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Thursday, July 30, 2009

More on Legal Scholar Who Feds Say Wanted Witnesses to Disappear

The New York Post by KATI CORNELL - July 30, 2009

A well-known Manhattan attorney was ready to pay off witnesses against his drug-kingpin client and would have been happy to see them "disappear," according to tapes by a federal informant. The attorney, Robert Simels, 62, hashed out possible fees he was willing to shell out to witnesses as a Guyanese gang member who was secretly cooperating with the feds recorded the conversations in 2008. "We can buy his house from him, right," Simels asked Selwyn Vaughn as they discussed a witness looking to sell his home and a hotel in Guyana. "We could buy the hotel." In another chat, a recording of which was played in Brooklyn federal court, Simels seemed unfazed when Vaughn suggested making close associates of a witness "disappear" because "it sends a message." "I'm gonna leave it to you to figure out what's going to best get to him," Simels said.

Additional Background Story:

Lawyer Robert Simels accused of illegal tactics in drug kingpin defense - The New York Daily News by John Marzulli -  July 28, 2009------  Brash lawyer Robert Simels adopted a "win at all costs" strategy for a drug kingpin client, plotting to bribe, intimidate and silence witnesses, a federal prosecutor charged Monday. "A license to practice law is not a license to break the law," Assistant U.S. Attorney Daniel Brownell said in his opening statement in Brooklyn Federal Court. Brownell said Simels, 62, told a government informant, "I'm going to do whatever I gotta do" to win an acquittal for client Shaheed (Roger) Khan, a major cocaine trafficker from Guyana. Simels was a "puppet master" orchestrating the illegal campaign with law associate Arienne Irving, who is also charged with obstructing justice and witness tampering, Brownell said. They face up to life in prison, if convicted. Khan pleaded guilty in March, but he is not testifying against his former mouthpiece. Defense lawyer Gerald Shargel claimed Simels was carrying out a sting operation after learning from the informant that witnesses against Khan were seeking bribes. Simels will take the witness stand "to explain exactly what he intended," Shargel promised the jury. Known for his flamboyant and abrasive courtroom style, Simels has represented crack king Kenneth (Supreme) McGriff, mob rat Henry Hill of "GoodFellas" fame and former New York Jet Mark Gastineau.


midtown attorney said...

Isn't this zealous representation? Not once in law school did I ever hear anyone say we couldn't make unfriendly witnesses disappear! Case Closed.... or else!!

Anonymous said...

law associate Arienne Irving, who is also charged with obstructing justice and witness tampering,

lawyers who obstruct justice & tamper with witnesses, it just can not be true!

Anonymous said...

To the federal forgot to concede that a license to APPLY the law gives the judiciary the right to break the law!
The NY state judiciary threatens lives and livings, attempts to kill witnesses that have information against them, wiretaps witnesses and alters documents taken under oath..etc... and you never flinch about their misconduct.
I say the atty is not guilty...until and unless the state and federal AG'S confront HORRIFICALLY worse tactics being used by OCA to silence witnesses with information that indicts them in crimes!
Stop being selective in your prosecution government lawyers...your prejudice is evident that you are no better than the criminals you you are paid to keep quiet if the criminal poses as the justice system!

Anonymous said...

All lawyers do this stuff...howcome more don't get caught? Did this moron forget to pay a judge off?

Conspiracy Theorist # 9 said...

I wonder if all you conspiracy theorists don't merely give the targets of your allegations too much credit for our profoundly dysfunctional judiciary.
Perhaps, in the final analysis, Chief Justice Warren Burger gave us the definitive 'heads up' when he said

"ours is a sick profession marked by incompetence, lack of training, misconduct and bad manners. Ineptness, bungling, malpractice and bad ethics
can be observed in court houses all over this country every day.....these incompetents have a seeming unawareness of the fundamental ethics of the profession."

Maybe they are all just one of Gods made 'slugs' after all, just tryin to get by.

Anonymous said...

I never gave credit to OCA for being good at creating a conspiracy...otherwise I would have not caught them in all of I have truthfully reported my and independent source investigations of an exact conspiracy wth provable information to suppport.

You are the reason OCA loves to attempt conspiracies..even though they bungle them terribly...because most people are forever cynical about any type of conspiracy..provable or not!

Listen carefully to the information and attached facts to the conspiracy stories...and when you read and re-read them....comment on which facts and information you tend not to believe!

I will gladly direct your mind to accept the fact that OCA is a conspirator!

Anonymous said...

I have to thank you for your conspiracy theories, it follows exactly what I have been through,
I wish you many thanks

mob informant said...

This rat Simels is a punk and when he hits the big house he will not last long.

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