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Friday, July 17, 2009

Tembeckjian's Crimes, Part 3 (Criminal Enterprise Cover-Up)

Tembeckjian and Friedberg's Alleged Bag of Tricks: Covering-Up Criminal Enterprises, Conspiracy, Tax Fraud, Conversion, Elder Abuse, Money Laundering, Extortion and Bribery... just to name a few....

Everyone wants to be fair to Robert Tembeckjian and the Commission on Judicial Conduct ("CJC"). Sure, it's possible that certain people within the CJC, who have their own agendas or who improperly act at the direction of outsiders, make complaints against favored judges simply vanish. It's white-washing at its worst. And either Robert Tembeckjian and his former deputy, Alan Friedberg, knew it was going on, or they didn't. Either way, there's much explaining to do. And Tembeckjian and Friedberg will, to be sure, be explaining themselves to state and federal entities- and the public- very soon.

Here's today's featured Commission on Judicial Conduct outrage, stamped "received" by the CJC, and ignored by Robert Tembeckjian and Alan Friedberg:

Pamela Carvel, a member of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners
28 Old Brompton Road, Suite 158 London SW7 3SS England
U.S. tel / fax fwd 1 212 751 6746
September 24, 2007

Hon. Robert H. Tembeckjian
New York State Commission on Judicial Conduct
61 Broadway – 12th floor
New York, New York 10006

RE: Formal Complaint & Request for Investigation

1) Pattern of criminal enterprise within the Westchester Surrogate’s Court
2) Conspiracy to deny beneficiaries all rights guaranteed under the Constitution and laws of the United States 
3) Conspiracy to commit: tax fraud; fraudulent conversion of assets; elder abuse; money laundering; extortion; bribery; felony murder; and other “RICO” acts. 

Dear Mr. Tembeckjian,

This complaint concerns the willful wrongdoings of Surrogate Anthony Scarpino, in gross violation of his judicial oath and public trust, to improperly protect the financial benefits accruing to close political associate, Frank W. Streng, Esq., of McCarthy Fingar LLP, and attorney-politico William Grifffin, chariman and controlling shareholder of Hudson Valley Bank.

The nature of the complaint is gross misconduct; lack of necessary professional conscience for disqualification; corruption; denial of guaranteed Constitutional rights such as due process, and equal treatment; obstruction of justice, intimidation of whistleblowers, victims, and witnesses; aiding and abetting the fraudulent conversion of assets in the furtherance of apparently criminal acts, charity fraud, tax fraud, bribery and felony murder.

I write about the serious matter of the appearance of over $300,000 bribery of the Westchester County Surrogate Anthony Scarpino by the controlling stockholders of Hudson Valley Bank, who are the sole adverse litigants to the Carvel interests in trials before the Surrogate. There is a long-standing pattern of apparently improper influence over Westchester Surrogates Albert Emanuelli (1991-2000) and Anthony Scarpino (2001-present) by Hudson Valley Bank politicos who stole the identity and assets of the “Thomas and Agnes Carvel Foundation”, other Carvel charities, and the Carvel family, after the suspicious death of Thomas Carvel. The Bank’s incestuous influence over Surrogate’s Court proceedings is extended through the Hudson Valley Bank Business Development Board, which counts among its players several attorneys who received assets, appointments, and payments from the Surrogates, always opposing Carvel interests in Carvel estate matters.

My aunt Agnes Carvel, our investigators and I previously assisted the New York Attorney General in the forced ouster to two foundation fraudsters, but not before Griffin became entrenched to replace them in their fraudulent schemes. In the midst of our assistance to Attorney General Abram’s investigation into charity frauds by those who stole the identities of the Carvels’ charities by forgery, the usurpers of the identity of the “Thomas and Agnes Carvel Foundation” made a written statement of their illegal intentions to fraudulently convert all Carvel assets to themselves to the exclusion Agnes Carvel, the sole legitimate asset owner, and charitable benefactor (see Exhibit 1 dated February 18, 1992). The usurpers also made the written stated intent to illegally withhold charity control from the Carvels by rigged voting wherein William Griffin and anyone from “Hudson Valley”[Bank] could be counted among “loyalists” to prevent Agnes Carvel from recovering control of her own assets and her own charities (see Exhibit 2 dated April 9, 1992). All these stated illegal intents, and the actual fraudulent conversion of the $10 million Ardsley property in 2006, were ignored when put before Surrogate Scarpino.

We also assisted Scott J. Andersen of Attorney General Spitzer’s Office Securities Protection Unit of financial frauds and real estate scams against Carvel assets that were occurring under the nose of Surrogate Emanuelli, who ignored our evidence and pleadings. We subsequently assisted the Attorney General’s office in the successful criminal prosecutions of William Zuga and Francis Zarro for several felony counts for financial frauds. The U.S. Attorney convicted another Carvel estate fraudster, William Fugazy, for perjury.

Although we successfully uncovered these crime perpetrated by foundation usurpers and their agents, our legal costs as fiduciaries are denied reimbursement by Surrogate Scarpino; however, Surrogate Scarpion distributes Carvel assets to these culprits without limit or restriction, and allows their legal costs to perpetuate these criminal acts to be paid in full from Carvel assets without notice to the Estate’s beneficiaries, executor, or creditors, and without fee applications.

The attached information is the latest events in a continuing pattern of multi-million dollar estate frauds in Westchester Surrogate’s Court, in which the Carvel estates are not alone. On May 8, 2007, I discovered that William Griffin who alleges himself to be president of the alleged Thomas and Agnes Carvel Foundation, fraudulently transferred Agnes Carvel’s estate’s $10 million dollar, 16 acre property in Ardsley, New York (without notice to the Estate, its creditors or its beneficiaries) by transferring title to one of Griffin’s business associates for only $2 million dollars; and then that business associate assigned the property back to Griffin through Hudson Valley Bank. Surrogate Scarpino gave Griffin control of Agnes Carvel’s property without restriction, without scrutiny, without accountability, without notice to named beneficiaries, and without first paying funeral expenses, administrative expenses or creditors in at least four U.S. states and the United Kingdom. At that same time the real estate scam was uncovered, I also discovered that Griffin, who is also chairman and controlling stockholder of Hudson Valley Bank, loaned Westchester County Surrogate Anthony Scarpino $300,000 through Hudson Valley Bank. On information and belief, additional “loans”, not recorded with the Westchester County Clerk, were also made. It is my assertion that since “equity loans” are not required to be disclosed by the Office of Court Administration, this loan-ploy forms an innovation in pay-offs to encourage favorable decisions.

The “loans” coincided with Carvel trials by which Griffin obtained control over the above-mentioned Ardsley property and other multi-million-dollar Carvel real estate. Surrogates Emanuelli and Scarpino denied the Carvels equal indemnification of fiduciary expenses, while giving Griffin and his cohorts unlimited access to Carvel assets, without scrutiny or restriction, to oppose the Carvels.  Both Griffin and Scarpino concealed the loans since 2001 although Griffin, purporting to represent the alleged foundation, continues to appear before the Surrogate in litigation against Agnes Carvel, the foundation’s founder and exclusive benefactor, and against Pamela Carvel the sole legitimate Foundation Member, who continues to oppose the foundation usurpers’ criminal acts of charity fraud. Surrogate Scarpino refused to disqualify himself when I confronted him with Griffin fraudulent conversion of $10 million of Carvel real estate and the appearance of $300,000 bribery by Griffin through his Bank. Surrogate Scarpino denied my requests to restrain the usurpers or protect the Carvel’s assets within the usurpers control.

Throughout our years of investigations, my aunt’s attempts to recover her own assets from strangers, to be paid mandatory income require by law, to receive justice for herself and her charities, and to thwart criminal activities in the theft and abuse of Carvel funds, were constantly obstructed and opposed by attorney William Griffin who is chairman and major stock controller in Hudson Valley Bank and who abuses Carvel charitable donations to abuse the Carvels personally with litigation. Both Surrogate Emanuelli and Surrogate Scarpino threatened, restrained, intimidated and ignored the Carvels, but never acted against the criminal activities of the foundation usurpers and their agents --- unless compelled by media exposure.

