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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Latest on Raise for New York State Judges

NY Assembly & Senate Appeal Ruling Ordering Raise for Judges
The New York Law Journal by Daniel Wise - July 7, 2009

All three remaining defendants in a lawsuit ordering that the state's 1,300 judges receive a cost-of-living raise have filed notices of appeal as of yesterday. The state Assembly and Senate filed appeals yesterday from the Appellate Division, First Department, affirmance in Larabee v. Governor, 4761, of an order requiring the government's other two branches to set judicial salaries at a level reflecting the rise in the cost of living since judges' pay was last increased in 1999. The state filed a notice of appeal last Thursday. The three notices stay the order of Manhattan Justice Edward H. Lehner, who had directed the other two branches to remedy the salary deficit within 90 days. Last Tuesday, the Court of Appeals issued an order that it would hear as a matter of right the appeal of three Brooklyn and Long Island judges whose pay raise suit, Maron v. Silver, 58 AD 3d 102, was dismissed by the Third Department in November. Bernard Nussbaum, a partner at Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz and the lead lawyer for a suit brought by the court system,Chief Judge v. Governor, 400763/08, said the court system will shortly file a notice to take an appeal directly to the Court of Appeals, and ask that all three appeals be consolidated. In the court system's lawsuit, Justice Lehner issued a ruling mirroring his ruling in Larabee, a case brought by four judges with the support of their judicial associations.


mad as hell said...

No raises should be given until the honest judges turn in the corrupt judges-- especially the administrative ones. And the corrupt scum need to be turned into the media, the NYS AG and the feds.

Anonymous said...

I guess Judge John K. McGuirk won't get a raise. I heard he is stepping down this year. His reign of misconduct is not suppose to end until 2013. Oh well he will be greatly miss by all the corrupt and unethical attorneys and law guardians in Orange County.

Anonymous said...

I guess the 8th district is up for raises..since Administrative judge Sharon Townsend stepped down weeks ago...on her own..curious as to the timing along with Plumadore ... and the district is still without a commander.
So now the judges can safely conduct their business without NYC headquarter interference..which was the major complaint about her reign of terror...always running to NYC if she had an issue...pissed off alot of the local judiciary and attys!

Anonymous said...

just keep thanking the Lord
Townsend is not in charge anymore!

Anonymous said...

Why should judges have to follow the NY Constitution and have their raise approved and passed as law? They are such wonderful persons, that we should thank them for their benevolence to act as judges of our acts.

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