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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Corrupt NY Surrogate Advised of Pending Suspension

High Court Eyes Suspension for Indicted NY Judge-Elect
The New York Law Journal by Daniel Wise - December 15, 2008

The New York Court of Appeals has notified Nora S. Anderson, the surrogate-elect in Manhattan who was indicted last week on campaign-finance related charges, that it is considering whether she should be suspended until the criminal charges against her are resolved. In a letter dated Thursday, the Court invited Ms. Anderson to submit a brief opposing suspension no later than Dec. 22. The Court also authorized the Commission on Judicial Conduct to make a submission on the question by Dec. 22. The Court usually suspends judges who have been indicted with pay until the charges are resolved, but experts could not recall an instance of someone who had been elected as a judge being charged with a crime before taking office. Ms. Anderson, who won a three-way race in November, is slated to begin her term on Jan. 1. The Court could take up the question of her suspension before then, but any order would not take effect until Jan. 1, according to David Bookstaver, a court system spokesman. Ms. Anderson's lawyer in the criminal case, Gustave H. Newman, said Ms. Anderson is seeking to retain a lawyer to represent her before the Court. She "does not plan to resign," he added.


Anonymous said...

"Ms. Anderson's lawyer in the criminal case, Gus H. Newman said, Ms. Anderson is seeking to retain a lawyer to represent her before the Court, "She does not plan to resign"..WOW..that's a JOKE...HEY GUS NEWMAN,you have to get Allen H. Isaac to represent Judge Nora Anderson..GET ALLEN, GET ALLEN, REMEMBER THOSE WORDS?

Anonymous said...

When are they going to get Scarpino?
Or, like Madoff, is he flying just under the radar?

Anonymous said...

But does this mean I can't collect payoffs and favors? Just Asking....

Anonymous said...

regarding the last post
the answer is yes
said to say
maybe if they looked into it
N.Y will give Chicago competition in being the most corupt

Anonymous said...

disbar her, like take her license to allegedly in engage in the practice of law away and then she can't be a Judge and also take her godfather's license while you are at fast can she be disbarred?

Anonymous said...

love the posting by "brazen fox," that's a great idea. Take the law licenses from all the corrupt Judges and them couldn't be Judges. Disbar them all, it's so simple and direct. Very foxy

Anonymous said...

DF wants to put his person in this slot so this is a good way to get rid of SR and his friends

Anonymous said...

She never took office then she should not be getting paid.
She was not on the bench so why is she getting paid?
the City and State are crying poverty but when it comes to protecting another judge/lawyer
they protecet thier own.
Any money she recieved as pay should be returned.

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