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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Presiding Justice Gonzalez Asked to Shut Down Manhattan's Corrupt "ethics" Committee

The Presiding Justice of the New York State Supreme Court, Appellate Division, First Department, the Honorable Luis A. Gonzalez, has been asked to shut down the corrupt "ethics" committee in Manhattan...... Here's the letter which will be delivered to the court before noon on Monday, July 6, 2009 (U.S. Express Mail #EW253855700US):

Integrity in the Courts
“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” (Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.)

July 4, 2009

The Honorable Luis A. Gonzalez
Presiding Justice, Appellate Division, 1st Dept. 
27 Madison Avenue 
New York, New York 10010

RE: Call for Immediate Action to Address Systemic Corruption at the Manhattan
Attorney ‘Ethics’ Committee, the Departmental Disciplinary Committee (the “DDC”)

Dear Judge Gonzalez:

Your appointment as Presiding Justice of the Appellate Division, 1st Department, has renewed the promise of hope to the great people of New York and, indeed, the many beyond our borders. Scores of people- attorneys, judges, litigants and just regular people- seek the restoration of a broken faith in their judicial branch of government. You, it is respectfully submitted, Judge Gonzalez, have the sole authority to immediately address the long-practiced and improper actions of the DDC.

We request that you immediately suspend all DDC activity until such time that you have appointed a special panel to fully investigate, and report to you, recommendations for the correction of the gross failings at the DDC, and for new leadership with integrity so the DDC may return to its stated mission.

To be specific, it is requested that you direct the immediate closure of the DDC offices on the 2nd floor at 61 Broadway in Manhattan, and that you direct that the locks be changed-- just like the Presiding Justice of the Appellate Division, 1st Department, did in January of 1989 amid a list of corrupt practices in and about the DDC. (Please see the attached, The Murphy Report, dated January 31, 1989)

Barely one month ago in Albany, on June 8, 2009, New York State Senator John L. Sampson held the first of numerous planned public hearings on the corruption that exists in and about the four statewide Appellate Division attorney ethics oversight committees. The videotaped testimony reveals a startling series of allegations specifically involving the DDC: (a) the existence of dozens of complaints that have been “white-washed”; (b) horrifying acts of retaliation by DDC superiors to chill certain individuals, including respected attorneys; (c) an 80-year-old Holocaust Survivor who had to wait over ten years to see any action on her DDC complaint; (d) a woman who has been ignored and procedurally defrauded by the DDC after her lawyer, who was recorded on tape wanting sex in return for a favorable outcome in court, was found to be one of the “protected” Manhattan attorneys, and who even boasted of his juice with sitting Associate Justices of the 1st Department; (e) the violation of Judiciary Law where non-court personnel- policy committee members- are provided with confidential case material; (f) the mathematical impossibility that attorneys from large law firms are never held accountable by the DDC; and (g) the outrageous presumption by the current DDC leadership that if a complaintant, or complaining family member, is incarcerated or a member of a minority, then any complaint to the DDC is automatically void of sufficient grounds for any legitimate disciplinary inquiry.

We invite you to review Senator Sampson’s June 8th hearing. In a Google search, enter “Corrupt Courts” – click:; and view Part 1 and Part 2 in the upper right corner.

The evidence is clear: the DDC is corrupt. The growing outcry, volume of lawsuits and complaints from every corner of this state represents the serious condition of wholesale corruption and lawlessness by those charged with “ethics oversight.” The time for action is now, and the most capable person is you. We respectfully request that you take immediate, and public, action.

Our two-year-long research has revealed a troubling state court “ethics” oversight structure that is itself corrupt. We have documented dozens of examples where the law, attorneys, litigants, state employees and, in fact, judges have been targeted for annihilation simply because of a political whim or the vengeful, misguided desires of a few. Conversely, we have evidence of many outrageous and criminal acts by certain individuals within and about the state court system that have been substantively ignored for no other reason than their favored position or political affiliation.

