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Friday, September 21, 2007

A Witness Writes In....(CLICK HERE FOR FULL STORY)

Court Report 07/26/2007 - This morning I accidentally witnessed a clearly erronous rulling of Hon. Francis Nicolai. The Defendant was the pro-se homeowner Ms. Sunshine, against whom there was a monetary ruling for $30,000 which she allegedely owned to the home owner assotiation and which would have to be satisfied by the sale of her home.....MORE....

The attorney of the homeowner association was presented too. According to Judge Nicolai, today's court appearance was about the sale of the home of Ms. Sunshine. Judge Nicolai noted that there is already a ruling against Ms. Sunshine by Hon. Belantoni.

Ms. Sunshine had a signed order to show cause for the stay of the ruling against her. The hearing on her order to show cause was scheduled for today's date. According to homeowner association's attorney the order to show cause was unproperly served by Ms. Sunshine - she simply faxed the two page order without any supporting document.

Ms. Sunshine requested a stay of the rulling against her since she had initiated an appeal by filing a Notice of Appeal. She claimed that depite the ruling agains her, she does not owe any money to the homeowner's association.

Ms. Sunshine stated that she has only $5000 available. When asked by Hon. Nicolai about her other possible financial sources, Ms. Sunshine replied that she can charge up to $20,000 on her credit cards, but she cannot take any cash advance. Ms. Sunshine stated that the APR of her credit cards is 22%.

Judge Nicolai did grant a stay of the monetary judgment against Ms Sunshine until November 5, 2007, provided that she pays to the homeowner association by 2PM tomorrow the amount of $5000 and in a few weeks the amount of $15,000 charged on her credit card.

There are two problems with Hon. Nicolai's ruling:

1. The condition of stay ($20,000) was extremely and unreasonably high for a three months stay (6% interest on $30,000 for 3 months is approximately $450).

2. The monetary part of the stay condition (the so called undertaking) shouldn't be handed to the homeowner's association. It should be posted to an account sometimes under the control of the court, but in any case out of reach of the homeowner's association and Ms. Sunshine.

Ms. Sunshine walked out of the court room seemingly happy by the rulling, which would allow her to keep her home for at least a couple of months.

What she didn't know was that pursuant to CPLR Article 55 19 she was entitled by law to a stay w/o a court order of the monetary judgment against her pending the appeal. Another thing that Ms. Sunshine was not aware of was that the condition of the stay should be an undertaking and not paying two thirds of the amount owed to the Plaintiff.

A reasonale undertaking most probably already existed - against the equity of Ms. Sunshine home Ms. Sunshine could have easily found an agency to issue her a surety bond.

All Ms. Sunshine needed to get the stay was to post the undertaking with the County Clerk.

Besides the good thing (preventing the immediate foreclosure of Ms. Sunshine's home), the rulling of Hon. Nicolai creates future problems for both litigants: If Ms. Sunshine wins the appeal, it is not clear if and how she could get back the $20,000 that she will pay to the homeowner's association. It is very likely that the association refuses to pay her back the money and this is a potential source of another lengthly and costly litigation.

There will be at least one compliance hearing in a couple of days, i.e. missed work and attorney fees for the litigants.

Probably there will be more hearings for the extention of the stay period since it is very unlikely that the appeal will be decided by November 5, 2007.

Ms. Sunshine will have to pay 22% APY (the actual yield is probably much higher) and it is not clear why does she need to pay such a high interest provided that she owns a home and $5000 in cash.

The clear beneficieries from Judge's Nicolai's today's rulling are the homeowner association's attorney (more hearings means more attorney fees) and Hon. Nicolai himself (as long as this attorney is a potential judicial campaign contributor). The clear losers are the taxpayers, who will pay the expenses of the prolonged litigation and countless court appearances and Ms. Sunshine, who is to pay 22% APR on her credit card debt.

I think Ms. Sunshine was screwed by Nicolai simply because she appeared pro-se.

Peter Petrov
White Plains, NY


Anonymous said...

There will be NO due process when Nicolai is around. That’s just the way it is. Francis Nicolai is the poster boy for corruption, back room deals and the good ole boy network.

Francis Nicolai is an animal. Plain and simple. He should be pulled from the bench and placed in hand cuffs. He is a corrupt thug.

Anonymous said...

as more and more "outsiders" make public these situations maybe something of substance will transpire. It is very difficult for average attys to withstand Nicolai and his henchmen. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Nicolai is part of the larger problem. Keep digging.

Anonymous said...

Nicolai hates anyone who is pro se

Anonymous said...

Some of the biggest problems in the Westchester courts over the last ten years are due to one person: Francis Nicolai. He does not believe in the law; he only believes in himself, and what can enrich him and his friends. His actions have trully been criminal.

Anonymous said...

Where is the hidden treasure-cave of the Forty Thieves and who will be Ali Baba?

Anonymous said...

Westchester courts are a cesspool. everyone knows this: judges and lawyers and all court workers. nicholai rules by fear, and he's very good at it. he's a bad person and has no soul.

Anonymous said...

We need more "Sunshine" in the courts to get rid of the GERMS like Nicolai and his pal Scarpino among others

Anonymous said...

OCA would do well to start the clean up in the westchester courts. First action: get a new administrative judge.

Anonymous said...

First get rid of the plague named Judge Judy Kaye then fumigate the complete Judicial system. If that means people go to jail, so be it!

Anonymous said...

we should all live so long

Anonymous said...

If you live past oct 2007, you shall see 'upstate" NY start the crumble!

Anonymous said...

I'm confused. How is an elected COUNTY judge-Nicolai- the administrative judge over higher elected State Supreme Court Judges?

Anonymous said...

In the 8th district, the present female administrative judge was a family ct judge and NYC corruptly put her in as above, even though she never applied and so stole it outright from those judges that lawfully applied. She then heavily defended her personal reputation with NYC powers that placed her there. She continues to handle the job with threats, gossip, lies and perjury against and female or minority employees.....THAT ARE, OF COURSE, NOT POLITICAL. This poor excuse for a lawyer, moreless a judge has fired, threatened arrests and allowed criminal harassment of these very employees. So as you see, NYC'S corruption has malignantly crossed the STATE. All of this while the hack KAYE SITS AND DEMANDS AND COMMANDS!

Anonymous said...

The story "Judge acts on 1st amendment etc" (RE: Westchester Guardian) has a comment from a "Nicolai victim" that should really be under this story!

Anonymous said...

yes you are absolutely right see "Nicolai victim" comment ..... I hope this person files complaints/grievances against both Nicolai and whoever else the other unnamed Judge is. Maybe it will do some good.

Anonymous said...

Surprise, this is vintage Nicolai and he gets away withit

Anonymous said...

If enough people file complaints/grievances against Nicolai et al. they will be so busy dealing with all the issues in the documents they will not have the time to engage in Junk Justice and screwing citizens.

Anonymous said...

That is one of the smartest moves against OCA i have heard of yet...congratulations!

Anonymous said...

Have been watching the Westchester Guardian for something on this story about Nicolai and "Ms. Sunshine." NO SUNSHINE HERE

Anonymous said...

in depth psychological testing for anyone that seeks the bench!

Anonymous said...

This is "Sunshine" - he foreclosed for the 3rd time and NOW won't return that $20,000 which he extorted from me and handed over to the HOA without any ruling???
Anyone been successful with him... I will become homeless soon thanks to him!

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