Surrogate Scarpino also demonstrated his lack of necessary conscience to disqualify himself in the matter of Frank Streng, who advertised on his web-site that he worked for Surrogate Scarpino’s “transition committee” from Supreme Court to Surrogate’s Court. Streng alleged to represent me as Agnes Carvel’s executor, but failed to disclose any conflicts of interest he acquired with Surrogate Scarpino or attorney-politico Eve Markewich whom I also hired to represent the Estate. Streng withdrew as my attorney because he refused to file objections to the accountings of the New York ancillary administrator after I discovered self-dealing against the Estate in collusion with Agnes Carvel’s adversaries.

This betrayal by Streng was particularly heinous after I discovered that Markewich wrote an article for the New York Law Journal (“Getting Grounded on Ethical Dilemmas”, February 14, 2005, ) itemizing gross violations of professional ethics against Agnes Carvel, albeit anonymously, but then Markewich colluded with those same unethical attorneys and Streng against the Estate’s best interest so as to assure payment to Markewich of almost $4 million dollars in legal fees. Streng stated he would do nothing to oppose Markewich’s legal fees and he withdrew, leaving me without legal counsel, and without funds to pay new legal counsel, merely days before the objections to the accountings were due.

Out of 36 fiduciary positions controlling Agnes’ property and its income (7 in Thomas Carvel’s estate, 12 in two corporations, 4 in an alleged New York unitrust, 3 in the an alleged Florida grantor trust, 10 in the alleged foundation) all of whose legal fees are paid from Agnes’ property without notice to the Court or to Agnes as beneficiary, Pamela Carvel is the sole fiduciary other than Agnes Carvel to be deprived of equal access as provided to all other fiduciaries to the multi-million dollar Carvel estates’ funds to retain competent, independent, legal counsel for the benefit of Agnes Carvel as sole beneficiary in her lifetime, to defend Agnes’ continuing interests through her estate, and to assert the Carvels’ testamentary intentions.

Frank Streng was the ONLY one Agnes’ or my attorneys whose legal fees were paid by order of Surrogate Scarpino (without ever disclosing to me the pair’s close relationship). Although I paid Streng almost $1 million before he made application to the court, Streng refused to refund any fees to me after he was paid by from estate assets by the Surrogate’s order. Streng thereby was paid twice or more for the alleged services rendered.

I demanded that Surrogate Scarpino disqualify himself from deciding the Streng’s request to withdraw, based on the already admitted conflict of interest with Streng that caused Surrogate Scarpino to recuse himself in the Matter of Margaret McKeown. The Surrogate refused my demand, granted Streng’s withdrawal, but refused to provide me with estate funds to pay professional legal counsel equal to all other fiduciaries in these estate matters, thereby compelling me to appear pro se or loose multi-million dollars claims by default. I assert a criminal conspiracy to deny civil rights and the intangible right to honest services exists, and that conspiracy is for the personal profit of “friends” of the court.

Surrogate Scarpino aids and abets the cover-up of apparent criminal activities by denial of due process and unequal treatment of the Carvels compared to the alleged foundation managers who are denoted in written documents as “loyalist” with Griffin whose written stated criminal intent has been to prevent Carvel family control of all Carvel family assets. Surrogate Scarpino denies discovery to Pamela Carvel against the foundation usurpers whose legitimacy is contested since 1991, but grants discovery requested by the usurpers against the Carvels. Surrogate Scarpino denies Carvel funds to the Carvels, but gives unrestricted use of Carvel funds to the foundation usurpers and their agents.

These frauds in the Carvel estates divert into the underground economy untaxed millions each year. My research indicates that a pattern of fraudulent conversion of estate assets is being repeated in estate after estate in Westchester County. Deliberate deprivation to beneficiary-fiduciaries is being used in estate after estate to threaten, intimidate, and extort silence from beneficiaries so as to cover up these crimes.

Your office needs to be acutely aware that the Carvel estates are but the tip of the iceberg for conversion, tax fraud and money laundering to defraud testators, beneficiaries and charities, by lawyers like William Griffin controlling banks like Hudson Valley Bank, and by lawyers like Frank Streng, Malcolm Wilson, and William Griffin, controlling Surrogate’s Court judges like Albert Emanuelli and Anthony Scarpino.

I make this complaint against Surrogate Scarpino as judge and attorney for aiding and abetting apparent crimes by attorneys before him and the controlling stockholders of Husdon Valley Bank, including but not limited to 1) multi-million dollar theft of Carvel real estate assets; 2) illegal use of charity assets contrary to public policy; 3) threats and intimidation of Agnes Carvel as an elder person to procure her death by stress (felony murder); 4) fraudulent conversion of Carvel charity assets to individuals associated with William Griffin; 5) bank fraud; 6) money laundering; 7) corporate identity theft and 8) bribery of Westchester Surrogate Anthony Scarpino in the form of alleged loans from Hudson Valley Bank to coincide with Carvel trials wherein William Griffin was a witness and litigant against Agnes Carvel.

Surrogate Scarpino deprives the People of honest services, and violates rights guaranteed to the Carvels by the laws of the United States, as a result of apparent bias and the appearance of impropriety and bribery by William Griffin who stole restricted charitable gifts and the good name of the Carvels to further political and financial manipulations for and by Hudson Valley Bank and the Hudson Valley Bank Business Development Board. There exists a clear record of a continuing pattern of apparent criminal abuse of Carvel assets to obstruct justice in the Carvels’ estates.

I regret to say my investigations indicate the Carvel estates are not lone isolated incidents of criminal conversion of assets through Westchester Surrogate’s Court.

Please call me at the above New York telephone number for further information.

Yours truly,
Pamela Carvel

Summary of Papers Submitted in the Criminal Complaint Against WILLIAM GRIFFIN & HUDSON VALLEY BANK in re: The Thomas & Agnes Carvel Foundation real estate transactions and apparent bribes to Surrogate Anthony Scarpino

