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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Letter From Folks Re: Rigging Elections - (CLICK HERE FOR FULL STORY)

And be sure to see their website Here's the letter: New legislation that election rigging carries a penalty of treason against the country, city or state that it is committed in should prevent this.......MORE....

The death penalty or 25 to life will help prevent much of this. There can be no democracy with election fraud and from looking at the effects of election fraud from Bush we all can learn two things, it can be the worst thing for the world as a whole and the Supreme Court of the United States picked the worst, most dishonest, most dangerous to civil rights, most laughed at by foreign nations President ever.

All of this country’s current mess and New York’s alike has been created by election fraud, committed by lawyers, judges, politicians and those who think they are above the law which has thus lowered citizen confidence in a government run by schmucks and war mongering criminals who gained power through corrupt elections.

If it continues, the citizens will soon revolt on the government, as this blog proves and those who were above the law will be stomped to death by the people. History is littered with dead corrupt government employees at all levels that have the boot print of the people smashed upon their heads.

Lace up New York. A final word that may help increase integrity with the public is conduct voting with a mass of checks and balances, using the highest tech and lowest tech methods to count votes and preserve those records for checking later in the event a dispute arises later.

Everyone who votes should have record of their vote and be required to send a copy of their record in a prepaid envelope. When electronic records are created, a full print record for every digital entry should be mandated. Counting should be digital at first, with a full auditing by hand count that should follow to verify the results in time. Penalties of voting fraud by both citizen and government officials should be beyond hefty.

The vote is the most sacred part of a citizen’s rights in a democracy, from the highest public office to the lowest, it must be protected or else we will be in the mess our country and states are now in, where government has been stolen and run amuck where government officials lie, change laws to allow human torture, churn legal cases, pardon felons condemning covert CIA agents, go to war on falsified propaganda and fraudulent papers, allow for perjuring Attorney General’s, etc..

What this country and New York et. al. need is law and order and that starts with strict election laws at every level and more damning penalties for violating them, not less. The fact that this country is pretty convinced that fraud occurred in the Presidential election and was aided and abetted by the legal community sends the worst signal to the People in the history of the country. If I had esq. after my name, I certainly would begin fearing the backlash and start selling insurance.

by Eliot Bernstein -


Anonymous said...

You nailed it all Eliot..accolades to you for telling the American truth and exposing its reality! Keep striking fear into the mess that exists in running our country and ny state courts!

Anonymous said...

Keep punching kid you can beat these bums

Anonymous said...

Of course the elections are fixed, how else do these people stay in power

Anonymous said...

There are many ways to rig elections and these people seem to know them all plus they control the what's the relief?

Anonymous said...

i can't believe the iviewit website wow

Anonymous said...

did you see the pictures of the van that they blewup trying to kill Bernstein and his family - seeing is believing

Anonymous said...

This is how low these bastard will florida you can blow up cars. Here is Westchester they just destroy you and everyone near you. The crooks in NY think they are a litte bit more sophisticated, above blowing up cars, etc.

Anonymous said...

Tell me how do smaller town and village courts, under the eye , but not complete control of OCA,as of yet, have the police depts attached to the courthouse. Is this not complete conflict of interest? The arresting body ( police dept) mingles as the closest of neighbors with the supposed unbiased power house...the judiciary! Explain...please! no wonder DNA has forced the released of so many defts to date!

Anonymous said...

So what do we hear from Kaye and Pfau? That's right, we don't hear anything.

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