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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Feds Summon Court Corruption Members to Washington, D.C.

by Franklin N. Brady - December 3, 2008

NEW YORK- Incontrovertible evidence that federal crimes have been committed in and about New York’s federal and state courts has resulted in the scheduling of meetings this week with various Congressional Committees charged with oversight. While the New York criminal conduct that would come under review by the various federal agencies has been discussed for years, the October 2007 filing of Anderson v. The State of New York, et al., 07Civ9599, in the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York brought increased interest. The review by federal committees involving New York’s “Ethics Scandal” quickly caught the eye of officials in Washington, D.C. when nine (9) related federal cases, with similar allegations, followed the Anderson insider filings. Formal requests have been made to hold public hearings with a view toward the eventual oversight of the New York State Court System by a federal monitor.

In one meeting held in Washington, D.C. on Monday, December 1, 2008, an attorney, and Washington, D.C. insider, was quoted as saying that, “New York’s about to be rocked.” The D.C. meeting was attended by members of the New York based group, Integrity in the Courts. One participant quoted the current Chairman of Manhattan’s Departmental Disciplinary Committee, Roy I. Reardon, as saying that New York’s judges belong to one of three categories: “one third are decent, honest and hardworking… another third aren’t very smart…. and one third are corrupt…” While Mr. Reardon enjoys a reputation of high integrity, it is generally believed that he was wronged by his appointment as captain to a flame-engulfed sinking ship, the Manhattan-based attorney ethics committee.

Another specific request has been made to have the federal government take over the New York State Commission on Judicial Conduct, a group known for its widespread corruption in handling ethics matters over the state’s judges. P. Stephen Lamont, Chief Executive Officer of Iviewit Holdings, Inc., and one of the nine post-Anderson federal actions, has confirmed that his attendance was requested at meetings on Capitol Hill. He expects to make a formal statement before the end of the month. It has also been confirmed that the ‘Ethics Insider,’ New York attorney Christine C. Anderson, has been requested to attend the federal oversight committee meetings, as well as at least two New York State judges who are expected to participate via video-conference. “Washington recognizes that the issues raised do not pertain to a single case or group of related cases, but rather to a systemic cause of concern in the State of New York,” said one member, “The Anderson case has solidified the documented and countless examples of the violations of federal law requiring appropriate committee review.”


Anonymous said...

That is good news.. and to those that have done the heavy lifting... Congrats to all of you!!

Anonymous said...

I want to congratulate Ms.Anderson on her stamina and strenght in coming forward on this issue..she is a hero and example for NY state OCA employees to do the matter what they know about the type of corruption within those corrupt court prison walls!

I also am willing to submit all that I have to facilitate any official investigation, regarding the serious corruption that is playing out in the 8th judicial district....Buffalo NY.

I agree entirely with Mr. Reardon about the delineation of the level of ethics in the judiciary.
As a long time court clerk, I have viewed many judges on the bench and off, and have concluded almost the same division of their competence and ethics.

I must add, that those that are corrupt are more acknowledged, because they are highly visible, high level in position and court status, attention getting as they become foolishly disruptive in a court setting and most likely to error because they are seriously flawed!

To address this incredible, but mandatory as a NATIONAL SECURITY ISSUE. Because this behavior by the judicial branch of government, allows criminal behavior to be conducted by the very people that should be addressing the behavior, for the assurance and safety of all Americans, and instead it has become unacceptable and uncivilized conduct by the entity that is sworn to protect all of NY and of course... America.

The more crimes committed by the judiciary, the more crimes they allow by those appearing in front of them as accused non-judiciary, creating chaos and loss of citizen and taxpayer rights and security!

OCA'S usage of abuse of power, condoned and prepared perjury as a slap to all law abiding citizens, mob tactics to prevent higher court action, and the alteration of court documents and transcripts, taken under oath,(we will deal with wire taping and bank account spying, after Bush leaves and YES, WNY... these things happened and I have proof) are just a few of the details that will be made available to any Washinton investigation, from the 8th district!

