to management--they all participate and share the fringe benefits (money, money, money).

Anonymous said...

Some DDC support staffers are really good at taking anything they can get--money, easy work assignments, paid vacations...get the mouse, who'll lead you to the cat, who'll lead you to the dogsss.

Anonymous said...

morgenthal never did anything to go after the DDC. Vance will do nothing.
i voted for the woman because she was not liked by the lawyers and the judges. I do not think she got many of thier endorsments from law orginizations. I know lawyers in general did not like going before her because she kept the B/S level low. She knew they were being paid by the hour and she was not.

Anonymous said...

Don't underestimate DA Vance.

Anonymous said...

P.S. the Feds are looking at the DDC--very, very closely--from bottom up and up to bottom. Bribes & MONEY will get you every time.

Anonymous said...

only problem with the comment at 2:53 is the feds have supposedly been "looking" for a very long time, and years turn into decades and decades, well, you know, lives continued destroyed, harmed, marriages broken up, lives with children destroyed, homes stolen, and more while others are "looking". actions speak louder than words. alot of Words came out of former us attorney michael garcia and in the end the people got nothing or close to it but more ripoff. so hopefully this "looking" becomes action for a change.

and only problem with comment at 2:50 is it does not answer who in the pataki regime was hired into cy vance's office and disclose who the hidden string pullers are?

Anonymous said...

To 2:52,
This website posted that Westchester was braced for the "onslaught of Federal Corruption Indictments" last October.

Well, I'm still waiting for that one, so if I were you, I wouldn't count on anything happening too soon.

Anonymous said...






Anonymous said...

do you remember what Eric Holder and friends just did in Wilkes Barr, it can be done it will be done, it is just a matter of time..........times are a changing

Anonymous said...

The Peter Principle at work. Vance was appointed because he will be incapable of going after the lawyer and judge criminals. Was the Peter Principle about competence or is it in Vance's case about moral decency and honesty?

Anonymous said...

it would be amazing to see for many if the feds do over here what has been happening in wilkes barre. not sure holder can pull it off in ny but many welcome it. this blog had a post here about a year ago when US attorney garcia turned out to be nothing but hot air that the "families" had the ny game covered bottom to top and at the top. only time will prove if that and other corrupt forces prove true or if action changes it.

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