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Monday, July 27, 2009

Roy I. Reardon, Corrupt Chairman of Corrupt Manhattan Ethics Committee

Feds Summon Court Corruption Members to Washington, D.C.
by Franklin N. Brady - July 27, 2009

NEW YORK- Incontrovertible evidence that federal crimes have been committed in and about New York’s federal and state courts have produced numerous meetings in Washington, D.C. this year.  While the New York criminal conduct that would come under review by the various federal agencies has been discussed for years, the October 2007 filing of Anderson v. The State of New York, et al., 07Civ9599, in the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York brought increased interest and, subsequently, a long list of credible witnesses. The review by federal employees involving New York’s “Ethics Scandal” quickly caught the eye of a growing number of officials in Washington, D.C. when nine (9) related federal cases, with similar allegations, followed the Anderson insider filings. Formal requests were then made to hold public hearings with a view toward the eventual oversight of the New York State Court System by a federal monitor, and to be followed by the appointment of a federal prosecutor.

Notably, in one meeting held in Washington, D.C., an attorney and Washington, D.C. insider, predicted that, “New York’s about to be rocked.”  That insider quoted the current Chairman of Manhattan’s Departmental Disciplinary Committee, Roy I. Reardon, as saying that New York’s judges belong to one of three categories, “one third are decent, honest and hardworking… another third aren’t very smart…. and one third are corrupt…” While Mr. Reardon once enjoyed a reputation of high integrity, and one who was wronged by his appointment as chairman of the flame-engulfed DDC sinking ship, the Manhattan-based attorney ethics committee. But now, however, Mr. Reardon is believed to be just another member of the Tembeckjian-Friedberg state corruption whitewashing machine.

We recently asked Mr. Reardon a few questions: (1) why he didn't show up in Albany for the New York State Senate Hearing on June 8, 2009 where it was known the Committee he chairs would be the main focus of many serious allegations of widespread corruption; (2) why he delegated 'Special Counsel' Martin Gold to speak on his (Reardon's) behalf, leaving the DDC Chief Counsel, Alan Friedberg, to utter just a few embarrassing sentences of public testimony; and (3) why he doesn't simply resign as Chairman of the Manhattan's Ethics Committee, the Departmental Disciplinary Committee (the "DDC"), since he is either unwilling or unable to stop the systemic corruption, whitewashing and abuse of certain insiders.

We've yet to hear a response from Mr. Reardon. (CLICK HERE TO SEE THE MISSING MR. REARDON'S STAND-IN, Martin R. Gold, at the New York State Senate Hearing)

Another specific request has been made to Washington, D.C.- to have the federal government take over the New York State Commission on Judicial Conduct, a group known for its widespread corruption in the handling of ethics matters over the state’s judges. It has also been confirmed that the ‘Ethics Insider,’ New York attorney Christine C. Anderson, was requested to attend federal oversight committee meetings, along with numerous New York State judges and dozens of New York State licensed attorneys. “Washington recognizes that the issues raised do not pertain to a single case or group of related cases, but rather to a systemic cause of concern in the State of New York that involves the violation of federal laws,” said one participant, “The Anderson case, and the testimony of others in the legal community, have solidified the documented and countless examples of the violations of federal law requiring appropriate committee review.” The Anderson trial is scheduled to begin in federal court in Manhattan on August 17, 2009.

CLICK HERE TO SEE  RELATED STORY, "Is Roy Reardon Covering for Tembeckjian and Friedberg"


Anonymous said...

Give the guy a break. If anyone were in Roy Reardon's shoes, they too would be hiding from every public appearance involving the corruption that Friedberg and Gold have been orchestrating for years. The problem for Reardon right now is how he gets out as DDC Chariman without bringing any unwanted attention to the whole dysfunctional ethics structure.

Anonymous said...

Reardon's a snake. Always has been. He was quite chummy with Tom Cahill, and it was well known that he'd do anything for Lippman, Cohen and Friedberg.

Anonymous said...

I vehemently..... while in possession of documents and testimony that OCA is obstructing in order to keep from becoming public.... mainatin that the NY STATE OFFICE OF COURT ADMINISTRATION is an accepted state and national crime syndicate!

