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Thursday, July 30, 2009

ENTER ANDY: Cuomo Subpoenas Public Administrator of Estates

Cuomo subpoenas documents tied to Broderick’s family dealings
The Buffalo News by Thomas J. Prohaska - July 25, 2009

LOCKPORT, NY — The state attorney general’s office has subpoenaed records relating to Niagara County Treasurer David S. Broderick’s activities as public administrator of estates. The attorney general’s Public Integrity Bureau appears interested in the work done on estates Broderick controlled by his wife Jane, a real estate agent, and his brother William, an attorney.  The subpoena, released Friday by the county attorney’s office, called on Broderick to produce all documents relating to estates for which Jane and William Broderick performed services since June 16, 2003. That cutoff date matches the six-year statute of limitations for a criminal prosecution. However, County Attorney Claude A. Joerg said, “I got no indication that it’s a criminal investigation.” “We don’t comment on subpoenas,” said John Milgrim, spokesman for Attorney General Andrew M. Cuomo. Teresa M. Snyder, an Amherst attorney who objected to Broderick’s handling of her late mother’s estate, has charged that it was improper for the treasurer to assign his wife to sell the mother’s house last year. She did not return a call to comment Friday. Neither did Broderick, but his attorney, George V. C. Muscato, said he wouldn’t be surprised if the matter never progresses beyond the investigation stage. “I would emphasize that David has done absolutely nothing wrong,” Muscato said. “By the time all this is done, he will be the most certified-to-have-done-nothing-wrong person in Niagara County.”

As The Buffalo News disclosed in a series of articles that began in February, Niagara County Surrogate’s Court files and real estate sources show that Jane Broderick has listed at least eight houses for sale since 2000 from estates her husband controlled. Commissions to her agency, Realty USA, on those sales totaled more than $30,000. About 25 percent of that is believed to have gone to Jane Broderick. Also, William D. Broderick, the treasurer’s brother, handled legal work on three estates administered by David Broderick since 2003, and collected more than $17,000 in fees. Muscato said the same files the attorney general’s office sought were previously provided to two other state agencies, the Office of Court Administration and the comptroller’s office. The latter is auditing Broderick at the request of the two County Court judges. An Office of Court Administration spokesman earlier this year cited a regulation that bars public administrators from using their relatives for estate work. Muscato and attorneys for the county have insisted that regulation was never properly published and has no legal force.


breathless said...

Well, it's about time. Got tired of holding my breath. Should have happened years ago. Every state Public Administrator needs to be looked into as they are the frontmen/women for corrupt dealings in the courts.

Public Administrator Victim said...

The post of Public Administrator is a political hack position established to take care of someone's brother-in-law. They do what they want with no accountability or oversight and no one cares when you bitch! They all steal and belong in jail with Madoff. The courts and the Judges laugh at you when you go to them, its all corrupt.

Anonymous said...

Niagara County needs a Civilian Complaint Board, this fiasco is nothing

Anonymous said...

Niagara County is part of the 8th judicial district...and you think that someone would establish a complaint board.......with Townsend resigning....but sticking around still acting like she is the chief(what is up with this scenario?).......her federal lawsuit accusing her of multiple discriminations and criminal activities.......her many retaliations that includes multiple firings and transfers of employees associated with or supportive of the pltf and the witnesses.... all still being covered up by the Buffalo News.....even today with proof extended to their reporters...many of the employees and jugdes despising Townsend, as she still creates chaos with her illegal courtroom antics and complete judicial unfitness...and her unending and constant promoting of selected politically and mentally void, never-tested civil servants...with no FBI interested in the destruction and corruption she promotes and particiaptes in?

Maybe this one case in Niagara County will expose the terror that is going on in the 8th district....and spur an investigation of this Connecticut born and raised perpetrator.... invading NY state with the sole purpose to make herself feel potent and wanted...really her actions are mainly just to make her desirable! Unfit and incompetent!

Anonymous said...

Andrew is doing nothing more than following in the footsteps of Eliot. Making a lot of 'sound and fury' when he barges into cases that no one invited him to join.

A couple of years ago I sent Andrew a very detailed letter how a local district attorney had positive information of two of his witnesses committing arson for hire of an occupied building in another jurisdiction and purposely avoided not notifying that district attorney. That offending district attorney did so in furtherance of a malicious prosecution.

The letter I sent, along with documents seems never to have arrived at Andy's office, while it found its way to the CC letters I sent. I had to send it again after I inquired - are you kidding me.

The end result was that Andy said he had no jurisdiction in this matter.

What troubles me is that when Andy does what he does in all these headline grabbing investigations, he is doing it only for free publicity just as Eliot did before him. The people seem to suck up these steamroller tactics of our cherished leaders.


Anonymous said...


Again, they go after the small time graff far outside where the real corruption is. Right in their own backyards.

Why doesn't Cuomo go after Scarpino, and the criminals in the major metropolitan areas rather than wasting time and taxpayers $s in the smaller courts of the state.

The big fish know they are safe as long as Cuomo is only going after the little guys.

What a joke.

Anonymous said...

Niagara Falls is within the 8th dist as mentioned above, and a STONE'S throw from Buffalo the largest court district outside of NYC.
So the smaller courts as you reflect should be ignored...actually are the courts that the FBI enter looking for corruption first..because the search is usually unsuspected, more tidy, with a greater willingness for witnesses to come forward to protect their alleged quiet small towns.
The low level smaller corruption investigation then leads to the bigger towns...NYC... because this state is quietly connected everywhere and the downstate suspects attention appears to be diverted to FBI concerns with minor small town, powerless governments!
So if you are patient and thinking may get your praising any investigation of the judiciary, because it will lead to your hometown..eventually.
Now I gave away the FBI'S secret MO!

Anonymous said...


Thanks for clearing that up.

Maybe it isn't sooooo bad.

Anonymous said...

the little fish will get the big fish.........
all of Niagara County is so corrupt
you have no idea

I hope Mario gets the fish!

Anonymous said...

'MARIO' NAY GET THE 'BIG FISH', but ANDY will only go fishing and then go to the local fish store to buy a fish he said he caught.

Anonymous said...

Saint Andrew is the Patron Saint of crooked lawyers and judges. His investigations are full of sound and fury and only a cover for his supplicants.

Anonymous said...

the FBI is not the Saint of crooked lawyers, let us pray their efforts are greatly awarded!

Anonymous said...

the public adminthief in Westchester is part of the holy trinity of Scarpino, Streng and adminthief. It's a revenue raising device to fill their private lock boxes. Scarpino is ALWAYS crying about money. Streng has cut back on his presence at "events," so he must be feeling the exit of the Astor Estate. Hey Frank, you and Tony can't rape that one, too bad. Got to give Bob M a big hand on that one kiddo.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the FBI will get involved. Maybe the FBI will route out the evil in the AG if there is corruption all the way to the top of the AG. Maybe this attorney Muscato will buy off the AG and get caught. Everyone has their price.

Anyway - keep sending those large donations to the AG. (just joking)

All public administrators are grave robbers.

Anonymous said...

if you live in Niagara County
you can change the locks while
the dying are in the hospital
you can clean out their home and if anyone proves it, you will be dragged in and out of court for over a year and it will cost you
so do not go to the funeral
clean out the decedent's home
and tell everyone else prove it and the court will make it cost you!

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