  • The alleged THOMAS & AGNES CARVEL FOUNDATION controlled by WILLIAM GRIFFIN is identified to the Attorney General’s Charities Bureau as a New York State Not-for-Profit Corporation located at HUDSON VALLEY BANK, 35 East Grassy Sprain Road, Yonkers, New York 10710.
  • Abuse of charity assets for criminal conspiracies is contrary to public policy and provides cause to revoke tax-exempt status.
  • Theft of the identity of the Carvels’ charity is challenged by the Carvels.
  • Exhibit 1 February 18, 1992: In the “Confidential Thomas and Agnes Carvel Foundation AG Conference” memo written by usurper Robert Davis:
  • at #2 the criminal intent to fraudulently convert Carvel assets to the usurpers is spelled out that Robert Davis and Mildred Arcadipane must resist removal so as NOT to provide family with opportunity to assume control of Foundation or at least Estate and Agnes’ assets; 
  • at #7 it is explicitly stated that Mildred Arcadipane will retain membership to prevent family control;
  • at #11 “Hudson Valley” [Bank] is generically listed as acceptable successor member to retain “loyalist” control against the Carvel family.
  • WILLIAM GRIFFIN is chairman of HUDSON VALLEY BANK. Robert and Marie Abplanalp (alleged foundation directors) are controlling shareholders of HUDSON VALLEY BANK along with GRIFFIN.
  • The explicit criminal intent to fraudulent convert Carvel assets was concocted while Agnes was still alive; while Agnes was the prime beneficiary of Thomas Carvel, sole income beneficiary, and surviving joint asset owner; and while Agnes was Member, Director, Founder and the sole surviving benefactor of the restricted charity funds being abuse by the foundation usurpers to defend their illegal activities and to litigate to deprive the founder Agnes Carvel of all assets.
  • Exhibit 2 April 9, 1992: In another “CONFIDENTIAL MEMORANDUM” Robert Davis explicitly spells out how alleged foundation voting will be rigged against Agnes Carvel to prohibit Carvel family control. 
  • At the “Second” paragraph, HUDSON VALLEY BANK chairman GRIFFIN and Bank of New York vice president James O’ Connor are listed as future “loyalist” directors who will rig the majority of votes against Agnes. 
  • At the “Third” paragraph, GRIFFIN is again counted to provide the rigged vote to retain control against Agnes.
  • Exhibit 3 In a November 5, 1990 dated Schedule E of IRS Form 706 submission in the Estate of Thomas Carvel, it is noted at Item 15 of the jointly owned assets that a 15.628 acre dwelling in Ardsley, Town of Greenburgh, is valued at $1,100,000. (A 1991 real estate appraisal was attached thereto.)
  • Exhibit 4 (4A) On October 6, 2006, WILLIAM GRIFFIN, acting as president of THE THOMAS & AGNES CARVEL FOUNDATION, sold to CHAUNCEY PARTNERS, LLC Agnes Carvel’s Ardsley property in two parcels: one for $1,300,000, which resulted in a Westchester County real estate transfer tax of $5,200; and 
  • (4B) one for $700,000.00 which resulted in a Westchester County real estate transfer tax of $2,800. 
  • (The current estimated value of these properties is $8-10,000,000)
  • Exhibit 5 (5A) Also executed by chauncey partners LLC on October 6, 2006 was an assignment conveying interest in the two parcels back to HUDSON VALLEY BANK 
  • (5B) in conjunction with an alleged loan. 
  • CHAUNCEY PARTNERS, LLC, located 245 Main Street, Suite 120,White Plains, New York 10801, is run by DANIEL A. AMICUCCI, of: (a) 11 Upland Lane, Armonk, New York 10504; and (b) 42 Cobblefield Road, White Plains, New York 10605.
Note: This information about the fraudulent transfer Agnes Carvel’s estate’s real estate was first uncovered on May 8, 2007 and immediately brought to the attention of Westchester Surrogate’s Court, where Surrogate Scarpino refused to take any immediate action to restrain GRIFFIN or other alleged foundation managers or to protect the Estate’s creditors and beneficiaries.

The real estate was put within GRIFFIN’S control by Surrogate’s Scarpino who transferred the real estate pursuant to Surrogate’s Court Procedure Act section 2215(3) which obligates the alleged foundation to return to Agnes’ estate all assets in excess of a mere remainder amount to which the legitimate foundation would be due.

Because other New York statutes provide that the interests of the remainder beneficiary are second to abate if the Estate’s assets are insufficient, and that the alleged foundation cannot step ahead of other creditors of superior interest, the usurpers are disposing of the assets so that Agnes’ estate will find empty coffers when it seeks return of the assets. This is precisely the scam used to divest Chain Locations of America, Inc. of all its $20 million assets so that when Agnes’ ownership interest was adjudicated five years after her death there was almost nothing for her estate to receive.

Exhibit 6 WILLIAM GRIFFIN is Chairman of HUDSON VALLEY BANK and controlling shareholder along with the ABPLANALP family for whom GRIFFIN is a trustee and advisor.

Robert Abplanalp was made an alleged foundation member and director in line with the stated intent (Exhibit 1) that “loyalist” successors would come from “Hudson Valley” [Bank]. Immediately upon Robert Abplanalp’s death, his daughter Marie Abplanalp Holcombe replaced her father as a “loyalist” to rig the foundation’s voting.

Exhibit 7 The HUDSON VALLEY BANK DEVELOPMENT BOARD, organized to advance the BANK’S interests, has an incestuous relationship with recipients of alleged foundation grants and political appointments in the Carvel estates by Surrogate Emanuelli (1991-2000) as well as with the fraudulent transfer of the Ardsley real estate.

Exhibit 8 New York attorney PAUL G. AMICUCCI is a partner in the law firm of WALSH & AMICUCCI, located on 2900 Westchester Avenue, Suite 205, Purchase, New York 10577.

New York attorney PAUL G. AMICUCCI is also listed as an attorney for the law firm GRIFFIN, COOGAN & VENERUSO, PC, located of 51 Pondfield Road, Bronxville, New York 10708.

New York attorney WILLIAM E. GRIFFIN alleges to be member, director and president of the THOMAS & AGNES CARVEL FOUNDATION.

New York attorney WILLIAM E. GRIFFIN is a founding partner in the law firm of GRIFFIN, COOGAN & VENERUSO, which lists attorney PAUL G. AMICUCCI as an associated attorney.

Exhibit 9 Westchester Surrogate Anthony Scarpino presides over litigation in the estates of both Thomas and Agnes Carvel since 2001.

(9A) Trials began in Thomas’ estate in September 2001. In October 2001 HUDSON VALLEY BANK gave Anthony Scarpino a loan for $200,000.
(9B) Trials in Agnes’ estate were to begin in 2005. In December 2004, HUDSON VALLEY BANK gave Anthony Scarpino another loan for $100,000.

Anthony Scarpino never disclosed the “loans” at any time. When the loans were discovered in May 2007 just prior to the commencement of trial in Agnes Carvel’s estate, Scarpino refused to disqualify himself for the appearance of impropriety and bias.

Surrogate Albert Emanuelli presided from 1991 to 2000 over litigation against Agnes Carvel financed by the alleged THOMAS AND AGNES CARVEL FOUNDATION by abuse of the gifts exclusively from Thomas and Agnes Carvel’s that were restricted to only charitable purposes.

Emanuelli was installed as Surrogate by cross-endorsement without opposition. Nonetheless, alleged foundation “general counsel” Malcolm Wilson served as “campaign chairman” and fund raiser for Emanuelli. WILLIAM GRIFFIN advised Wilson as Lt. Governor of New York.

WILLIAM GRIFFIN as alleged foundation president approves payments from various sources exceeding $2,000,000 per year for the sole purpose of opposing the rights and interests of Agnes Carvel as sole beneficiary, surviving assets owner, and charitable benefactor.

These crimes against the Carvels, and the People as intended beneficiaries of charity, are but the most recent frauds orchestrated and perpetrated by William Griffin since Thomas Carvel was found dead under suspicious circumstances in October 1990. The crimes include abuse of the judicial process to harm the Carvels and their property, conspiracy to obstruct the Carvels constitutionally guarantee rights, and the use of threats and intimidation against Agnes Carvel as a elder person to procure her death to silence her opposition.



smiling said...

I'm wondering how bob and alan look in stripes.

Bob T and Alan F said...

Ouch! Yikes!
Anyone know a good criminal lawyer?
Prefer one that isn't on the take...

angry relative of upstate judge said...

Tembeckjian and Friedberg should be afforded as much Due Process as they give to judges who appear before them: NONE.


Throw the Tembeckjian and Friedberg criminals in jail!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

This is good, hard reporting that hits these thugs dead in the heart!
Frank..this is excellent and you are to be commended.
This is what shakes the sh** out of the court pigs and gets the attention of the country and world.
Hope the judicial sweat doesn't smell up the air...we need it to re-oxygenate for the next reportings!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe what I just read (this story) and what I just heard (Part 1 of the June 8th Senate Hearing on corrupt in the NYS court system)
I just can't believe this. I'm stunned.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know where Ann Pfau stands in all of this corruption? I made a complaint to her and see ignored it.

Anonymous said...

This carvel story is wild. What the hell ever got her to retain McCarthy Fingar. Long ago it was a good firm. Now it's run by a thug name Frank Streng, and who is a bag man for Scarpino and Nicolai. My uncle was screwed by Mr. Streng, He's a two-bit thief.

Anonymous said...

Shouldn't this series be renamed TEMBECKJIAN, FIREDBERG and CASSELLA's Crimes ??

Anonymous said...

It appears that this story is well documented. It is sad that the Ny Times, Journal New et al. wouldn't do this type of investigation. Guess that's all part of the cover up. Sure hope the federal people read this and take a hint.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

This story is absolutely criminal when are the THREE STOOGES going to JAIL?

