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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

More on Chief Judge Commission Scam

Hispanic Bar Groups "Shocked" By Nominee List for NY's Chief Judge
New York Law Journal by Joel Stashenko - December 8, 2008

Hispanic bar groups said they are "shocked and outraged" that the Commission on Judicial Nomination's list of recommended candidates to succeed Chief Judge Judith S. Kaye did not include any women or Hispanics. "The recommendations undermine the work of the Commission and its stated singular commitment to selecting only the most qualified candidates to the Court," the groups said in a joint letter to Governor David A. Paterson. Mr. Paterson also said he was "outraged" that no women were among the seven names submitted to him last week and has asked Attorney General Andrew M. Cuomo to research whether the state Constitution and statutes mandate that the governor must pick the next chief judge from the list. The groups writing to Mr. Paterson were the Puerto Rican Bar Association, Latino Lawyers Association of Queens County, the Dominican Bar Association and LatinoJustice PRLDEF. Their representatives said the groups and others wrote to Mr. Paterson supporting the candidacy of Judge Carmen Beauchamp Ciparick, the Court of Appeal's first Hispanic member, who did not make the list. Gail M. Boggio, president of the Women's Bar Association of New York, also criticized the list, saying it "does not reflect the great range of qualified individuals within the legal profession, or the diversity of society as a whole." New York State Bar Association President Bernice Leber, on the other hand, said the commission has a solid track record of choosing women nominees for the Court, where women outnumber men 4-3. Mr. Paterson must make a nomination for chief judge between Jan. 1 and Jan. 15.


Anonymous said...

Just Curious..

Does anyone know how many of the Commission Judges were actually elected... as our Constitution mandates... or is the list from an appointment shell game shuffle???

Anonymous said...

This story is bothering me. I don't trust anyone in NY with good reason but is it required that any panal of candidates has to look like the crew on Star Trek? 1 black, 1 white, 1 hispanic, 1 white woman, 1 young, 1 old, 1 Native American, etc, etc.

I just want several candidates that have a proven record of fighting corruption. Maybe someone from out of state. This story is getting lost in race and not the real issue. We have had a piece of trash, old, white woman running the NY judicial trash can for years. How about a young white mormon? Who cares! I want the crappy judges and lawyers caught and removed and jailed if possible. I am gender and color blind beyond that goal.

Anonymous said...

re: 8:13 am comment
Are you referring to 'Acting Supreme Court Judges'?
This position is unconstitutional as applied. The Constitution only allows for the "temporary" appointment, and then there are conditions. The definition of "temporary" does not mean that they can be appointed indefinitely. "temporary" means "short term" or less than a year.
Do you realize that the "Chief Administrative Judge" Ann Pfau is an ASCJ? And, she is in an appointed position as a Judge to begin with. She was never elected to a Court.
So much for her being accountable to the citizens of the state.
(What is also interesting, is that there is no provision for these ASCJs to receive the salary of a Supreme Court Justice. Salaries are set by the state, and the state does not list this position, nor does it provide for a salary for it. Is this Fraud? Just asking.)

Anonymous said...

Look at the lack of Hispanic judges and lawyers in N.Y.C.
Thier are no large hispanic or minority owned law forms in N.Y.C.
Yes thier are a few small offices but thier are not any large firms.
N.Y i think is the only state in the country that uses the Rockafeller drug laws. Those laws have a 98% conviction rate for minoritys and only a 48% for non-minoritys. It is easy to find out why. Although Black and Hispanics
make up almost 60% of the local population they do not get a say
in what is done just empty promises.
It is assumed that minoritys will not go and vote or will not take the time to look at the problems in the courts and endores minority judges.
I am glad the Dominican and the Puerto Rican lawyers of N.Y are calling for diversity. I hope they make them selves heard.

Anonymous said...

We don't need diversity at the moment....we need criminal probes
and a Judge that will implement real change. I don't care about diversity at this moment....I want the NY judiciary indicted before my kids are too old.
Who is the best Judge or this and do not tell me about there race. I don't care. Somebody said that Theodore Jones was the right guy, Yes? I don't care if he is black or white, yellow or purple.

Anonymous said...

As I said in my letter to the JNC, its not that couldn't find any women or Latinos qualified enough - they just couldn't find any CORRUPT enough.

But I agree, better an old white guy who will turn the Judiciary on its head, than another Judith Kaye.

Better yet, a Latina woman who will turn the judiciary on its head....someone like Margarita Lopez Torres!

Anonymous said...

Latinos, or women; they don't want decency or honor; they want corruption. Kaye's legacy is corruption; that's what this is about. Corruption isn't Latinos or feminist; it's corruption. Kaye is corrupt; Lippman is corrupt; the commission wants to continue the corruption. Where is Cuomo; the bastard is hiding and hoping his support of corrugation will benefit him with contributions. His father xshould be appalled; his son wants to thrive on corruption

Anonymous said...

Saint Andrew, your corrupt friends need your aid. Please, help them. You understand the pressures of a crooked attorney. Please, Saint Andrew, help us.

Anonymous said...

Judge Margarita Lopez Torres is TOOOOO HONESSSSTTTT, thats why she didn't stand a chance...They need more CROOKS so they can continue their patterns of CORRUPTION...Where are you HIDING Governor Paterson and Andrew Cuomo?..Please don't tell me that you're in BED with these CRIMINALS.

Anonymous said...

Paterson, Cuomo and the FBI are a bunch of pussy whipped men, hiding under the skirt of Judy Kaye....what a gross thought...boys!

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