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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Disgraceful Attempt by City Bar to Advance Corruption in State Courts

New York City Bar Association
Contact: Eric Friedman (212) 382-6754
New York City Bar Association Issues Evaluations of Candidates For Chief Judge of the New York Court of Appeals

New York , December 19, 2008 – The New York City Bar announced today its ratings of candidates recommended by the New York State Commission on Judicial Nomination for appointment as Chief Judge of the New York Court of Appeals. The term of current Chief Judge Judith S. Kaye will expire on December 31, 2008.

The evaluations of the seven candidates nominated by the Commission are:

George Carpinello: Not Well Qualified
Evan Davis: Exceptionally Well Qualified
Steven Fisher: Well Qualified
Theodore Jones, Jr.: Well Qualified
Jonathan Lippman: Exceptionally Well Qualified
Eugene Pigott, Jr.: Well Qualified
Peter Zimroth: Well Qualified

The Association's Executive Committee extensively reviewed the background and qualifications of the candidates. Representatives of the Association's Executive, Judiciary and State Courts of Superior Jurisdiction Committees interviewed each candidate and for all candidates, reviewed their writings, investigated their background, and interviewed judges and lawyers familiar with the candidates. The full Executive Committee then considered whether to rate each candidate “well qualified” or “not well qualified” or “exceptionally well qualified” for the position of Chief Judge of the Court of Appeals after considering the candidate's intellectual ability, knowledge of the law, integrity, impartiality, judicial demeanor and temperament. In addition, in evaluating a candidate for Chief Judge of the Court of Appeals, the Executive Committee considers that the Chief Judge of the Court of Appeals is also Chief Judge of the State of New York, and the oversight and administrative powers and responsibilities that accompany this position. This three-tiered rating was adopted by the Executive Committee in May, 2007, and is being utilized for the first time for the Chief Judge position. The criteria for each rating are as follows:

“Well Qualified” : Consistent with the term “well qualified” as it is set forth in describing the Commission’s mandate in Judiciary Law Section 63(1) and in Article 6, Section 2 of the Constitution: candidates “who by their character, temperament, professional aptitude and experience are well qualified to hold such
judicial office.”

“Not Well Qualified” : Candidates who may be a competent lawyer or judge but, in the judgment of the Executive Committee, does not meet the requisite standard for “Well Qualified” in one or more of the constitutional and statutory criteria of  “character, temperament, professional aptitude and experience.”

“Exceptionally Well Qualified”: A candidate who is exceptional to the degree that he or she is superior to others who are “well qualified.” This rating should be given as an exception and not the norm.

For more information, please contact Eric Friedman, Communications Director, at (212) 382-6754 or

About the Association

The New York City Bar Association ( was founded in 1870, and since then has been dedicated to maintaining the high ethical standards of the profession, promoting reform of the law, and providing service to the profession and the public. The Association continues to work for political, legal and social reform, while implementing innovative means to help the disadvantaged. Protecting the public’s welfare remains one of the Association’s highest priorities.


Anonymous said...

The Bar picks the most qualified candidate to protect its members. That means have you proven yourself to lack ethics and to lean over backwards to protect crooked lawyers. Exceptionally well qualified means we know you're corrupt and, if you expose us, we will expose you.

Anonymous said...

that is a list of people that donated enough money or conected insiders
Lippman being on that list just proves the point.

Anonymous said...

Interesting, 1st Dept. is harboring sexual predators. Where is DDC supervisor AKA DEPUTY CHIEF COUNSEL ANDY BRATTON these days? Why isn't he arrested and prosecuted? Is City Bar protecting him too since he's one of their own.

Anonymous said...

Hey City Bar, why dont't you nominate Andy Bratton for Chief Judge? Is he exceptionally well qualified also? Check his psychiatric history!!!!

Anonymous said...

How about how Andy Bratton TAMPERS AND INTIMIDATES federal witnesses? ISN'T THAT A CRIME??? ANDY, HOW WAS YOUR TRIP OVERSEAS in September? ANDY, who paid for all your foreign trips while at DDC?

Anonymous said...

Andy Bratton is now working at the Court on Madison Ave. Why are NY taxpayers still paying this scoundrel's salary?

Anonymous said...

Hey 1st Dept, Appellate Division, how long are you going to keep covering for the sexual predator, ANDY BRATTON who likes to tamper and intimidate federal witnesses?

Anonymous said...

What is also interesting about this list, is the fact that the Commission on Judicial Qualifications is only supposed to determine if someone is qualified or not. It's suspicious that they have ranked these judges.

Anonymous said...

To the above anonymous writer @2:15 P.M...Who is sexual predator that Andral Bratton is covering for?

Anonymous said...

I dealt with Bratton about 10 years ago. He's a dog. And as I have recently had the bowel moving experience of dealing with Ms. Sherry Cohen, I now believe Cohen and Bratton are twins separated at birth. The DDC is corrupt, just like this site says.

Anonymous said...

Hey, you can't blame the ass-protecting corrupt city bar club for trying to get Lippman in as chief judge. Only Lippman can continue to protect Kaye's corrupt cronies, mainly because he is one of them. After Lippman does not become chief judge, he then needs to be removed as ad1 PJ, removed from the bench, and disbarred.

Anonymous said...

Judge John K. McGuirk from Orange County Goshen, New York. Covers up sexual crimes against children, covers up fraud, forging of documents and engages in hate crime against litigants who are not white. All documented yet this one who was picked by Pataki for his position in the Supreme Court. Is been allowed to continued his reign of terror together with other rats and the Appellate Court Second Department participates in covering up too.

Anonymous said...

Was an active member of the NYC Bar Assoc. for many, many years. I think back over that time marveling at the hasbeens, some of them quite well known that have advanced themselves on the backs of honest attorneys. When I see that Jonathan Lippman has been given the "Exceptionally Well Qualified" seal of approval I get sick. I know of top Judges that would not have him as a Clerk. Sheldon Silver has arranged all this and the very soul of the NYC Bar Assoc. has been taken over by incompetents.

Anonymous said...

this whole process is a is a con job by the grifters...the fix is in...if the folks ever wake up the revolution will start and the grifters are afraid of that...

Anonymous said...

Just this once, bring back the guillotine.

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