Anonymous said...

I don't know how many complaints I've filed against Scarpino, and he is still sitting on my case, and still committing crimes against me.
I know at one point he had 12 complaints against him with the Commission on Judicial Conduct, and all ended up being dropped as unfounded.
Scarpino is still being protected by these people on the commission, but all the other judges in the higher courts and the OCA.
I don't know what Sampson can do about any of this. It just runs too deep.

MO, CURLEY, & LARRY said...

To the above writer...This is Mo, Curley and Larry ( THE THREE STOOGES).. Please DO NOT put us in the sane category as these THUGS..

Anonymous said...

I know a dozen people who could wall paper their houses with form letters from Jean Savvaugnaughaugh- she's one of the overpaid thug clerks at the CJC --- "oh, we really looked into your complaint against judge so-and-so. oh, he's a real honest judge and could never do anything wrong." AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH


Oh, I know her name very well also..She put her dirty stinking finger-prints on my letters also..

Hey, just a quick question..
1) When you file a complaint against a JUDGE at the CJC, are you supposed to receive a complaint number?

2) Also, when you receive the dismissal letter from the CJC, is the Judge's name that you're complaining about supposed to be referenced on the letter?

I never received a complaint number after I filed a complaint against State Supreme Court Judge Doris Ling-Cohan at the CJC and when I received the dismissal letter from the CJC regarding my complaint against Judge Doris Ling-Cohan her name was never referenced anywhere on their letter..It was as if I never filed a complaint against her. Puff everything seems to DISAPPEAR like MAGIC!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

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Marc Rapaport's Complaint alleges that Hudson Valley Bank transfered $19,100.00 to financial institutions throughout the United States without Rapaport's prior approval. According to Rapaport's Federal Court Complaint, the amounts that were unlawfully transferred by Hudson Valley Bank were actually far more than the balance of his bank account at that time. Rapaport's Complaint alleges that instead of reimbursing Rapaport for the losses that he experienced, Hudson Valley Bank sent him invoices for the amounts that had been transferred. The Complaint's causes of action include claims based on the Electronic Fund Transfer Act, the UCC, and New York's General Business Law.

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Anonymous said...

sometimes it is not the judges
it is those that perform favors for friends of Senators or even the Senators themselves or even the owner of the Sabres.....
why heck the kingsman raped her why shouldn't you!
then she can use the poor saps for the rest of their lives

Anonymous said...

I loved Tom Carvel. Too bad these corrupt bastards don't care who they rip off. Tom brought a lot of happiness to my family. I'm embarrassed that my court system would be involved in such a thing.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if this William Griffin is related to a rockland county attorney by the name of Hollis Griffin ?

Anonymous said...

this is also happening in Niagara County New York, these judges should be disbarred they do not stop the abuse of power by lawyers
because they were once lawyers themselves

Anonymous said...

I submitted several complaints to Robert Tembeckjian of the CJC several years ago against Judge Scarpino. I never got a number and I felt that these people were just going thru the motions. In retrospect it was a waste of time. I'm currrently living in Virgina but plan on coming to NYC for Sen. Sampson's hearing so that I may tell our story. Scarpino is like a snake.

Anonymous said...

Niagara county is in the venue of the 8th judicial district...which was designated to become corrupt by the bizarre apointment of Sharon Townsend and her administrative assistant Andrew Isenberg....selected with resumes reflecting a lack of experience for their jobs and a dysfunctional embrace of unethical and criminal behavior!
NYC headquarters OF OCA had the complete authority to place these two in this district for the distinct purpose of assuring the 8th district would follow the crooked path then, Chief Judge Judy Kaye set up for all of NY state...and that is a fact that has been investigated thoroughly by independent sources not of this state!
If you want a cleanup in upstate....have several people with complaints file...return receipt requested... any information and facts they can gather to the FBI ....requesting a reason from them for not investigating court corruption, while using your taxpayer dollars to create the government corruption unit...setup for this very purpose!
When this unit can scrape their way out of the Buffalo and Niagara Falls city halls...ask them for a definitive purpose of this unit and how it manages to avoid blatant court corruption pointed out to them personally, verbally and in documentation in several meetings back in 2006.... but yet this was blatantly ignored as they have managed to locate and chase down city corrupton that evolved 3 yrs later and bring that to light?!The FBI does owe the taxpayer and citizens of this state and nation....answers to why they pick and choose the corruption they desire to rid us of.
Many complaints exist that implicate the NY state and 8th judicial court systems in corrupt behavior...and the FBI MUST answer why our complaints are being ignored, dismissed and treated as if they only document...judicial bad breath!

Anonymous said...

What I still don't get is Why is the OCA allowed to get away with running one of biggest scams/frauds in the state?

That being this totally illegal/unconstitutional scam of "Acting Supreme Court Justice."

The NYS Constitution is very clear that Judges in this state are to be elected. The U.S. Supreme Court even confirmed that.

The NYS Constitution only allows for the "temporary" assignments of judges. The only place that uses the definition of "temporary" to mean forever, is in the NYS Courts.

If you actually read the NYS Constitution which addresses the "temporary" assignment of judges it says:

JUDICIARY VI § 26(a) A justice of the supreme court may perform the duties of office or hold court in any county and may be temporarily assigned to the supreme court in any judicial district or to the court of claims. A justice of the supreme court in the city of New York may be temporarily assigned to the family court in the city of New York or to the surrogate's court in any county within the city of New York when required to dispose of the business of such court.

OMG, I just realized that this says that these temporary judges are the 'duties of office or hold court', it doesn't mention that they are to run the Court system itself.

Or how about his section of the Constitution:
§ 26 i. Temporary assignments of all the foregoing judges or justices
listed in this section, and of judges of the city courts pursuant to
paragraph two of subdivision j of this section, shall be made by the
chief administrator of the courts in accordance with standards and
administrative policies established pursuant to section twenty-eight of
this article.

I guess that means that Pfau gets to appoint herself.

Any way you read the Constitution, the position of a "temporary" justice, is to be assigned to handle the business of the Supreme Court.

So it is clear that this whole "Acting Supreme Court Justice" title is just a big scam.

The Constitutional intent was for a Constitutionally elected judge to be allowed to "temporarily" be assigned to handle cases when needed, and then return to their regular elected duties.

Any definition of "temporary" is less than a year. And the NYS Constitution does not allow these "temporary" justices to run the Court System.

How many of the thugs who have been causing these problems are "acting" as justices? I can name quite a few off the top of my head.

And all those wannabe Supreme Court Judges know about this scam also, that's why they run for lower offices, because they can always get appointed to "act" as a supreme court justice and do their dirty work.

Anonymous said...

Does the FBI have an internal affairs unit? If so maybe we should be knocking on their door.

Anonymous said...

One of the Surrogate Judges in Manhattan when confronted with allegations of criminal activity said even if it were ciminal she couldn't do anything! She is a Judge, why can't she do something? She said what she said because she was covering for a white shoe firm and she could get away with it! What's the white shoe firm doing for her?

Anonymous said...

The number for the internal affairs unit of the FBI in New York is 212-384-5000.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

FBI, AG, OCA, they're all too busy to do anything except to help themselves.

It must be a real nuisance having to answer all those letters of complaint and then putting them into the circular file.

Don't you get it? They have better things to do with their time, than to do what they are paid to do by the taxpayers.

Anonymous said...

To 1:36PM...the agent that maybe honest is the one that is not "friends" with Sharon Townsend..she has inundated that group of men...much to the demise of the 8 districts she is destroying.
So agent identify yourself...if there is any!

Gross plumbing of Niagara Falls is any easy investigation...since the owner and son have been involved with the FBI as informants and criminals since the 80's. Thus their time poppin this syndicate should be minimal leaving them available to address the multiple concerns of the taxpayers and citizens who are in extreme distress over Townsend's mafia judicial operation!
I see she quit but is still hanging on till Lippman can find another OCA patsy...which is not in the group that wants that she carries on even though she has resigned! This is proof that Lippman desires to carry on the Kaye destruction of the NY STATE JUDICIAL SYSTEM!

reality checker said...

