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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Voters Be Damned; Hacks Decide Who's On Public Payroll

Judge Carpinello gets IG post
The Albany Times Union by James M. Odato - December 30, 2008

Rensselaer County State Supreme Court Justice Anthony Carpinello just got hired by the New York Power Authority as its inspector general. At $187,000, the job pays $47,300 more a year than the post Carpinello leaves at year’s end having lost the re-election in November to Democrat Patrick McGrath. The power authority IG position has been vacant since NYPA bid goodbye to Daniel Wiese in May. Carpinello, a Republican, served on the State Supreme Court since 1995 and was assigned to the Appellate Division since 1996. The Appellate Court post pays $139,700.

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Anonymous said...

When is this all going to end ? How many families have to be destroyed ? How many more children have to suffer ?

Anonymous said...

the timing of this is all suspect and the times union article does not make it clear how the appointment process was completed but this is something that should be looked at.

mr. carpinello is obviously a very bright and educated person but he was also in the heart of albany for 14 years and did not believe anything was wrong with the State Court System or CJC or more which is denying reality and not the sign of a Reformer.

and this appointment comes at a time when the public has still not been made aware of the outcome of investigations into this Authority which allegely was using millions of dollars to run "private" investigations with Authority funds for political purposes nor does the public have the outcome of the cuomo investigations of wiese.

Anonymous said...

I’m surprised by so many out there who embrace this appointment. I personally always found Carpinello - well, for lack of a better word, a little “creepy” with a fairly sexist sense of humor and an arrogance that turned me off within the first few minutes of appearing in his court. I’m surprised by this appointment because he was defeated rather handily and really didn’t excel over the years in doing much with his position. I was not surprised he lost to McGrath - who was no shining personality himself - but was surprised by the margins. Carpinello doesn’t seem to have any real investigative experience save “lecturing” to prosecutors. I think NYPA needs someone of more experience and law enforcement stature to clean up the mess that seems rampant there. He may surprise us but I think a very tough challenge for someone who hasn’t demonstrated much independent drive over a long public career.

Comment by Hopalong — December 31, 2008 @ 12:06 pm

Anonymous said...

Capinello knows all about corruption and dirty dealings from his own experience in covering up for judicial corruption. He is hired to continue to cover up corruption at the Power Authority and his position as former appellate judge will enable him to curry favor when court action occurs. Can a skunk remove the stripe on his back?

Anonymous said...

this is the way it works, this guy Capinello is a smart guy and knows the way thesystem works, good for him, also somebody wanted to promote him and did.

Anonymous said...

this is the way it works, this guy Capinello is a smart guy and knows the way thesystem works, good for him, also somebody wanted to promote him and did.

Anonymous said...

A member of the upstate appellate court is a whole other BACK ROOM that could make a book... a best seller in NYC and the rest of this uninformed country!

Anonymous said...

let's please hear more of the Backroom of the Third Dept Appellate Court?

I know one father who served his Country in the US Navy and US Coast Guard receiving a Merit Commendation Award during service who has been slammed and decimated by Judges and Lawyers in the Third Dept who so far have pulled every maneuver possible to keep the cover up going.

Those days are slowly coming to an end but it would be great to hear more from the Backroom to really show the public how sometimes folks who wear Black Robes and "appear" all proper and holier than thou are not so in reality, something I think the Public and Voters did get in Carpinello's election but something the voters and public still need to hear more about.

Anonymous said...

The upstate appellate court is the fourth dept.
No one has ventured into the appellate court corruption, I believe on this blog, at least not that I have seen..and it is interesting as to why.
Do the Appellate courts scare taxpayers, because they are a secondary review panel?
I say tell all the stories about anyone in any court who has violated their oath of office.
I do not have the positive proof that I need to expose the loser I am talking about yet.... but I know he is involved and using female employees and female judges to do his dirty work.
I guess it pays to play and to play he pays...these whore employees are well compensated for their work and silence. Someday the truth will be revealed...when the paid get busted!

Anonymous said...

What is also curious about the appellate court, is the fact that they are members of the supreme court and many of them are very aware and guilty of.... demanding alterations of official court transcripts.

So when thousands of cases come up for appeal, art 78's,new trials etc. and the transcript is provided for case many of the appellate rulings are knowingly based on testimony, that the presiding judges know are altered to achieve a particular and appropriate verdict after sentence.... made to appear that it is absent cause for that appeal or it is lacking cause to return it for new trials or hearings,as say in art 78's?

The NY court corruption goes beyond the blatant financial and power levels, but certainly includes extensive quiet manipulations of our state laws, to assist and gain influence for friends, family, political connections and lawyers.

These back door dealings and illegal alterations become dangerous, because they allow large numbers of outside people only "connected" to the courts through these judgeships, to assume equal power over the taxpayer as the judiciary does possess... which is exclusively bestowed upon the elected judiciary to singularly serve the taxpayer honestly and judiciously.

Instead, the potency of judicial abuse is being afforded dangerous everday criminal outsiders, through the simple mere request of the judiciary's often used activity of slanting judicial rulings by these alterations. Not all alterations are transcripts...some are documents used to convict and are entered into evidence.....Plumadore knows and condones this ongoing activity!

