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Friday, September 7, 2007

New Chief Counsel at Judicial Ethics Committee

It was reported in the New York Law Journal on Wednesday, September 5, 2007, that Judge George D. Marlow, who chairs the New York State advisory commitee on judicial ethics, announced that Maryrita Dobiel was named chief counsel to the committee. Ms. Dobiel has been a staff attorney since 1999, and succeeds Raymond Hack, who is retiring. It was also reported that Mr. Hack will continue to serve on the committee on a volunteer basis as special counsel.

We have been requested to ask our readers for any information concerning the New York State Judicial Ethics Committee of which they believe the general public should be made more aware. Please post your information or comments, or send an email to - the requested information is for an upcoming story.


Anonymous said...

When are they going to put Judges Ramos and Scarpino in JAIL?????????

Anonymous said...

No wonder the court system is in such a mess. Has ANYONE ever heard of a Judicial Ethics Committee doing ANYTHING? Hello, Judicial Ethics Committee!!! Who are you? What do you do? What have you ever done? How is the average citizen supposed to feel that there is ANY ethics or oversight of ethics in the judiciary.

Maybe this is a secret organization... and everything (read: nothing) they do is secret...

Anonymous said...

I think all of us need to become a little bit more familiar with who these people are, and what their jobs are. This way we can start holding them responsible for all the corruption that is going on from the total lack of oversight or any real accountability.

Anonymous said...

Judicial ethics comm.??? Upstate ny has none of that..never heard of it or what its function is really, and where it is located. Who can use this committee...the public...if so why do we not know of its availability and purpose. Since our ethics here are shot...should we put one in???!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Judicial Ethics (that's an oxymoron, right?) read where the Dis-honorable Sol Wackler is on the path to getting his law license back. This is perverse. For the numerous repeated egergious breachs and violations of his fiduciary duties (Joy Silverman) only, he should be barred for this life time and the next ten from ever seeing a law license! This is a good reason why the law is a bad joke.

Anonymous said...

these monkeys in black robes and their brethren lawyers are the new mob extorting monies from the populace with their license to steal.

Anonymous said...

Judicial ethics has no place in judicial corruption....corruption will beat them crooked!

Anonymous said...

Has this Commission started looking into the $40 million dollar Judge Ramos yet??

I feel bad for Judge Ramos, only getting a $160,000.00 yearly pay from being a NY Supreme Court Judge.

Is there some address to where I can send him some cash. I promise to place it in a paper bag.

Anonymous said...

How can Surrogate Judge Anthony A. Scarpino who worked at Bankers Trust Company handle any Estates or Trusts that involve Bankers Trust Company (now known as Deutsche Bank) like the Winston Trust. Also, Bankers Trust Company as a convicted Federal Felon (99cr250, SDNY) are barred from being a fiduciary.

So why is nothing done about these criminal activities?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

"We have been requested to ask our readers for any information concerning the New York State Judicial Ethics Committee of which they believe the general public should be made more aware."

I think we all are quite aware that this "Committee" is nothing more than b.s. Just another committee that will do nothing but gain money in their pockets while the truth and corruption prevails. It is a f'ing joke, nothing more, nothing less.

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