Sorry, to the ice cream people. There was just too much money involved for this estate not to be spread around to the legal community and not you or any of your family members-- especially when a foundation or non-profit is involved.

Same thing is happening to the Astor estate right now. Shameful, but that's the way it is.

Anonymous said...

did Townsend quit or was she told to stay in the background because she got caught, fixing trials/juries perhaps! Just a shame they do not order her to clean up the mess that is in that courthouse since she partook in it,
clean this up or jail, should be her option!

Anonymous said...

Townsend should be forced to turn them all in but that may also include Harris Beach Atty's

Anonymous said...

Don't forget to also send your complaints to this blog in addition to the FBI or Cuomo or Commission on Judicial Conduct or Bar complaints.

Anonymous said...

I left the posting at 1:15 PM today. We went to the FBI and they played games with us. We went to the DA (Old Bob) and we got kicked out. We went to the AG and were're still waiting for a reply. At least we can understand why the AG didn't respond, he was busy enjoying himself on his dime. Robert Tembeckjian at the CJC is an empty suit who with the DDC are the cover up and whitewash artists. Our take on this whole swindle is that the system is not operating, it's broken and not fixable (no pun intented). And screw the FBI they are not going to help anyone except themselves. Maybe we should have gone to Homeland Security and said the Judge was a terrorist! Now that's an idea! Wonder if they would do anything?

Anonymous said...

If you have been reading this blog, you could have saved yourself a lot of time and aggravation trying to go to those agencies that are supposed to be fixing the problems.

They are not in business to fix what is wrong, but to facilitate the status quo. No one in any of those offices has any reason to fix what is wrong, but have plenty of reasons to protect their superiors.

They are running a massive shell game, moving the guilty in and out of jobs, but never making an effective changes.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the prior post. Five years ago after having contact with Tembeckjian & Co. I went to all of the above and also Washington, DC. It was a waste of time and money. They let you know that you are working for them and you better like it. I agree screw the FBI they are like teats on a bull, useless

Anonymous said...

has any FBI agent left their name for us to call?
if we leave our name will they call us?
let us see what agent has the integrity to answer, maybe even answer the phone at our local office

Anonymous said...

if you want Maziarz get to Budwey and those they are protecting,
like nurses at ECMC, just another scandal for Niagara County...atleast they got rid of harboring the prostitutes right outside our local courthouse!

WTF is THIS! said...

Anonymous said...

Have heard about the Surrogate Judge Scarpino, a former FBI agent. He held a trial for 5 months on the Winston estate which involved Bankers Trust Company, a convicted felon (250cr99 - SDNY) and for the first time on the record revealed that he had been employed at Bankers Trust Company, then asked if anyone had a problem with that. He did not disqualify or recuse himself as any ethicial Judge would have done. When no one objected Judge Scarpino proceeded. He ruled against the Winstons and in favor of the felon Bankers Trust Company in his final decision. I understand filings were made with the CJC and Surrogate Judge Scarpino used his get of "Jail Free Card" for a Free Pass.

Anonymous said...

Scarpino's question about anyone objecting to his presiding over a case was just a joke.

He won't recuse himself for any reason on any case. The attorney's here obviously knew the fix was in.

If Scarpino knew there was a conflict, or even the appearence, he was obligated by Judicial ethics.

How is it that a Surrpgate Judge is still an "Acting Supreme Court Justice", a "temporary" position more than three years after the dramatic "shake-up" in the Westchester Matrimonial Part?

It seems Tony wasn't getting enough $ from just robbing dead people, he has to steal from families and children too.

Anonymous said...

If Tembeckjian would talk things could happen. Even if his wife would talk things could happen. Time to lean on people. Those videos of people taking payoffs would come in handy. Let's see is Tembecjian in any?

Anonymous said...

Form 5 alot of trust for the Bank?

Sister Charity said...

I love this site! I think that it's important for corrupt judges & govt. officials to be exposed. If we don't hold them accountable- who will? I'd like to include some of these guys in the next Sisters Soapbox.

God Bless and Keep up the Good Work.

Anonymous said...

Townsend and Plumadore are in a position that seems to mandate them to accept clandestine postions, while OCA assesses the federal court depositions that implicate them in transcript altering..on record...criminal allegations that rivel the mob...many illegal an unlawful methods of conduct to assure that a few employees who portrayed ethical and questioning behavior were silenced and terminated, as well as rendered financially bankrupt as punishment...along with horror standards of judicial and employment influencing..etc as it goes on and on!
Townsend remains after resignation.... to hopefully quiet and seek out rumors from individuals who are in the know about her behavior ... which I must state is generally attributed to long time connected male powerhouses. You can imagine how she ended up in that position...position being the operative word..
What becomes of the very corrupt 8th district remains to be seen. Lippman cannot find a judge who was so willing to commit crimes as Townsend was and have the Rochester CJC protect her like she was the savior and pope of WNY courthouses.

So Townsend remains as long as OCA can continue to stall(their delay and ignoring tactics were told to me at the start by my sources, but they remain really and truly unimaginable) or if they can influence the outcome of the federal lawsuit that accuses Townsend et al... as a diabolical ringleader with sociopathic behavior!

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know anything about Lev Dassin?

Wow Loans too said...

Loans to Officers and Directors
The Bank makes loans to the Company’s executive officers and directors, and businesses with which they are associated, in the
ordinary course of business. Such loans are made on the same terms and conditions, including interest rate and collateral, as those
prevailing at the same time for comparable transactions with unrelated persons. None of the loans involve more than the normal risk of
collectibility or present other unfavorable features. The aggregate amount outstanding for all such loans was $17,822,509 in 2003,
$16,637,054 in 2002 and $16,827,791 in 2001.

Sure Sure Sure... said...

Although the Company's shares are not listed on the New York Stock Exchange
(the "NYSE") or any other stock exchange, the Company measures the independence
of its Board of Directors under the independence standards of the NYSE. Under
these standards, the Board of Directors believes that Ms.
Source: HUDSON VALLEY HOLDIN, DEF 14A, April 12, 2007
Singer and Messrs. Mulrow, Gioffre and Holcombe would meet the standards of
independence for board members required for companies listed on the NYSE. The
Board considered the banking relationship that exists between HVB and Ms. Singer
and Messrs. Mulrow, Gioffre and Holcombe in determining each directors'
independence. Since these banking products and services are provided in the
normal course of business and are available on the same basis as to customers in
general, the Board concluded

Anonymous said...


In theory, if you want public corruption addressed, you must first contact the FBI to investigate before anyone in the Federal Prosceutor's office can address the complaint.

It you find that the FBI is not doing its job, you can then file a complaint with the Office of the Inspector General of the Department of Justice.

For those of you who already have the documentation of you contact and dealings with the FBI, you might want to forward that information to the OIG.

I see that this blog refers you to the Office of Professional Responsibility at the DOJ, but the OIG is supposed to investigate crimes by the department and individuals it is responsible for.

Civilian Complaints
The U.S. Attorney’s Office is primarily a litigating office and not an investigative office. Almost all the complaints we receive request we investigate some allegation. We either refer those complaints to one of the investigating agencies or we return the complaint with instructions to go to one of those agencies. A list of those agencies, with appropriate links, appears below. Your complaint will be more efficiently processed if you go directly to the most appropriate agency listed below.


Civil Rights Abuses FBI - Manhattan

Public Corruption Federal Inspectors General

Justice, Department of
The Honorable Glenn Fine, Inspector General

Main Phone Number: (202) 514-3435
Mailing Address: 950 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W.; Suite 4322, Washington, D.C. 20530
Hotline Number: (800) 869-4499


Report Violations of Civil Rights
or Civil Liberties

The Office of the Inspector General (OIG) investigates allegations of fraud, waste, abuse, and misconduct by Department of Justice employees, contractors, and grantees. The OIG is an independent entity within the Department of Justice that reports to both the Attorney General and Congress on issues that affect the Department's personnel or operations.

