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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Associated Press: NY Senate to Consider Lippman Nomination

NY Senate to consider Lippman nomination
The Associated Press - February 11, 2009 

ALBANY -- The state Senate is scheduled to consider the nomination of a longtime administrative judge to head New York's court system and preside at the Court of Appeals. The Senate Judiciary Committee has scheduled a confirmation hearing Wednesday for Justice Jonathan Lippman, who was nominated by Gov. David Paterson. Lippman, a midlevel appeals court judge, is the former chief administrative judge of the state's sprawling court system who worked for a decade with Chief Judge Judith Kaye on court reforms. Kaye retired Dec. 31. Paterson and several lawmakers criticized the Commission on Judicial Nomination for producing its short list of potential nominees without recommending any women.


Anonymous said...

were the Hearings Total Shams? what about the notice of the hearings?

has the blog become a grand plan of an action that keeps moving and changing without ever getting anything done? what about all the corruption issues?

Anonymous said...

Hey, anonymous. Here's my 2 cents: The corruption comes from the top, and that's why the chief judge choice is so important to cleaning the corruption.

We need hearings into how this committee did not give the notice to the public as required by law.

Anonymous said...

If you want to puke, read today's OCA planted article in the NY Times. It describes how great Lippman is. God help us.

Anonymous said...

Retired paralegal is absolutely cannot get to the massive acknowledged corruption unless and until you sever the head....esp when the head is tied to the political frenzied and unethical Albany politics and Shelly Silver!

I worked within the bowels of OCA for many, many years and I know from inside knowledge..that the snakes are crawling from the Chief Judge'S body ...and the influence it created under the terror regime of Kaye... that she tirelessly inserted throughout ALL of NY state... in her master plan to destroy the INTEGRITY AND JUSTICE within the NY courts, all so she and her cronies could benefit from the extensive power and unconscionable financial gain that such power could bring all of them for years to come.

We now see Kaye's serpentine plan in continuation, as we attempt to fight it off with the discouragement of the appointment of Lippman..or anyone else associated with the previous Kaye travesty!

Do not despair...this type of judicial corruption takes more investigations, unimaginable behind the scenes tactics, employees with knowledge, outsiders with knowledge, and the attention of those that CAN DO and DO NOT DO what they are supposed the FBI, the DOJ, all the JUDICIARY committees, the GOVERNOR, the EEOC, the OIG, the CJC...and on and on and on.

Give this blog a break but keep helping them..the time will come for full exposure...I guarantee it!

Anonymous said...

It seems that the Associated Press does not check its facts.

In order for someone to be an "administrative judge" they must first be a judge.

Lippman was only recently "elected" a judge in a rigged election.

Then he was made the head of an Appellate Court in another Department.

I want to know why the judges in the First Department just sat back and allowed this?

I always suspected that the judges (and lawyers) in this state never even read the Constitution, let alone understood it.

When they took their oaths of office, they probably recited it like it was a nursery rhyme.

Anonymous said...

This Senator Sampson from Brooklyn is a fraud who wants to get in the middle of something so he can get paid off! There were no hearing, there was no public notice what press did this have? The fix is in and Lippman takes over from "NOT ON WATCH" Judith Kaye another fixer.

Anonymous said...

Uncle Tom Sampson will now get the leftovers from Silver's Passover Seder. Uncle Tom also would appreciate your gifts of testosterone for his condition.

Anonymous said...

Minoritys are getting slamed again.
You can thank Sampson and the other on the panel
I hope voters in Sampsons are do not forget that come voting time.
I am glad all the panel names are on the site. I hope all thier names remain on the web and tied to this. This way when they run for election, they should explain this instead of the photo-op that get with minoritys so they can try to get votes. Yet do nothing for Hispanics and African Americans.

Anonymous said...

voting crimes, second oldest crime next to... the vote in america is still rigged, especially in dung infested NY political system or the NY Courts. New Yorkers now officially have no rights other than to be extorted by elitists who stole the system for crime. Time for a Pitchfork Revolution, show up on their doors with camera's and questions, force them to answer or cower away.
It was a shame to hear only a few people appeared at the hearing and were heckled battered and tattered. Gather the public and awaken the lamb to the wolf eating their young. Know the hunter waits the fox in the henhouse, the hunter that has been hunting him.
Force these clowns to the light and expose the injustice is the only way - go Frank Brady, et al.

Anonymous said...

oh yeah, lippman was allowed in by 1st dept justices because they are all named defendants with Judith Kaye in a 10+ Trillion Dollar Lawsuit in the Court of Appeals, one they are failing to disclose to public auditors the amount and seriousness of the complaint, related to an inside Whistleblower lawsuit by a former 1st Dept Attorney exposing mass whitewashing. This exposes the great state of ny to mass liability as the suit is against them, many of the courts and personnel and many law firms, ie Proskauer Rose LLP and Foley & Lardner LLP. A liability that if reported to say the Comptroller General would make Madoff look like a candy thief, in fact, making the housing crisis in total look like a small liability.
Sure they are doing anything possible before learning how to tie a noose properly. A good place for you to reflect would be the bunker of Adolph Hitler for a historical symmetry where the elitist Nazi thugs convinced themselves that they would not be tried, no one would know, the would win, as tanks rolled over their f'n sick tortured and torturing minds. Side effect of delusions of grandeur, usually when the party is nearing the bitter end.
A death sentence seems fair to put them all out of their misery for their crimes of treason and war crimes. Again, welcome to the bunker Mr. Lippman.
Eliot Bernstein
Iviewit Technologies, Inc.
Founder & Inventor

Anonymous said...

For the minorities of this state and OCA employees...the Black Judges, the Black Politicians and the Black exempt political hack employees are screwing you the most. I have seen it and I watch while many Blacks and employees take the hits...I am not judging you..just reporting to you what I have knowledge about.

The Black government workers and politicians are the most dnagerous to the Black ethnic group, and you must get together and address it before they Uncle Tom you back into slavery. Harsh but your backs in your community...that is where the discrimination is breeding.

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