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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Black Robes and Greenbacks: Judges Give Back Pay Raises...CLICK HERE FOR FULL STORY

Judges Give Back Pay Raises- In New York? you ask. Don't be silly, of course not in New York but in Pennsylvania. We like today's article by Peter Jackson in New York Lawyer, and we love the final quote: "It was a tainted process." Maybe some folks (law makers, judges, etc.) in New York should think outside of New York for some possible ideas.......MORE......

New York LawyerSeptember 26, 2007

By Peter JacksonThe Associated Press

HARRISBURG, Pa. -- At least two state appellate court judges are giving back the pay raises that the Legislature approved in 2005, and Debra Todd wants voters to know that she's one of them.

Todd, a Superior Court judge and Democratic candidate for the Supreme Court, has made payments to the state treasury totaling $17,640, the Treasury Department confirmed Tuesday — representing the after-tax value of her raise from July 1, 2005, through June 30 of this year.

The payments, which exclude the annual cost-of-living adjustments that judges receive, will continue in the future, said campaign spokesman Alison Rudolph Hall, who was spreading the word Tuesday in response to a newspaper editorial that characterized fellow Superior Court Judge Joan Orie Melvin as the only judge in the state who had given back income from the politically charged pay raises.

Melvin, a Republican, filed a lawsuit seeking to reduce her salary to the level that prevailed when she was elected in 1997 — eliminating the need to pay taxes on the income — plus subsequent cost-of-living increases. She appealed a lower court's rejection of the suit to the Supreme Court.

Melvin, seeking a second 10-year term in an uncontested "retention" vote in November, kept the after-tax portion of her raise in escrow until last month, when she sent the Treasury Department a check for more than $14,000.

Todd has been comparatively low-key about the payments she has been making since Dec. 31.
"She did it without pomp and circumstance. She didn't sue anybody," Hall said of Todd, who she said objected to the manner in which the raises were approved.

Currently, a Superior Court judge is entitled to $165,000 a year.

The Legislature's July 2005 vote to approve the pay raises for top officials in all three branches of state government — taken in the early hours of the morning, without any hearings or floor debate — ignited a political storm.

Lawmakers repealed the raises four months later. A year ago, however, the state Supreme Court resuscitated the judicial pay raises, while allowing the repeal of raises for legislators and executive branch officials to stand.

"It was a tainted process," Hall said.


Anonymous said...

Good for Judge Debra Todd. God Bless her.

Anonymous said...

Sit back and relax. NOTHING will change in New York until Judge Judy Kaye is put out to pasture. And Shelly has already announced that his old pal Jonny Lippman with be taking Kaye's seat as chief judge. Don't expect any clean up anytime soon. Oh, brother.....

Anonymous said...

Oh, brother can you space a dollar? Inflation you know, everything costs more even paying off Judges.

Anonymous said...

The key to crushing all bugs is to find dirt around them and stomp them until they crumble into pieces ...i am guessing lippman and kaye have dirty, big secrets. NYC must dig a little to find it...girlfriends, case fixing, money criminally spent..drug usage and diseases given to spouses! Find it now, because scary judge kaye may run out of the system soon and you must ruin lippman before he enters the throne of do-all-evil! i know in my area...wayyyyy outside of NYC, all of the above can be found with many court powerhouses. We are counting on NYC to stop the dumping of garbage before it gets dumped here!

Anonymous said...

Want to really knock these assholes back a century? Force the Iviewit matters to the public's attention. Hey any lawyers in ny have the balls to take the iviewit matters of Judy, Cahill, et. al. to their heart with a lawsuit? Call me if you exist and we can bring them down probably with the first filings.
I think catching judy and the gang involved in stealing patents and misusing justice to block complaints should do the trick. Tie her to car bombing inventors and well her robes could be prison garbs in a New York minute.
Eliot Bernstein

Anonymous said...

Clearly, the situation concerning integrity in the New York courts, and any system of oversight, has completely broken down. Yes, it's time for the federal government to step in and take over the New York courts. Yes, the situation is THAT bad.

Anonymous said...

It will take years to restore the New York courts to a system that anyone will have any type of faith in.

Anonymous said...

In their hubris they think everyone is dumb and stupid. Most people have it figured out, we know that these Judges and their crews are NG. We also know that they're afraid of us because they almost strip you to get in a court house. Hope they all feel safe because we don't.

Anonymous said...

In their hubris they think everyone is dumb and stupid. Most people have it figured out, we know that these Judges and their crews are NG. We also know that they're afraid of us because they almost strip you to get in a court house. Hope they all feel safe because we don't.

Anonymous said...

My experience from 30 yrs with the judiciary, is that judges, being political hacks as they are, are in inordinate numbers, dysfuncional and in severe need of power to define themselves. Many have gone to mediocre law schools and many originally relied on GOV. held jobs . Thus, they do not understand the actual practicing attys and the general struggling public.The overhaul of this poisonous production could be simle, if the FEDS move in soon...firings and replacements are not difficult. I know myself, i could come in locally and shape up the courts here, with a few of my talented employees. It just has to be addressed by the FEDS. FIRST! PLEASE GET GOING ladies and gentlemen of the FBI, ETC!

Anonymous said...

Will this lady come to New York and become a Judge, I think she would be good.

Anonymous said...

someone who is honest

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