We also ask that you publicly support the New York State Senate hearings as started on June 8th.

True “ethics oversight” must be restored, and the current system of destruction and cover-up must end.  We are confident that future generations will echo our gratitude of your restoration of our faith in our government and in our system of law.

Very truly yours,

Frank N. Brady
Integrity in the Courts
347-632-9775 (tel)


retired ad1 CO said...

To be sure, Judge Gonzalez inherited a mess. Only recently has he been made aware of how dirty the DDC has become. I bet he does something- he's a good guy, I hear. And that Murphy Report- wow. I never knew the DDC had a history of chaos and dirty dealing.

I'll be PRAYING said...

Wow..I'm speechless after reading that letter to Judge Luis A. Gonzalez..I sure hope he does the right thing and shuts the DDC down..He'll be my HERO for life!!!

Anonymous said...

Does anyone have the telephone number for Judge Gonzalez?

I want to call and let them know that I support his closure of unethical so-called ethics committee that is run by a bunch of dirty people.

Anonymous said...

I hope we're going to be dancing in the streets real soon. Wow, would I love to see each and every one of these bums walking out of 61 Broadway with handcuffs on..Smile for the Camera's!!!

Waiting Patiently said...

I can't wait to see the response I get from Judge Gonzales, regarding my letter I sent to him last week. I wonder what's going to happen next!!!

Anonymous said...

Should we hold our breaths for this to happen?

i'm praying also said...

Please remember that not everyone who works at the DDC is corrupt. There are some good, honest people that work there. Unfortunately, the good people are under the rule of Cohen and Friedberg-- two of the most dishonest attorneys in New York State. My daughter works at the DDC, and she's not a lawyer. She prays everyday that someone of authority would ask her what is really going on in their office. Maybe that person is Judge Gonzalez. I hope so.

So please, please remember that not every employee at the DDC is a bad person.

Randy from Manhattan said...

If PJ Murphy had the balls to shut down a corrupt DDC ethics oversight committee 20 years ago, Gonzalez should do the same because there is a lot more at stake these days. Aren't the lawyers and their ethics behind the financial disaster we're all now living?

Abe Lincoln said...

"America will never be destroyed from the outside.
If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves."

-- Abraham Lincoln
(1809-1865) 16th US President

Anonymous said...

I just called to speak to Judge Gonzalez, to voice my support of closing the DDC cesspool.

THE PHONE NUMBER IS 212-340-0400

(Whatever you do, don't talk to the clerk John McConnell-- he's one of the whitewashing hacks)

Just ask to be switched to Judge Gonzalez's chambers. They're nice people there.

Anonymous said...

I am stunned. I just watched the first video of Senator Sampson's hearing on June 8. The actions discussed are criminal !

Now that Judge Gonzalez has been made formally aware of CRIMINAL activity at the DDC, he MUST take immediate action. I agree: CHANGE THE LOCKS.

Eliot Bernstein Iviewit Patentgate said...

Hey, what about Iviewit and stolen patents and fraud on the US Patent Office and related to Anderson and Trillion Dollar federal case and Steven C. Krane caught violating public office and Judith Kaye's husband involved with the firm Proskauer who has stolen their client Eliot Bernstein's technologies and who Anderson points to in her Original Complaint, etc? Oh yeah, Gonzalez has been sued in the Iviewit case and I wonder if he has conflicts?
Speaking of conflicts and somebody doing something to clean scum of NY out of Courts and Public Offices, let's also have Gonzalez deal with the growing systemic buddy buddy of the NYAG with the First Dept and Proskauer's control over both agencies that got everyone in these federal messes and lawsuits with massive Trillion + Dollar liabilities to the State of New York. For a sampling of how the First Dept crimes go unregulated by the NYAG Public Integrity try this linkage of letter to Steven Michael Cohen, Counselor and Chief of Staff for Andrew Cuomo @ New York Office of the Attorney General

Anonymous said...