The OIG has jurisdiction over all complaints of misconduct against Department of Justice employees, including the Federal Bureau of Investigation; Drug Enforcement Administration; Federal Bureau of Prisons; U.S. Marshals Service; Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives; United States Attorneys Offices; and employees who work in other Divisions or Offices in the Department of Justice. (The one exception is that allegations of misconduct by a Department attorney or law enforcement personnel that relate to the exercise of the attorney's authority to investigate, litigate, or provide legal advice are the responsibility of the Department's Office of Professional Responsibility.)

Section 1001 of the USA Patriot Act, signed into law by the President on October 26, 2001, directs the Inspector General to review information and receive complaints alleging abuses of civil rights and civil liberties by Department of Justice employees. The OIG has created a special section in its Investigations Division to process these complaints. This section will identify the more serious civil rights and civil liberties allegations and assign them to OIG employees for investigation. The OIG will refer other complaints to Department components for their review and handling.

Individuals who believe that a Department of Justice employee or contractor has violated their civil rights or civil liberties may contact the OIG by mail:

Civil Rights & Civil Liberties Complaints
Office of the Inspector General
U.S. Department of Justice
950 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W.
Room 4706
Washington, D.C. 20530

Online: Reporting Form

Hotline: (contact information in English and Spanish): (800) 869-4499

or Hotline Fax: (202) 616-9898

Anonymous said...

OCA'S OIG is protective, corrupt and this branch separate from those agencies like the FBI etc. and are they interested in REALLY investigating the FBI?
I am curious that we are just being informed that this OIG should be contacted and considered.
Are you close to this entity and certain they will act fairly and independently?
This is a Bush administration creation...when tons of NY state corruption actually erupted!
So it seems that the FBI and OCA took off in very negative directions, when this agency of accountability surfaces.
You can certainly understand skeptics who have been everywhere in the United States.... with NO results for the past 9 yrs...just wondering why this appears today!

Anonymous said...

First of all, I am certainly not an expert on these things, but from what I gather, there are many "Offices of Inspector General" for different government agencies and departments. The OIG for the OCA, is totally useless. I have dealt with Spatz and she whitewashed a substainated complaint I had against a court employee.

I have been repeatedly victimized by the courts, all the way through the Court of Appeals, and more than once. I learned long ago that a complaining to the FBI was a waste of time. I called downtown and spoke to the agent in charge of public corruption for the region and gave him specific information,and asked if it were not something the FBI would be able to investigate. I know the difference between substantive legal issues and people who complain because they think they've been wronged. The agent said that the information I gave him was significant enough that he would call the local office handling the complaint (Westchester) to see why it wasn't being addressed. He said he would call back the next day and let me know the status. I called him for the next three days, and he never got back to me. I'm not a rocket scientist, but I know that when you're not called back, it is because the fix is in and they are not going to do anything. That was four years ago.

Without getting into particulars, as there are many who read and post here who know me, I have once again come across information of public corruption in the courts of the 2nd Department. I have previously asked the NYS AG to investigate specific instances of public corruption which I provided the evidence for, only to have them reject it outright. After reading the posts to this thread on complaints to the FBI, and what I have again found, I looked up what the function of the Federal Prosecutor for the New York Southern District is. That's where I found the information on the FBI being the investigative agency for public corruption. I sort of knew this before. The prosceutor's office takes the evidence that the FBI collects and then prosecutes from there.

Obviously, the FBI is not interested in investigating a lot of this for whatever their reasons are, (which I think we all know what they are).

I have no idea if this OIG is going to do anything, but since many have posted that they have made complaints to the FBI and have not gotten anywhere, the only place to go with this seems to be the OIG of the DOJ.

I'm in enough trouble right now or I would make another complaint to the FBI and then follow it up. When I get out of the jam I'm in right now, that is what I'm planning on doing.

Anyway, the OCA and it's OIG, Spatz, are different from the Federal DOJ and it's OIG.

It is the Federal government that is supposed to make sure that Federally guaranteed rights are protected, even if it is the state that is denying them.

Anonymous said...

To 6:04 Saint Andrew only does his duty as Patron Saint of Crooked Lawyers and Judges. Have you sent your complaint to this site? Did you believe the lies about our courts you learned in school or watching TV? Brave New World. Pray that Saint Andrew fails his supplicants and that he protects the people.

Anonymous said...

Tony Scarpino is mobster, Frank Streng is one of his button men and the infamous Hudson Valley Bank was started by a Yonkers bookmaker. So what's new?

Anonymous said...

Would that Tony Scarpino, also be the ex-FBI agent? Surrogate Court Judge/Acting Supreme Court Justice/Head of the Matrimonial Parts, Westchester County?
That Tony Scarpino?

Anonymous said...

I am very much aware that there are many OIG'S in government and that the OIG-OCA blend with each other in an attached entity... esp in attempting to fool people into believing that this OIG is independent in it's very laughable in spawning that tale!
The OIG'S have been given a very impressive name...almost sounding as if contacting them requires special permission from the Chief Judicial Judge or US President!
Will they work for the agencies they were selected to hold accountable..probably not..because they are dummy setups to discourage and intimidate citizens who validly hold complaints, but fear the extreme and official steps of OFFICE OF THE INSPECTOR GENERAL!!
I went to the OIG-OCA on the sound union dues paid advice of the CSEA officials in Albany (HYSTERICAL because of the collusion that exists between them both) which in turn became my personal demise. CSEA allowed me to sink completely and they told cost us too much money to defend... to be understood as...we are use your dues to play not fight!
OCA'S "scary' OIG took my written request with no OCA issues about me ever submitted , supported with lots of my proof, to investigate WNY discrimination and hostility in Buffalo City Court and then turned it into an investigation about me.... exclusively.
Townsend then unethically solicited false statements(criminal) from female employees that had proven deficiencies and connections to Townsend herself, and then her and her administration assistant encouraged them to lie under oath.... using the stories that I submitted about them with more enhanced details, to be sure that I would be terminated using my complaints to destroy me!
Townsend encouraged this bizzare and heavily OCA influenced public humilitation of a infantile and illegal event to destroy my original accusations and create a situation that would (kill) my 30 yr employment and destroy my personal and long time work reputation in the legal community, all in the vein to detract from the serious crimes that still exist at Buffalo City!
My case against OCA was fueled exclusively by my participation in the removal of Judge AP LORUSSO!
Promotions and job security were Townsend's bribe and the perjury committed was OCA protected!
I will not participate in any investigation which I believe is not new and sanctioned by the Obama administration .... since the Bush policies afforded OCA the sense that any citizen could be violently destroyed without any recourse to stop or report it!

Thanks for the information...but my trust is diminished for all sources that don't check out as tried successfully or recently been established as part of a determined form for government cleansing!

Anonymous said...

Townsend did that to you, sounds just like Maziarz, except this is the fourth time it has happened and why do his friends seem to be connected, wotaszek, flynn(ex us attorney) my issue is I did not sleep with Maziarz friends, if you do not partake in their incestuous,orgy, drunken friends then you are not in the click and they will get those that did partake in mentatally & sexually behavior, people they have something on to tell lies about you


Anonymous said...

If our court systems are failing and where are our senators?
what are they doing about this?

Anonymous said...

it appears the OIG should be located within our FBI office,
that may help stop this abuse a
and get rid of the Attorney Grievance Committee's, they should only be there for free information as to whether are lawyers are lying and tell us what to do

Anonymous said...

they make people afraid to retain lawyers, even if they find the right lawyer, will they set up the judge AGAIN!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

There is a fantastic article appearing in the Stanford Law Review in April 2008, entitled "The Rise and Fall of the WASP and Jewish Law Firm" appearing at

This articles proves through clear and well reasoned analysis as to how WASP Lawyers, Law Firms, and their stranglehold on the Practice of Law used to drive out, push out, extort, punish, denigrate, exclude, run out, and pressure Jewish Lawyers and Law Firms out of the Business of Law. The only difference is, the WASPs were generally more polite and understated about this behavior.

