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Monday, July 13, 2009

More Shady Shenanigans in Brooklyn Courts

Audit reveals shady shenanigans in Brooklyn courts
The New York Daily News by Barbara Ross - July 6, 2009

Brooklyn's scandal-plagued court system gets a new black eye in a scathing audit that found the borough's public administrator's office riddled with "mismanagement and laziness." The city controller's office uncovered shoddy recordkeeping, suspicious real estate deals and auctions run by a shadowy company that vanished when auditors started asking questions. "From the time my auditors began this audit, there seemed to be one startling revelation after another with regard to the lack of detail paid to the process of distributing and accounting for the estates of the deceased," Controller William Thompson said. Surrogate judges in each borough appoint a public administrator to oversee the estates of people who die without wills. Thompson's auditors found a "culture of mismanagement and laziness" in Brooklyn's public administrator office. Things were such a mess that Thompson urged all Brooklyn residents to "make out a will as soon as possible" - avoiding the risk of being bilked by the office. Sloppy record keeping made it impossible for auditors to get basic information about how many cases the office handled, who took hundreds of missing files, where checks went or how vendors were hired and paid. The audit also unearthed questionable deals handled by Premiere Asset Real Estate - a company that disappeared as soon as auditors pressed for answers on "irregular" transactions.  In September 2007, Premiere employees clipped the ends of bags of jewelry that had been inventoried, then dumped the contents into one pile, auditors found. The jewels were sold without being photographed, and auditors found no record of which estate the gems had come from. The audit also cited a December 2007 auction by Premiere of nine properties for $5.9 million.

Auditors found no closing documents or records of who bought a house at 112 Marine Walk in Saltaire on Fire Island - or how much the buyer paid for the property that an online real estate service valued at about $800,000. Another sale of a house at 1284 Ocean Parkway also "appeared irregular," auditors found. Gabriel Zetouni bought the house with a winning bid of $1.5million. He paid it off at the January 2008 closing with help from a $1.3 million check - written from the account of Coney Island developer Joseph Sitt. Zetouni then turned around and resold the property to Harold Forspan for an extra $44,313, according to the audit. Sitt could not be reached for comment on why he bankrolled Zetouni. Forspan said he is part of a limited partnership that made the second-highest bid. Zetouni "changed his mind" and flipped the property for what he had paid, plus the transfer tax, Forspan said. Brooklyn's public administrator, Bruce Stein, said the problems cited in the audit took place before he took over last summer. Stein replaced Gerard Cabrera, who left office along with a deputy, Natasha Godby. Stein said he is trying to adopt most of the auditors' recommendations.


Can't stop laughing said...

Barbara Ross, who is married to mobster chief counsel of the Commission of Judicial Conduct, had the balls to write this article. Amazing. At least we know who has the balls in that marriage. Hey, Barbara, ask your girlfriend (aka your husband Robert Tembeckjian) if he thinks there is a little conflict here. I'm calling my contacts at the Daily News tomorrow and demanding that you be fired. Of course, your dress wearing twisted corrupt husband should be fired AND arrested ! I'll be checking my S&M tapes tonight - you two HAVE to be in my collection somewhere; can't wait to see what Bob's wearing while you whip his sorry ass.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone have a pix of BR?

Anonymous said...

2 thoughts. Ms. Ross didn't have to do much research because of her husband's connections and a lot of information she gets comes from state employed CJC workers under her husband.


Bklyn court victim said...

This is a joke. I filed complaints against 3 Judges here in Bklyn. Robert Temberjian of the CJC jerked me around. I have read on this blog that his wife is Barbara Ross. I spoke to her sometime ago, she took the details and did nothing, now I know why.

Anonymous said...

Barbara Ross: Have you revealed you're Tembeckjian's wife? Have you revealed you're a corrupt reporter? Will you enjoy your after-life in Hell with your husband? I express the opinion of all honest persons on this site: May you rot in Hell with your husband.

Anonymous said...

another shameful subversion of the public trust by all concerned including but not limited to Ms. Ross.

Anonymous said...

Forget the two-bit you-know-what, these animals are stealing and the courts are letting them get away with it. I can't believe the surrogate's courts and the public administrators are so greedy and corrupt. they should be in jail.

The Conspiracy runs very DEEP said...

Wait a minute...Is this the same Barbara Ross that covers the NEW YORK COUNTY DISTRICT ATTORNEY'S OFFICE? If so, she was contacted back in 2005, regarding a sexual assault case..I wonder if she was the woman who FOX 5 NEWS Producer Deborah Fountain was talking to..I have to go back and look in my Journal!!!

Anonymous said...

picture of barbara ross

Joseph said...

Even more strangely, my wife and I rented the top floor of the 2-family house (at 1288 Ocean Parkway) from a Mr. and Mrs. Forshpan (I assume they were Harold Forshpan's parents) back when we got married in May of '94 for a period of 3 years. Their daughter and her family occupied the first floor apartment.

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