Wasn't Judge Gonzalez appointed by the troublemakers? Let us all see if he is a baby listening only to the other kids in his classroom or if his an adult paying caution to the public.

Mad Inventor said...

A small suggestion to the oversight of the blog. While attempting to expose bad things to public officials, many webs now use form letters to officials that can be e'd to them and copied to the sender for follow up. A great sample for copying would be

Letters can be modified to fit each story by the sender and the blog can also use it's data to keep pressure on the handling of the letters and complaints.

Best ~ The guy who changed the Internet from text based to rich media.

Mad Inventor said...

sorry - here is the full link

Mad Inventor said...

ok the blog cannot handle the linkage in one shot (work on that webdude) so i broke in2

Anonymous said...

Judge Gonzalez needs to interview each and every employee at the DDC. After he picks himself up off the floor from the shock of what's going on there, he'll change the locks.

And in fairness, the poor people that have had to put up with the corrupt DDC bosses should be given a break- they deserve to get the summer off with full pay. Cohen and Friedberg should just be put behind bars, for safe keeping. Maybe in the same cell.

Yes, folks, what Cohen and Friedberg are doing is criminal. No other way to describe it.

Anonymous said...

Shouldn't the federal government be involved in this? You look a Madoff's and Drier's lawyers and you really have to wonder if there has ever been any oversight of meaning over lawyers.

Anonymous said...

Where is Saint Andrew, Patron Saint of crooked lawyers and judges. Think of his agony: who should he help the people or the crooked lawyers?

Anonymous said...

Cuomo has already chosen...he represents the corrupt NY state judicial system and their rogue and abusive attys in affiliation. He and his AG'S office are well aware that OCA and said attys's are lying and doing so under oath....but they apparently view their job and the law that they must uphold this manner...if you learn your client is a criminal and lying under oath ...go with it and gather their lies while pretending you are overwhelmed with work from their state mandated understaffing...and then just delusionally accept that you are busily unaware.

I know...I am dealing with this situation at the moment and there is no way this AG is not in any way clueless.... as he has heard OCA employees describe horror stories about upstate courthouses. Still Cuomo's office does not force even one settlement talk, but continues to pursue the stale and empty lies OCA brought about 4 1/2 yrs ago... as they pretend the truth will evade the public even with documents now in evidence!

Never going to happen OCA and matter what FEDERAL COURT determines...the facts are with me and they will be printed with proof, as your case will be revealed as the setup it always was.

Foget Cuomo and any state agency coming to rescue the NY judicial system...they are connected in blood and money and salvation is not their goal...cover-ups and continuations are the standard....and the only processes in motion.

P. Stephen Lamont, CEO - Iviewit Technologies, Inc. said...

The situation in New York will never right itself absent Federal intervention.

Galison said...

To "I'm Praying also",

I agree that there are some "good people" at the DDC, but that characterization must be qualified.

Really good people would be collecting evidence: scanning papers and wiring themselves for recording- constructing the most lock tight case in history against the DDC and their clients.

Anything less than that is only "good" in the same sense as the "good" functionaries that work for mafia bosses or dictators.

If you know some of these good people, advise them to collect evidence. It may take some years off their sentences down the line.

galison said...

Don't put Friedberg and Cohen in the same cell. They might breed.

galison said...

Don't put Friedberg and Cohen in the same cell. They might breed.

OH NO!!!!! said...

Hey, wait a minute..I just got done reading the Murphy Report..Michael Gentile, Esq. was the Chief Counsel of the DDC when it was shut down back in 1989. Oh No, that's the same Michael Gentile of Gentile & Godosky..Richard Godosky's the guy who's representing Allen H. Isaac, Esq. regarding my grievance complaint at the DDC. (2005.3074). Someone once told me that Godosky is a force never to be reckoned with!!!!!!

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