I must conclude that this is for now, the best Christmas present... I could have received! Patience and OCA'S stall tactics have paid should have known depositons that are delayed for almost a year, was never a smart move by your unclever lawyers and judges....but thanks for the opportunity to clear the way for your crimes to be exposed.

Anonymous said...

sounds Good! here's Hoping for the follow through!

with that said, there are many hear in the hudson valley / capitol region who would likely want to assist by setting up the State, plugging in the electricity, getting the Speakers and Amps set up to Really ROCK NY!

Anonymous said...

Oops! Setting up the STAGE that is for Rocking the STATE!

Anonymous said...

I say we keep the cesspools in the ground, not in the Courts.....BRING ON THE FEDS !!!! And to you corrupt people: payback's a bitch!

Anonymous said...

Good bye judith kaye. Hello restored faith in a corrupt-free system of law. Oh, what a happy, happy new year

Anonymous said...

I am more than hoping for the assignment of a federal monitor, in charge of OCA'S daily duties and operations, esp that of their court administrators methods of supervising and implementation of policies, procedures and anti-bias claims.

When a court worker, who has many years of untroubled history, is suffering undeniable retaliation, discrimination and racism and CSEA will not spend the money to address it, but instead they recommend the OCA'S OIG office to investigate it...the result should document the cause and cure!

Instead, the OIG investigation was openly and embarrassingly conducted to humiliate the victim employee further with the hopes to supress the outcome.

OCA could not control some information that implicated them in these civil rights violation, so Jan Plumadore hid the report from the view of the plantiff, the union and the plantiff's atty. Plumadore boldly stated...sue me.

The results were expressed to the plantiff by CSEA, that her request that OCA correct the court's violations of her civil rights, under title vii, would be received in a final report and she would have the right to appeal any negative findings. This procedure is also stated in their written policy with the union, of which I have a copy!

Instead, as the union negotiated this in their contract and it appeared then to be reasonable and safe to consider the request for the OIG to investigate, even though they are paid by OCA who was a target, the truth of the investigation turned into the opposite of what both OCA and CSEA stated to the employee, as a protected right. Everything went wrong and OCA was the driving force in that...completely.

The truth became a game of hiding with Plumadore and Sullivan in counsel's office, by their blocking the release of any information that was negative against OCA. Any information about those I charged who made up and perjured themselves in their to be released.
Remember...I charged all of them at OCA first and only...none of them ever charged me with any misconduct..ever. ...until OCA saw they were in big trouble with the violations sustained against them.

Now OCA has released the report to my atty..4 YRS LATER, but they refuse to permit the wrongdoing by them to be released...what a colluded joke by OCA and CSEA...and I never got to review the report, express my concerns of a discriminating courthouse in Buffalo, or appeal the results.

To top it all off... OCA fired me before the report and investigation were completed, through a request by the Administrative judge Sharon Townsend, in a memo to Jan Plumadore! The discrimination information retrieved from the investigation was just too legal and stunning for Townsend and Plumadore to defend... because you have to be ethical, intelligent and moral, to want to require a bias free courthouse environment.

So as these hearings progress, I am confident that the scams of the present leadership at OCA, will be examined, determined and hopefully investigated for criminal activity and abuse of power charges.

I surely will be presenting these allegations if questioned, along with many other actions these court judges administrators and supervisors perpetuated and then purposely suppressed the findings to void any guilt they participated in, to create a civil and criminal rights violation environment to fester in a NY state court facility!

Anonymous said...

Shira received a CONTRACT and she did delivered, she got rid of six of the related cases that supported the Anderson allegations in one fell swoop like magic......who would think it would be Shira, she would be the last one you would think!

Anonymous said...

To the above Fly on the Wall...or maybe it was somebody acting on her behalf..only time will tell...Stay Tuned

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