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Monday, September 10, 2007

Carvel: Legacies Become Larcenies in NY Estate Courts….CLICK HERE FOR FULL STORY

The niece of Tom Carvel filed a criminal complaint with the Office of New York State Attorney General Andrew M. Cuomo in June, it was recently learned. This followed her then-latest discovery, in May of 2007, of additional alleged wrongdoings involving the Ice Cream King’s money, intentions and charities....MORE....

Once again we see some remarkable happenings from New York’s Surrogate’s Courts that point to just about everything but the fulfillment of a decendant’s wishes.

While it appears that wealthy, dead folks-- and their big dollar trusts and estates-- are greeted with open arms in the state’s Surrogate Courthouses, it seems that family members are largely unwelcome-- to handle anything having to due with money or value, anyway.

Better to let the lawyers, bankers and friends-of-the-court handle the money, say the lawyers, bankers and friends-of-the-court.

To see what can happen in a New York Surrogate’s Court, and how brazen and out-of-control the system is, read the documents to the right marked, CARVEL CRIMINAL COMPLAINT.


Anonymous said...

No surprise here. The surrogate courts in new york are pockets of cash--all for the grabbing by judges and lawyers who play the game. Scarpino is a crook, and he's in bed with the thugs at McCarthy Fingar. Is anyone surprised by any of this?

Anonymous said...

I have a friend here in Manhattan that had similiar experience with the Surrogate Court here, so I'm not surprised.

With difficulty have read the Carvel papers (you should make it larger) and it is shocking. Always, was under the impression that Judges were suspose to protect the heirs. But that is obviously not true!

Like this blog very much, there are a great many items here that belong in the NY Times. Keep up the good work, a great many people are tuned in to you.

Anonymous said...

What has happened in the Carvel matter is a criminal mess. The people that perpetrated this should go to jail even if they are attorneys.

Anonymous said...

The Westchester Surrogate's Court is a hotbed of corruption. Look at Scarpino and Keltz (Peluso) just to begin. There is a feeding frenzy currently going on over the Astor Estate and don't let anyone tell you different. There is big money on this one and the main man Frank Streng is right there.

Look at the record, the same has gone on in the past just look at Carvel, Winston et al. - now Astor, history will repeat its' self

Anonymous said...


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