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Sunday, December 7, 2008

NY Post on Corrupt Commission on Judicial Conduct Number Fudging

The New York Post by REUVEN BLAU - December 7, 2008

Disorder in the court!

The number of complaints lodged against state judges has jumped to a record-high 1,978 so far this year - already 15 percent more than all of last year, according to the State Commission on Judicial Conduct. Most of the grievances - 1,151 - were filed against New York City-based judges. The rest were filed in upstate judicial districts. There was a total of 1,711 complaints in 2007. The commission, which oversees the state's 3,500 judges, has traditionally tossed the majority of complaints without a full investigation. Close to 1,300 of the 2007 complaints were dismissed outright. This year's numbers are not yet available. Complaints can now be filed online. One judge was kicked off the bench last year, eight were censured, and four were admonished. The majority of complaints last year, 941, concerned judicial decisions. The second-highest number of complaints, 159, stemmed from judges' demeanor on the bench. Other gripes involved alleged delays, conflicts of interest, bias, corruption and even intoxication.


Anonymous said...

The Commission on Judicial Conduct is run by a bunch of corrupt liars. One of the most famous liars there, Alan Friedberg, has now moved on to spread his lies at the Manhattan DDC where he moved earlier this year after the previous DDC chief counsel,the buyable drunk Tom Cahill retired so he could spend all his time in various NY and CT bars. DO NOT trust ANYTHING from the Commission on Judicial Conduct. Not even their numbers should be taken seriously because they make them up. If the CJC says the sun is up, look out a window to verify. Bad article.

Anonymous said...

I have stated before that the CJC, whom I came to know quite well, is only interested in doing what they are politically forced to do...and the rest of the time they desire to play footsy with with one another!
The same people work there for many years and have come to know how the state and the courts want the game played...and the CJC has perfected it.
It will never change, until it is cleaned out of the slugs feeding off of its comfortable income and extensive playtime...and I am serious about all of this.
Expect nothing of them..presently.
I know them well and they know me, as well as having intimate knowledge and investigation of myself and my employment history for over 3 yrs, and they even refused to listen to me, or take my complaint, regarding some very serious issues. Amazingly... I spoke to the chief prosecutor, whom I know well... at least 3x.
So imagine someone who does not know them, attempting to file a complaint and the CJC being expected to consider what they have...NOT GOING TO HAPPEN.
The media drives them to work, because then the abundant taxpayers become aware of that particular judicial misconduct, and they are then politically forced into a corner of addressing same.
That is why the media is very, very cautious, to not report stories that likely will never be exposed through the public grapevine and stir lots of outrage!

By the way...what happened to this web page? Is someone upset about what has been reported? If so... the truth will flow anyways... always and forever.

Anonymous said...

At one point I thought that having non-legal people on the commission would make a difference, but after the Judicial nominating commission, that is a mix, came up with their list, I lost all hope for the problem ever being fixed.

Anonymous said...

I feel like suing the Commission on Judicial Conduct for the postage I've wasted in mailing them FULL PROOF WITH DOCUMENTATION of a crime committed by a state court judge. He's a neighbor; I'm not a litigant. He's a member of organized crime and hangs with convicted felons. He's encouraged to laugh at law and order since the CJC is obviously in bed with him. SHUT DOWN THE CJC.

Anonymous said...

talk about creative bookkeeping! wow.

Anonymous said...

They keep records of judges at Beaver Street office they just refuse to release them
Some judges have terrible records.
They ignore it.
They appear to keep detailed records.
Like the rate of appeal made by against a specific judge. Also what % were overturned. That is suprprising because they do not want to overturn a past judges decision.
Our tax $$$ is used to keep things
from the public and run and support an coruption.

Anonymous said...

OCA does keep records of reversed decisions regarding each judge..I worked for them and heard them complain when they got them.
OCA has a very extensive, vicious, well paid group of informants, that makes any international intelligence agencies, look like the game of clue!
Do they know what is what... yes and usually at the date and time it happens or becomes a concern of the nosy court employees. Sometimes it is lies and sometimes it is just unimportant gossip...but OCA records most of it, for future destruction of that person.
I received an assignment to a judge one year, and within 5 minutes that awful assignment reached the Supreme Court...a block away and across the street, and while they should have been busy with their morning chores for court..and this was before we had computers for work or personal use. Someone called the chief clerk's office and it went from there....amazing this crazy courthouse of horrors is!
So, I believe that since OCA has such extensive records of taxpayer employees....the taxpayer has the right to know what the situations are with long as the employees get a chance to confront their accusers, in an ethical and legal arena...which does not exist today!

Anonymous said...

richard emery

Anonymous said...

There should be a special dungeon to throw these scumbuckets in. Cuomo should give them one month to come clean and give up their jobs. If they do, let them go- if they hold out and are found guilty- lock them up FOREVER!

Corrupt public officials are CANCER. If they are not excised we will all die.

There must be an emergency program to rid ourselves of this disease. They have destroyed our lives for too long. Their time is up.

Anonymous said...

Where to post a complaint online?
Somebody knows?

Anonymous said...

Cuomo's one month should have started eight months or so ago when he first mentioned the amnesty program..

They all know talk is cheap...

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