This status cannot change until the federal government investigates and rids the courts of all the provable judicial corruption and the many, many employees engaged in same...even while they have knowledge that their crimes are being stated and reported to officials and on worldwide blogs!

Is OCA just arrogant or federal government permitted.... to perform the exclusive duty of only applying the law and thus granted the freedom to "commit" any crimes within that status...while the government ignores that activity? Seems to me this is what is happening and no one in authority to address it at the federal level...will come forward and do so at anytime!

I'm confused by the inaction of the federal government to the massive amount of complaints, facts and lawsuits that have appeared relative to the NY state court system in the past 5 yrs...while the feds have ignored them all as if they reflect some simple violation of disorderly conduct.

The feds have never proceeded to interviews and continue to permit court crimes of federal an state felony level violations.

This outrageous form of DOMESTIC TERRORISM is a tremendous offense to the service people risking their lives overseas to promote...Democracy!

What foreign country would desire this type of Democracy..isn;t this what they are attempting to shun and destroy from their own world?

Guess Who? said...

Mr. Reardon,

I'm patiently waiting for you to call to schedule a meeting with me, so that I could present a boat load of evidence to you and this "SPECIAL COUNSEL" person!!!!

Anonymous said...

It is hoped that Feds and authorities looking at systematic problems in the NYS Courts will examine the case of John Turner, a 20year Veteran of the Coast Guard and Navy with Merit Commendation Award from the Third Judicial Department also involving Judges Gerard Maney of Albany County and Columbia County Judge Paul Czajka.

This is among the Many Horrible real life stories coming out of horribly corrupted Family Courts where the Father's sons have been on harmful AntiPsychotic Drugs like Risperdal, subject of Racketeering investigations nationwide and much more while his sons have illegally been detained in the State Foster Care system.

Unfortunately, the children's mother was "taken out" of the picture by signing over her rights to the children while the Father was illegally Jailed in State Prison for almost two years.

A Transcript from the Illegal Plea and Sentencing showed the Mother had overheard Judge Czajka wanting her to Divorce the Father and the Mother concerned that her husband was not getting Effective Representation.

The Transcript, while reviewed by this attorney who had been threatened on the case, has Never been Released in over 4 years despite the NYS Commission On Judicial Conduct through Staff Attorney Kathryn Blake claiming the Commission would Get the Transcripts back in Dec. 2004.

The case brings up Everything that is wrong with the State Court Justice System and Directly Implicates members of the Third Judicial Department in cover up of actual Fraud by Judge Gerard Maney, systematic denial of Transcripts and records for a proper appeal and much more including WHITEWASHING ACTION by the Committee on Professional Standards of the Third Department "COPS" who have FAILED to take Action for 21 Months or more after the Father provided Sworn Testimony that Judge Czajka, who Jailed the father, had a "CLOSE" Friend Called in to the Case and who Took $10,000 from the Father's Elderly Parents from Delaware for a Trial that Never Occurred and DId not Even place a Court Appointed and Request Expert Report BEFORE an Illegal Plea into the Record which showed the Father was NO RISK to his Family and the Family SHOULD BEGIN Reunifying 9 years ago back in October of 2000.

The CLOSE Friend Attorney of Judge Czajka, Dennis Schlenker of Albany, has never had to Account for $10,000 in All these years.

Meanwhile, One Public Defender Openly Admitted Ineffective Counsel to the Father but Refused to put it in the Record on Appeal or before the Trial Court.

What TYPE OF RETALIATION do you Think this Public Defender FEARS for Doing a Proper Professional Job?? Exactly what is wrong with the System!

Links to related Articles on the case:

Anonymous said...

As a Correction on the above Post, the Merit Commendation Award was presented to the Father by the Then Secretary of Transportation Cabinet Level Official who Flew to Oregon to present the Father with the Award while in the Coast Guard. These were before the Days of Reorganization and Homeland Security.

The Third Department is Referenced as that is where the case has been heard where the Third Dept itself has engaged in fraudulent and Cover Up conduct.

Anonymous said...

