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Monday, December 8, 2008

NY Post Editorial: The Wrong Chief Judge

The New York Post - Editorial - December 8, 2008

Gov. Paterson may not have gotten the options he wanted from the commis sion charged with nominating a new chief judge for New York's Court of Appeals - but he can still appoint a jurist with a healthy respect for the limits of judicial power. Someone, that is, other than Jonathan Lippman, now a presiding judge on the Appellate Division of the state Supreme Court. Lippman, one of the seven nominees the commission submitted to Paterson last week to replace outgoing Chief Judge Judith Kaye, is in many ways her natural successor. Indeed, as the state's chief administrative judge from 1996 to 2007, Lippman was Kaye's handpicked No. 2 for nearly her entire tenure - and neck deep in the runaway judicial activism that defined it. And, in his case, that activism often ran to farcical extremes. Earlier this year, for instance, Lippman voted to uphold a jury's ruling that the Port Authority was precisely "68 percent" liable for the 1993 World Trade Center bombing - with the actual terrorists only responsible for the other 32 percent. That's insulting on its face, but it also meant real injury: It opened the PA to more than $100 million in claims from the handful of victims who hadn't settled yet - with, as always, a sizable cut earmarked for New York's rapacious tort bar. No doubt, Lippman's appointment would be music to the ears of Assembly Speaker Shelly Silver's trial-lawyer pals at Weitz & Luxenberg - not to mention the legions of sundry "activists" who rely on the courts to get around the democratic process in advancing their agenda. Lippman was also tied up in Kaye's perennial agitation for "reform" of the state courts - a seemingly reasonable proposition, given the system's labyrinth of jurisdictions, but one that would nonetheless concentrate yet more power in the hands of Kaye, Lippman & Co. Kaye, for her part, controls four of the 12 votes on the Judicial Nomination Commission, so it's not hard to imagine her using her influence to secure a spot for her former deputy. Fortunately, the final call belongs to Paterson. It's time for him to make a change.


Anonymous said...

Boy, they got one thing right: NO LIPPMAN.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

the Judge situation in NY is bad enough but did anyone see the articles today that former State Senator Joe Bruno who was in the Troopergate Scandal with Eliot Spitzer and who has been under Federal investigation for 3 years was at a Fundraiser for Democratic State Comptroller Thomas Dinapoli as the Sweetheart Corporate Deal Computer Technology Company that Bruno became CEO at right after he was forced out of the Senate Also has Millions of Contracts in State business?

Anyone I talked to thought Dinapoli was doing Ok with the lawyer Pension scandal investigations but now thinks Dinapoli completely went in to the tank. I mean, how bad does that look when the Times Union has reported a whole host of unions and construction companies and businesses getting dragged before the Federal grand jury in Albany because of the Bruno investigation including NYRA racing folks and more?

Article says Bruno did not even have to pay since he was an invited guest. Guess it was good for his Corporate client with the millions in state business.

Many have said Bruno had a Stable ( like horse stable ) full of Judges under his control and as Senate Majority Leader he has appointees at the Commission on Judicial Conduct too.

link to Times Union story on the federal grand jury in Albany:

link to Times Union on Bruno at the Dinapoli fundraiser;

happy reading for ny politics same old same old same old game of musical chairs

Anonymous said...

Lippman knows how to make the people pay to fill the trough for his attorney buddies. Lippman knows how to protect corrupt judges from his personal experience. Lippman needs jail time, not a promotion.

Anonymous said...

I say to the pompous schmuck Jonathan Lippman...Judiciary 14 is the reason you should be disbarred!
If your fellow tribesman Sheldon Silver is your God-Father so what, even that doesn't get you the right to be the head Judge! You shouldn't be where you are now, putz.

Anonymous said...

Lippman is a ligature on the neck of the taxpayer and must be severed for them to survive!
Lippman as chief judge is a reason to investigate deep inside the court bowels....this is where he thrives.

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