When the Jews started making inroads into the profession, and started to dominate it, they did the same thing - only they are now doing it in a more brazen and open manner, analagous to the Italian Mafia which used violence, guns, fists, violence, threats, and intimidation to keep small businesses and competitors out of the businesses they were trying to dominate.

This Jewish Lawyer Mafia of the New York Disciplinary Committee and the New York County Lawyers Association ("NYCLA") Fee Dispute Program located at 14 Vesey Street, New York, New York 10007, supposedly paid for with US Tax Dollars, operates as a type of "Jewish Mafia," with 95% of its Staff and "Arbitrators" being made up of Jewish-American Lawyers in New York, who always bail out their own kind, their friends, and politically connected allies, while damning to hell, even in the face of overwhelming evidence, those poor hapless New York Attorneys who do not belong to those "favored" groups (minority attorneys, lawyers from small non-connected law firms, Arab and Muslim lawyers, anyone brown, and not Jewish, a WASP, or from a Big Law Firm). 

Additionally, this NYCLA Fee Dispute Program acts to bankrupt and force those nonfavored Attorneys and Law Firms in New York City to pay out HUGE refunds to Clients when those fees are totally and completely EARNED, thus forcing those Attorneys to FIND this money and pay it back to the Client, often even if the Client wins the case or was successful.

But this rarely, if ever, happens to the "favored" ones at all. 

You see, this is a little "club," and if you are not part of it, you will be crushed by it.

Currently, right now, New York State Senator John Sampson is investigating the New York Departmental Disciplinary Committee, First Department, located at 61 Broadway, in Manhattan, New York, and has held major Hearings on this issue on June 8, 2009, as well as looking into the State Judiciary for corruption and the targeting of minorities and use of the these agencies, such as the DDC and the Fee Dispute Committee by jealous competitors and their allies as well, bringing in nearly 20 Witnesses to testify as to this "Jewish Mafia Cabal," which is acting to destroy the integrity of fair competition, engaging in extortion and blackmail, is unfairly punishing good and honest Attorneys and their businesses, and is acting as an Economic Assassination Squad by, and for, the Jewish legal community against minority and small law firm Attorneys to literally push them out of the business, squelch healthy competition, and crush anyone who dares to compete with their established strangle hold on the business of Law in the State and City of New York.

While the Italian Mafia used violence, guns, and physical intimidation to muscle out their competition, extort small businesses, and rule by fear in the Garbage/Sanitation business, or Construction for example, this Jewish Lawyer Mafia uses Corrupt Lawyers/Arbitrators, Unfair Licensing Boards, Corrupt Ethics Boards, and Corrupt Judges and Committee Members to accomplish the same thing in the Legal Profession, ie, to muscle out their competition, extort small businesses, and rule by fear. It's the same principle, as these people grew up together in the Lower East Side of Manhattan starting in the 1920s.

Anonymous said...

that is it, that is all our issues
that is why these lawyers and judges will protect each other, even when they themselves have been set up...........
everybody expects a bit of corruption but this is getting ridiculous
I hope the judges turn all of them in!

Anonymous said...

I guess they didn't realize trying to rule by fear may make some people tell them to stick it!

Anonymous said...

does Senator Sampson need my name?
I am more than happy to help!

Anonymous said...

sounds like we need the Italian Mafia to help Sampson!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

it appears
"how-we do-we screw-them stein"
forgot the 11 commandments

"11. someday I may have to return the favor"

Anonymous said...

After many years I have come to the realization that lawyers really work for their brother attorneys - read Judge - and you the client pay them - isn't that a good deal - and the best part is that you get ripped off totally! Hey, the attorneys have a great business model don't they?

Anonymous said...

To 4:29 AM.....your are so on the money! Your reasoning and information are exactly the reasons that OCA NYC put 2 Jewish administrators in the 8th district...Townsend and Isenberg!
The 8th district has very few Jewish judges...less than 6.... and the rest peacefully practice to make money as attys who have side real estate businesses etc!
OCA desired to clean out the 8th of integrity and independence and knew these 2 Jewish lawyer administrators could "handle" the prominent ethnic groups of Italians,Polish and Irish who have run the judicial system here for 60 plus years!
The actions of these 2 people were not an accident, but rather a method employed by NYC Jews(Kaye et al) to overtake the christian conservative and large 8th judicial district for a corruption that would be controlled by the Jews in NYC.
This above assessment and story was a result of an investigation by outside sources conducted recently to uncover why 2 Jews..unknown to many court workers..where almost no Jews are employed....have suffered unbelievable harm at their hands...with no logicical purpose!
The administrative assistant...who is Jewish.. had his job influenced by his synagogue and a prominant Jewish lawyer...per a connection in NYC!
Many Jews in this area are respectable and would cringe at this investigation and commentary...but I must inform everyone of the truth that was presented to me by non-biased reveal the judicial plan of some errant Jews in NY state!
Like this or not...these 2 have destroyed anyone who aligned themselves with and ex-Arab employee, as well as anyone who has aligned themselves with any non-Arab person associated with that well as any third party associated with the non-Arab....connected to the Arab..whew!
This is an investigated fact and for the record not my personal feelings about any Jew or any ethnic I see the person and not the nationality in accepting a friend or acquaintance!

It may be the desire of someone of the Jewish faith to inquire about this situation and gather those who wish to perserve their faith and reputations...and work to figure out how their religion can counsel these members with Godly grace!
This was not meant to offend any Jew, but rather determine why the FEW powerful Jews running NY not want all groups represented and ethics a priority!

Anonymous said...

Too funny.

The references to mafia.

There is a brazen club for all the italian lawyers in New York.

Columbian Lawyers Association is an organization for lawyers of American Italian ancestry. Provides continuing legal education for members of the Bar.

It is a discriminatory organization, as you can only be a member if you are italian, yet judges belong to this discriminatory organization in violation of their ethics.

How can members like Scarpino and the like be objective when their fellow Columbian members are before them?

Anonymous said...

Scarpino can't be objective and everybody knows that but they keep their mouths shut because they don't want to commit professional suicide and by the way everyone knows that it's not just Westchester

Anonymous said...

To July 19, 2009 11:18 PM OCA did the same thing to me, they turned my accusations about another employee who I reported was commiting a felony while working his job into hearsay allegations against me. OCA INSPECTOR GENERALS OFFICE IS NOT TO BE TRUSTED. THE DA`S OFFICE IS NOT TO BE TRUSTED AS WELL.

Anonymous said...


Do I smell conspiracy?

Anonymous said...

The whole FREAKING State of NY can't be trusted!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow...(77) COMMENTS on this story.. and they're still coming..That says ALOT!!!!!

Eliot Bernstein said...

These Clowns are ALL Frauding the Courts and once you prove the Conflicts and Violation of their own rules, see what happens below, which is all good if you can re-establish truth, justice, american way.
Fraud On The Court By An Officer Of The Court ~ State and Federal

Who is an "officer of the court"? A judge is an officer of the court, as well as are all attorneys. A state judge is a state judicial officer, paid by the State to act impartially and lawfully. A federal judge is a federal judicial officer, paid by the federal government to act impartially and lawfully. State and federal attorneys fall into the same general category and must meet the same requirements. A judge is not the court. People v. Zajic, 88 Ill.App.3d 477, 410 N.E.2d 626 (1980).

What is "fraud on the court"? Whenever any officer of the court commits fraud during a proceeding in the court, he/she is engaged in "fraud upon the court". In Bulloch v. United States, 763 F.2d 1115, 1121 (10th Cir. 1985), the court stated "Fraud upon the court is fraud which is directed to the judicial machinery itself and is not fraud between the parties or fraudulent documents, false statements or perjury. ... It is where the court or a member is corrupted or influenced or influence is attempted or where the judge has not performed his judicial function --- thus where the impartial functions of the court have been directly corrupted."