The transcript is likely hiding in the automation(computer) dept of OCA..where these basically and barely knowledgable employees with self-learned computer conjunction with the appointed hack administrators in your district.... alter them on private computers and then OCA awards these employees in automation some hefty and extensive upgrades for their criminal efforts...and the finished product then reflects the story that OCA claims as their determination!

The court reporter is then relayed the information and they correct the scribble on that thin piece of beige crime tape which is only definable to them... and the story OCA desires is re-created to reflect the determination that they desire as the outcome! This is the case if a judge does not want to get personally involved in the request.

I know this because as an ex astute court employee... who knows court reporters and their method of operation...was fired using a transcript done exactly this way...but I was smart enough to document many things at the hearing, having prior knowledge of what specifically OCA was going to fire me with relative to the computer etc...months before the hearing... this is the first time OCA has been informed of my prior knowledge and heads up to their supposed complicated, multiple faceted operation against me... and then I took copious notes relative to any computer testimony .... all in an effort to prove that OCA participated in abusive, retaliatory and predetermined illegal conduct.

The court clerk whose testimony was altered was asked if she said what OCA'S transcript stated at a federal court deposition in 2008...3 yrs later... and her answer indicted she said ....I am reading my transcript now and I did not say what is reflected in this official document...this is what I actually did say..blah, blah!

Court reporters and judicial administrators should be cautioned about altering any court materials(transcipts and computer reports etc).... when a long time excellent employee is attacked!

Did you think I was working while sleeping?

Friends and sources hold verification of NY state judicial crimes and that cannot change...ever!

Anonymous said...

sounds like a conspiracy but it is all true, altering transcripts and filing false decision & orders.....
happens in Niagara & Erie County
both in the 8th Judicial District........
it has been happening so long, the ilk in our system just propagates itself

Anonymous said...

I hope the ilk has enjoyed altering transcripts, back dated false charges, altering & filing false decisions, altering/changing passing around false medical files and the most enjoyable of their acts...
the witch- hunts
they forgot one thing
they picked the wrong witch!

galison said...

I sent this to 97 attorneys at Simpson Thacher and about 200 others.

Esteemed Partners of Simpson, Thatcher:

Behold the depravities of your Senior Partner Roy L. Reardon; once considered a pillar of the legal community, now likely to live out his senescence in a prison cell, communicating with Bernie Madoff by tapping Morse Code with a spoon on a tin plate.

What a tragic and unnecessary coda to a life of such privilege and potential.

I personally wrote numerous letters to Mr. Reardon in his capacity as the Chairman of the disgraced First Departmental Disciplinary Commission". The certified letters that were not simply ignored were answered with transparent lies and half-truths, always with the intention of subverting the mandate of the DDC in favor of cronyism and corruption.

I hope Mr. Reardon is prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, and that his demise will be a warning to his colleagues who have also betrayed their oaths as "Officers of the Court".

Yours truly,

Will Galison

Anonymous said...

".. communicating with Bernie Madoff by tapping Morse Code with a spoon on a tin plate."

and obviously got caught.. LOL..

Anonymous said...

Brilliant idea to spread the good word of Mr. Rear-end to his fellow workers. They too can be proud of his dirty deeds.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant idea to spread the good word of Mr. Rear-end to his fellow workers. They too can be proud of his dirty deeds.


These "CLOWNS" have totally lost their minds..this sounds like a three ring circus..or better yet..ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO'S NEST...Put them all away in the PSYCH WARD!!!!!!!!

oca empl said...

I agree that it's a very good idea to spread the word about this site. EVERYONE, please email your whole contact list. DO IT TODAY!!

Anonymous said...

...who ever you guys are, great work...'bout time....enough of this (their)crap. I never intended to be under their corrupt umbrella only to tarnish my good career as a rare, legit 1st dept. based attorney. Please,gone by year-end.

Anonymous said...

To 10:42
If you've just found this site, great.
You can help by posting information and comments.
This blog has been around for a while, but it can always use more info.
Do whatever you can to help.
Ultimately there will be justice.

T Finnan said...

