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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

40 Million Dollar Judge Has No Conflicts

New York Supreme Court Justice Charles Edward Ramos, who is currently attempting to explain how he received a waiver of the rules from then-Administrative Judge Jonathan Lippman to be an executor/trustee in the $40 Million Dollar Weissberg matters, will not recuse himself in the Rosado/Castillo case before him......See the August 13, 2007 decision to the right: "Judge Ramos Recusal: NO"


Anonymous said...

When is Charles Ramos going to be in handcuffed and put in Jail?

Anonymous said...

The stories on mis-Judge Ramos are outrageous. What are the administrative judges doing about this. This man should be removed from the bench.

Anonymous said...

Administrative judges under judy kaye, have become almost exclusively political hacks sitting at her behest and acting like she is the FIRST LADY! Those judges used to 'apply" for the job and then run for it... now with kaye, she picks people that did not apply and cannot handle the job, and inserts them at her whim for her exclusive purposes of hackism and corruption. Any one involved in judicial administration picked and sitting, since 2000 is this type of person...FORGET ABOUT THEM! the only solution would be a non-BUSH implemented federal agency.

Anonymous said...

i agree.... bring in the feds and NOW !!!!!

Anonymous said...

Charles Ramos lobbied while he was a Judge to obtain the job as the head of the NYSE. When this becaume public he quickly withdrew. This was all in the NY Post. Then he is the Judge with Grasso and the NYSE, he should have recused himself. He wanted to kiss up to Spitzer the next Governor - may he'll get Judge Kaye's job. Look at his involvement with Li Ka-Shing and Herb Weissberg. He's a meat eater and no one does anything!!!!

Anonymous said...

I guess the $40 mil dollar judge just can't do wrong. Lie to a top judge. He's god, so how could he EVER have a conflict?!? Do people have to get down on one knee before him upon entering his palace, err: courtroom?!?

Anonymous said...

Hey, Ramos never ran into a conflict that he couldn't make some money from

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