"Fraud upon the court" has been defined by the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals to "embrace that species of fraud which does, or attempts to, defile the court itself, or is a fraud perpetrated by officers of the court so that the judicial machinery can not perform in the usual manner its impartial task of adjudging cases that are presented for adjudication." Kenner v. C.I.R., 387 F.3d 689 (1968); 7 Moore's Federal Practice, 2d ed., p. 512, ¶ 60.23. The 7th Circuit further stated "a decision produced by fraud upon the court is not in essence a decision at all, and never becomes final."

What effect does an act of "fraud upon the court" have upon the court proceeding? "Fraud upon the court" makes void the orders and judgments of that court.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone ever read 42 U.S.C. Chapter 21, subchaper I, sec. 1983-1986?
Interesting reading.

Anonymous said...

To 10;12 Laws are meaningless, if the courts will not enforce them. The evil in our courts triumphs because the media refuses to report it and our AG lacks the character necessary to be an honest man.

To Elliot said...

The AIG policies that were issued to non existant companies... What was that all about??

Anonymous said...

we know they are committing fraud in our courts, our records etc but who is supposed to stop it...
what lawyer or judge can anyone trust?

Anonymous said...

I know where my AG is as the FBI said to have my attorneys investigated, that is right, they said they were friends of Townsend!
does appear to be the issue, are you supposed to ask a lawyer if they believe in Christ and if they sleep with any of the dirtballs in this town, what are the questions were are supposed to ask a potential lawyer?

Anonymous said...

Well let's see...

How do they run their scams..

They pretend to have binding authority to settle when they do not...

They do not keep their clients informed... and when they are inclined to steal they create fraudulent documents to do so....

They violate attorney client privilege, and quietly play for the other side...

Hmmmm... I'll have to think about this one...

Anonymous said...

do you think it is possible, spending many years in family court listening to the most deraigned, can derainge your own is possible......
the worst of our offenders are those that have been offended..
psychiatric examinations are a must for our judges,

Anonymous said...

to anonymouse at907 who do you report that behavior to, certainly is not the AG OR THE FBI.....
let's put dirty judges in charge of dirty lawyers so they can get away with it.........let us throw in a few AG's and does it include our FBI?

Anonymous said...

dirty lawyers and judges..
don't forget blatantly lie and falsify information to the jury, because you can try to discredit you client and who is going to tell,
make sure there is no stenographer,
alter medical information
and then tell your client
"you were given no choice"
oops I forgot
then make sure the jury happens to be friends with your enemies and make sure they lie to other jurors..............
do not forget those tactics!

Anonymous said...

There are corrupt and not corrupt in all walks... The problem seems to be ... discerning with precision who they are....

Heck pretend reformers will set you up..

We must be ever vigilant and true....

Anonymous said...

make sure they are not allowed to see their legal file pre or post trial...........

Anonymous said...

discerning with precision who they are......seems to be the real issue!
how do you know who is getting the most favors for harming others!

Anonymous said...

Why align yourself with someone who wants favor for harming others???

Anonymous said...

I would think somewhere down the line you will be the cost/price he or she is willing to pay...

Anonymous said...

In West. Co. the S/S is alive and well - Scarpino/Streng run the Surrogate Court. Frank Streng/McCarthy Finger LLP have a cocktail party for the DA Janet at their offices. Would anyone like to attend?

Anonymous said...

Townsend's buy off is not and power are her drugs...she and her husband have loads of paper(cash)!

The real cleanup of this court dilemma is going to be the peopLE OF NY STATE coming together enmasse...and protesting...which is what will get the media's attention, as they know very, very well from receiving valid paperwork relative to court destruction, that outlines the damage emphatically... and the FBI...possessing documents to direct them to an investigation....and both spitting at the taxpayer/citizens for begging them to check it!


The 1960's changed many things that still exist today. We must go back to that era and revamp those methods to strike out at court corruption and make sure that our voices are heard forcefully and peacefully...if it can work!

The CITIZENS must take responsible for correction as it appears that those who are employed and paid by us to do so..... are afraid, purchased or lazy.... so doing what we demand civilly and orderly is being ignored, whitewashed and proliferating!

This present state of judicial corruption has left this entire state to brutally endure harm from high levels of acceptable untouched constitutional government accountability!

Change is necessary and change is NOW!

Anonymous said...

I filed with the CJC against Anthony Scarpino and had contact with Robert Tembeckjian. It was a feel good con job. He was so sorry, there was nothing. Judge Scarpino approaches things from the point of view of how he wants things to come out. Then he does what has to do to make it happen. When you analyze and study his pattern of actions it's all very clear. He is a truly evil person who happens to currently occupy the Surrogate Court Judgeship. However, there is hope he is forced to run for re-election next year. Can Scarpino fix that election too!

Anonymous said...

this is disgusting most of this had to do with protecting evil....

three cheers for the red white and blue..........

three cheers for the hooker that ble*
for that slu* might be somebody's daughter
so use them while you can
they pay you back, they pay you back they pay you baaack!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Tony Scarpino goes to church on Sunday with his family and they say he's an honest man. I say don't believe it. This son of Mt Vernon is as crooked as a corkscrew. LOL from Mt Vernon Tony Boy! Enjoy, every dog has his day!

Anonymous said...

Would love to see Tembeckjian before a Grand Jury...WHEN?

Anonymous said...

operatives in court houses,
could they have operatives whereever paperwork in stored,
possibly hospitals where they also can alter paperwork easily and without your knowledge........
anything to try to discredit you!

Anonymous said...

this all sounds like a wonderful novel, does anyone know a writer of non-fiction?

Anonymous said...

should we call it
"Prostitutes in our courtrooms"

Anonymous said...

I"ve got a better title...."The Holey Robe'...The story of the NY State Court System.
This fits for the backstabbing, the semen gathering and the $5000 never spent caring for the tatered gowns!
This is a book I have had on the shelf since the 90's waiting for my judicial "horror" to end...but my book appears to have developed into an action packed set of sequels!

Anonymous said...

the horely robes!

Anonymous said...

Just heard about a big corruption story in New Jersey. The FBI & IRS are busy arresting people. So when are they coming to New York? Jersey is corrupt but New York is more corrupt!

when pigs fly said...

Surrogate Scarpino acts as if he is a traffic cop, directing the victims to his minions like Keltz et al. Scarpino is running a tag team match that morphs to the shell game practiced in what passes for 'our' court system.

Bill's Buying Drinks ! said...

Good Grief Griffin has been screwing Hudson Valley bank for 30 years!! I know, I've seen it. Griffin robbed Bob Abplanalp blind, and tells everyone he controls John & Marie. Do everyone a favor: "expose" Griffin, and send him away...jail, retirement, corner bar...whatever....

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous at July 20, 2009 4:19 AM:

The comparison of the Italian Mafia to the Jewish Mafia is absurd and insulting - the Jewish Mafia destroyed the Italian Mafia in the 1990s using their Sicilian messenger boy Rudolph Giuliani and their cabal of corrupt judges, district attorneys, FBI investigators, etc. that the Jewish Mafia collects like so many nickels in their pocket.

The Italian Mafia were just stupid blue collar workers while the Jewish Mafia always devoted their time to study, and became lawyers, judges, doctors, accountants, hedge fund owners, investment bankers, and real estate moguls.

Italians just made pizza, did construction, and ran the restaurant and garbage business.

The Jewish Mafia eliminated their competition for control of New York in the 1990s by using their bought and paid for court-cabal and are now the UNDISPUTED KINGS OF NEW YORK, with no real Italian power left to speak of to stand in their way to greater and more unlimited power, wealth, and political influence.

They own us all like farm animals.

The Jewish Mafia uses the pen, briefcase, corrupt judges and court personnel, and get away with everything a lot smoother than the Italian Mafia ever could, having humorously used an Italian to do it (Rudolph Giuliani when he was the US Attorney of New York).

And they are STILL in power in New York, and rule it with an iron fist, all helped and assisted by the New York FBI and the New York Judicial and political machinery.

Everyone who lives in New York knows this.

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