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Saturday, September 1, 2007

Corruption Targets Retired Judge...(CLICK HERE FOR FULL STORY)

The message is clear. Even retired, ailing New York State Supreme Court Judges are fair game for the savages who use a corrupted system to advance their despicable desires. And the focus here is the Judge’s $10 million….

Christopher Ketcham reports in the June 2007 AARP BULLETIN that once respected New York State Supreme Court Judge John L. Phillips, now a ward of the court, lives out his last days in an assisted living facility while the vultures lurk. But don’t worry, the $10 million is under someone’s watchful eyes, yet those court-appointed guardians forgot to file tax returns. Thankfully, though, one guardian remembered to write herself checks for $187,000.00. And, of course, the judge’s property was “sold” at unpublicized auctions.

We’re living history: just another day in the saga of New York’s crisis in the courts.

All New Yorkers should be quite proud that another example of the extent of the brazen greed and corruption in the New York court system has been written about in a nationally respected publication, the AARP BULLETIN.

The thugs who abuse our system of law for their own gain not only brutalize the living, cannibalize the departed—and their wishes-- but now they circle a dying judge who served society. Here, the thieves wait patiently for the final feast of the latest carrion.

So much for the brethren in black robes protecting each other. No one’s heard a peep from any active or retired judge. (This is how bad it is folks: even the honest judges can’t speak up against disgraceful injustices in the New York State court system— not even when it’s against one of their own.

So, we ask every judge in New York: What do you think about this? What are YOU going to do about? SPEAK UP & DO SOMETHING !

See the disgusting story to the right: “JUDGE JOHN L. PHILLIPS”


Anonymous said...

The grave robbers don't wait till someone is dead any longer, they strike while they're alive!

Anonymous said...

it's not about "judges" or "lawyers" --- it's about CORRUPT PEOPLE, some of whom may be judges, lawyers and workers in the courts. what makes their actions especially bad is the fact that judges and lawyers have a sworn duty to uphold the integrity of the legal system, etc.

Anonymous said...

These guys are BUMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

The lawyers/judges have no shame

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