I notified the Federal Justice Department last year of the Corruption in Northern NY District both in the CJC and Attorney Grievance Committee, which is partially described in my action before the Second Circuit Federal Court of Appeals 08-5977-cv. This action shows the corruption of Judge Vito Caruso and Judge Kevin K. Ryan and an attorney, Ara Asadourian, and other parties. One of these parties, Ann Kennedy, died fleeing in a speeding car a half mile from my home after being discovered outside my house just after 6AM. Ms. Kennedy’s death was a needless, because I went back to sleep and no one was in pursuit. (I have no idea what Ms. Kennedy intended to do at my house, but she knew it was wrong and she should flee.) I encourage others to send their complaints to this site and the Justice Department and committees..

Anonymous said...

I was not allowed my transcripts until months later, even when requested, and when you finally receive them they are altered
which explains why you are not allowed to see them for months, if you get them at all
it is only proof they are altering
those transcripts
and then sending you the bill!

Anonymous said...

Withholding, denying, delaying and altering transcripts is Major problem in the Third Department. State sponsored racketeering is what most of this looks like.

Wonder what any of the esteemed Judges would say to first year law students or to the general public if there was ANY Level of Accountability at all?

friend of a nassau county supreme court judge said...

Most judges in New York State rightfully live in fear of Tembeckjian and his fellow enforcers. Everyone knows how the eye of Tembeckian can be the kiss of death. Yes, judges know quite well that justice nor due process matters when it comes the Commission on Judicial Conduct. There is one positive component to the crimes of Tembeckjian, and previously of his partner Friedberg- their actions have developed a large underground collection of judges who are completely fed up with the long-practiced acts of retaliation by OCA. And yes, many judges are ready for a big change, and they'd love to see Tembeckian and Friedberg beind bars. Have patience, my friends, the time is coming sooner than you think.

Anonymous said...

The above story of the official OCA transcript and the rest of the situations that are attached from years of reporting on this blog....was determined to definitely be a conspiracy conducted by the judicial system of NY state in 2007...4 yrs after it began and 2 yrs after OCA thought they completed it!

An outside source investigated OCA and their plot aginst me.... with lots of help from my court experienced fueled suspicions,my personal sources,along with independent source investigations and information... which sickenly produced a very sorry, sad and final criminal report of NY state judicial conspiracy and corruption!

This intense assessment and investigation showed overwhelmingly that the absolute conclusion was clear..... the NY STATE OFFIE OF COURT ADMINISTRATION OF NYC AND THE 8TH JUDICIAL DISTRICT...conspired, harassed and terrorized me while violating my civil rights, and due process...thus negating my rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness!

OCA is unaware of this determination.... as they have requested NO discovery whatsoever from me...even though there exists well over 200 plus pages of yellow legal paper of discovery... open to their view for the past 2 yrs!

If OCA was not a participant in a conspiracy... they would have quickly completed this case in less than 2 any higher court would assuredly have favored them in that pursuit!

Guilty people prolong court cases.

OCA attempted this conspiracy believing that most people are typically cynical about the term and the actions of a conspiracy...and as the court system they certainly would garner complete doubt about a legal entity driving a conspiracy!

OCA didn't count on my superior sources analyzing all of their submissions of documents and influencing of truthful employees, checking their employees for connections to complicit court administrators and learning of their very questionable background, or my ability to detect judicial scum.

Sharon Townsend, Isenberg and their very political staff thought a conspiracy would be simple and workable....because they conducted them before with complete success for many years!

Criminal minds always get caught because the premise that they base their actions always faulty... from their lies to their choice of murder!

People who seek education to enter careers that protect and serve the law.... should never commit crimes... because the very idea cannot convert the 2 concepts.... and thus the label you end up living with is always connected to a striped jumpsuit!

Maybe Townsend and Plumadore stepped down.... because hell got too hot for them as their perfect game fell apart!

Anonymous said...

As a practicing New York Attorney I welcome the Feds coming in to regulate this NYCLA Fee Dispute Committee which is nothing more than a "Political Economic Assassination Squad" which ignores the crimes of its friends/cronies while punishing and economically bankrupting those who dare to compete with a better product who are not fortunate enough to be born with the right "pedigree" or ethnic orientation, and are guilty of nothing else but being better lawyers and more successful. Its about time the Feds broke up this "backwoods Manhattan posse of 'good ole boys' from New York City."

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