This process then viciously takes advantage of regular law- abiding citizens, who naively become victims and hostages of this un-addressed drama of domestic terrorism.

Anonymous said...

Will be very interesting to see if Carpinello is involved in any more cover ups in the new post and also to see what Gov Paterson does with the Court of Appeals Nomination.

Here is a link to a Felony Conflict of Interest Conviction out of Pennsylvania on Dec. 24 where a State Officer of the Mental Health Dept was Convicted in relation to receiving Kickbacks and other Fees from Major Pharmaceutical Companies for Placing Harmful Anti-Pyschotic Drugs on the State Preferred List.

There is a Father of two boys who have been LOCKED in the NY State Foster Care System for over 8 Years Beginning under Columbia County Judge Paul Czajka who "Took Over" a Criminal Case After this Father Complained to the Commissioner of OCFS under Pataki because he was not being Reunited with his Sons back in 2000, over 8 years ago, AFTER a Court Ordered Pyschological Expert OVER 8 Years Ago said this Father was NO Risk to his Sons and should be Reunited with his Sons OVER 8 Years Ago.

Judge Czajka had already been the Family Court Judge which raised Constitutional and other issues in "taking over" the Criminal Case and somehow the ACTUAL Medical and Hospital Records and Hospital Nurse and Hospital Doctor have NEVER Testified in a NY State Court Room in 8 Years but the Father was allegedly charged wth an offense relating to an Injury to his Step Daughter where even the Local DSS and Sheriff Authorities did not even take the Daughter to the local Hospital for over 3 Hours AFTER arriving at the Scene and After a Full Work Up the Stepdaughter was Released without ANY Follow UP Treatment, No Ice Packs, No Child's Aspirin, NOT Even a Band Aid.

Instead, Judge Czajka took the Stepdaughter and Two Boys who were Not involved in the "Spanking" Incident of the Stepdaughter into Foster Care where they have been Ever since even though the Court Expert said 8 years ago the Boys should be Returned to their Father.

This expert did not testify either until 2004 when the only attorney to date to try to challenge the process was beginning to open up the Record.

Judge Czajka lost the Case after his Election in 2004 and under Renss County Judge Cholakis the Father finally began having Visitation with the Sons for Almost a Year until CURRENT Supervising Matrimonial and Family Court Judge Gerard Maney Took Over the Case.

Maney proceeded to force the Father on a Friday Afternoon who had Moved to Arkansas with permission of Judge Cholakis to Move Back Wholesale to a Motel in a High Drug area of Hudson in Columbia County by the following Tuesday if he wanted to Keep Seeing his Sons.

Maney of course did ALL of this without holding a Due Process Hearing, without Any Cross Exam or presentation of Witnesses for the Father, or more after the Father was forced to get public defenders after his attorney was suspended days before scheduled to Open the case up in Front of Czajka a month before Czajka's Re-election bid in 2004.

Since that time at least 5 separate publicly paid Assigned Attorneys have refused to obtain fundamentally basic and necessary documents for this Father including attorney Theodore "Ted" Stein of Ulster County appointed by the Third Department who ever lied to the Father about his rights on Appeal and who presented a very fragmented appeal which was denied.

Before Judge Maney appeared on the scene, the Director of Renss County Unified Services in Dec 2005 had said it should not be a difficult process to begin "reunification" of the boys with their father but that "long arms and tentacles" were affecting the case behind the scenes.

Ironically, the boys have been in Foster Care in Rensselaer County the entire 8 years but both an Assigned Counsel in Troy and Judge Maney wanted the Arkansas Father to move to a Motel in Hudson, NY while the boys would remain in Renss. County.

The Assigned Counsel from Troy refused to Answer Basic Questions from his Client, the Father, about this topic ( so far, anyway ).

Abnormally High Medicaid Expenditures and Foster Care Rates in Columbia County when compared to neighboring and similar counties during 2000-2004 became part of the Campaign issues for County Court that year.

The Father had devoted 10 years of Honorable Service to his Country in the US Navy and 10 years Honorable Service to his Country in the US Coast Guard with even a Merit Commendation Award from the Sec of Transportation while in the Coast Guard before moving to Columbia County with no established contacts or connections.

The Father had absolutely NO Criminal History before Judge Czajka took over his Criminal Case based on a "spanking" that did not even result in the administering of an Ice pack, Child's Aspirin, or a Bandaid.

The Father Accepted immediate responsibility for the Spanking and submitted to Counseling, Catholic Charities, every DSS Hoop imaginable ( alot of imagination in Columbia County ) and submitted to the Court Psychological Evaluation.

The Father's original criminal attorney claimed to be "bullied" off the Criminal Case on the day of Jury Selection and ordered to go to his office to get a check made payable to one of the Judge's long time friends who promised the Father's elderly parents in Delaware a "Trial" for $7,500 but ended up taking $10,000 but NO Trial would occur and the Father would be sent off to state prison for 2 years.

Many Watchers are Hoping that Gov Paterson Appoints a Strong Judge to the Chief Judge position who is Serious about cleaning up the Courts and Justice system.

The NY Post previously reported that AG Cuomo had an open investigation into the use of Medicaid Funds to purchase Anti-psychotic drugs to be used on children.

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