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Monday, July 27, 2009

Feds: NY Lawyers Plotted Murders and Witness Obstruction

Lawyer Robert Simels will be on defense as conspiracy trial begins
The New York Daily News by JOHN MARZULLI 
- July 27, 2009

In a book on lawyering, flamboyant attorney Robert Simels offered this tip: "Dress to kill."
"I cannot begin to tell you the number of cases I have tried where the first questions jurors ask me following their verdict concern where I bought my ties, how much they liked my socks, etc.," Simels wrote in "Take the Witness: The Experts Speak on Cross-Examination."  Prosecutors say Simels took his own advice too far in the defense of a Guyanese drug trafficker. On Monday, he and law associate Arienne Irving go on trial in Brooklyn Federal Court, charged with conspiracy to obstruct justice for allegedly plotting to bribe witnesses and murder their family members. Simels, a former prosecutor of police and municipal corruption, has aggressively defended high-profile clients, including Queens crack boss Kenneth (Supreme) McGriff, former Jets football star Mark Gastineau and mob rat Henry Hill, who was immortalized in "GoodFellas." As befits his style, Simels will go on the offensive - accusing the government of selectively prosecuting him because of his aggressive tactics. Assistant U.S. Attorneys Morris Fodeman and Steven D'Alessandro counter that lying to get into a prison to pressure an informant, paying a witness $10,000 to lie and plans to "eliminate" government witnesses through bribery and violence are not acceptable legal practices. Simels, free on $3.5 million bail, has hired heavyweight lawyer Gerald Shargel to defend him. "Bob Simels is a highly skilled defense lawyer who was just doing his job," Shargel said.


laughing said...

This corrupt lawyer's attorney is in a dream world saying his client is "a highly skilled defense lawyer who was just doing his job"

Someone please tell these nut jobs that NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW!!

Anonymous said...

Can't blame him. Everyone before him in the legal community told him that he could do anything and get away with it.

Anonymous said...

The headline forgot to include...OCA...the NY STATE JUDICIAL SYSTEM...hired a state corrections officer in an attempt to kill an employee and a witness connected to that employee.... whom they illegally setup and fired because that person filed a federal court..discrimination ... and retaliation claim... stemming back over several years due to the victim's participation in a perverted sexual psycho judge's removal case and consequent federal case that OCA settled to block horrific details.....thus the latest federal action addressing OCA'S continued activities and criminal propensities.... seems to have displeased OCA judiciary and local politicans, which allowed them to attempt to quietly hire and request a murder of said pltf.

If our sacred and respected court system condones and participats in murder...why then should any citizen be the application of the law is the primary responsibility of the court system... and since they view murder as an honest and reasonable action to silence those who question them ...the criminal activity of murder becomes void due to the court system's acceptance and participation!

The attys are not guilty by prior rulings of acceptance and hirings by OCA!

Obstruction of Justice is also a crime OCA views as valuable to protect their criminal enterprises...and that too is void due to OCA'S acceptance and participation in that this very day..proof upon request.

The case for the defense attys can be made with this twisted but valid information that is very much available to them.

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