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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

3 Judges Covered Crony's 9/11 Donation Fraud….CLICK HERE FOR FULL STORY

As directed by one of New York State's top administrative judges in writing last week, official complaints were filed today, September 11, 2007, against three judges for conspiring, it is alleged, to cover up an alleged fraudulent court filed “assignment of interest” that was designed to prevent the repayment of over $100,000.00 stolen in 2001 from 9/11 donations made to the American Red Cross….. MORE……

The judges named in the complaints are from Westchester County, in White Plains, New York: Surrogate’s Court Justice Anthony A. Scarpino, Jr.; Civil Court and 9th Judicial District Administrative Judge Francis A. Nicolai; and Civil Court Judge Gerald E. Loehr.

3 Blind Mice

The allegations against the judges include the organized stifling of justice- and for one reason: to protect their political friend and supporter, attorney Frank W. Streng of McCarthy Fingar, LLP, who drafted and filed the alleged fraudulent instrument in November of 2003.

The allegations include: judicial steering, corruption, denial of due process and obstruction of justice.

History Repeats Itself

Surrogate Scarpino, who handled the Harry Winston estate and is currently hearing the Brooke Astor estate, just a few months ago refused to remove himself from an Ice Cream Carvel estate proceeding when it was found that he had loans from one of the parties. Also, it was recently reported that for over 4 years attorney Frank Streng advertised on the internet, and his law firm website, the fact that he was on Surrogate Scarpino’s election transition committee, which angered many as that implied he had an "in" with the court.

Mr. Streng, in various capacities, has also been involved in the Astor and Carvel estates. And as reported in the New York Law Journal last year, allegations of judicial steering are nothing new to the Westchester County courts under Administrative Judge Nicolai. Last year’s brouhaha resulted in a large court organizational shake-up in Westchester.

The underlying matter, The Estate of Margaret A. McKeown, has lingered in the Westchester courts since 2003, and the related 9/11 Red Cross donation fraud was subject of an April 28, 2006 article in The New York Times article, though the judges' names or the allegations against them were not mentioned.

Better Late Than Never

And though the alleged fraudulent assignment was filed in November of 2003, it would take until July of 2007 for the Westchester County Surrogate's Court Chief Clerk, Charles T. Scott, to “locate” the assignment papers and place them in the court’s estate case file.

Oddly, and also in July of 2007, Chief Clerk Scott advised in writing that he had corrected the three and one-half year “administrative oversight” by "back-dating" the filing date in the court’s computer.

……More on This Story- With Documents- Coming Soon………..


Anonymous said...

This is shocking that this could happen. Who's in charge of oversight in these matters? Where is Judge Judith Kaye? Isn't she in charge?

Anonymous said...

Judith kaye cannot and will not EVER correct anything court related. This political woman is a creator of trouble and controversy. Her money, husband and perceived power has distorted her mental state! Don't ask for her help....Remove her!

Anonymous said...

How could anyone steal from the 9/11 Red Cross fund? Then to compound this how could any courts permit this to continue? What's wrong here?

Anonymous said...

Stop insulting mice. "3 blind mice" should be changed to "3 blind RATS" It's a better description of the 3 judges.

Anonymous said...

The corruption has been going on so long the judges simply don't know what's right and what's wrong.

Anonymous said...

these judges should be judged by some of the people that 9/11 money could have helped, dying rescue workers who have been screwed by the system, judges and the politicians! See what they get when judged by their peers!

Anonymous said...

NO checks and blances here, only empty checks which they write to themselves when ever possible. They are more corrupt than crooks. The Queens family court has a judge sitting in child support court that screws every woman who walks in. She needs to be investigated but her bosses cover it up.

Anonymous said...

Why would you believe that some of these same Judges were not responsible for other irregularities on other cases while on their watch? The files on our case went missing for over 4 years until the files turned up and could be assigned to a Judge of THEIR choice.

Anonymous said...

All I can say is,, WHO IS GONNA DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! They are lauging all the way 2 the bank and resorts!
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