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Monday, February 23, 2009

Manhattan Ethics Chairman, Roy L. Reardon, Accused of White-Washing Crimes by Attorneys

Breaking News: Manhattan Ethics Chairman, Roy L. Reardon, Accused of White-Washing Crimes by Attorneys

Appellate Division, First Department, Disciplinary Committee Chairman, Roy L. Reardon has been formally accused of the widespread covering-up of serious ethics complaints by attorneys who conduct business in the Bronx and Manhattan, according to a source close to his Lexington Avenue law firm. Mr. Reardon, of Simpson Thacher & Bartlett, was once regarded as a gentlemen with high ethical standards but, according to the source, "he has sold his soul." The source says many workers are furious that Reardon has personally allowed crimes by connected attorneys to be swept under the rug. "This animal [Reardon] has a blind eye toward sexual assaults upon woman by New York Lawyers, and he has even blanket free passes to any attorney who is politically connected."

Details on this story to be posted soon.......


Anonymous said...

No surprise here

Anonymous said...

As soon as Reardon signed on as Chairman of a corrupt group- the DDC, he signed on to a cover-up scheme that even he didn't know had gotten as bad as it did. But Reardon could have done the right thing and gone right to the FBI. But he didn't, and he deserves whatever he gets.

Anonymous said...

Please feel sorry for him. He was just following in the traditional role of all of NY's grievance committees. Why should he singled out when all are guilty?

Anonymous said...

The worst of this is that Reardon has disgraced Simpson Thacher. People are pretty upset with him. He knows better.

Anonymous said...

Surprise! Surprise! Just part of the old boys white shoes club!

Anonymous said...

Roy Reardon is hack who is a useful fool and has lots of lumps under his carpets

Anonymous said...

Oh boy, Roy Reardon must have used a PRETTY big BROOM to sweep away Luisa Esposito's sexual assaults that were done by her former lawyer Allen H. Isaac..Word has it that he's a very "POLITICALLY CONNECTED ATTORNEY".

Anonymous said...

The DDC is a cesspool/latrine and Reardon in the head attendant

Anonymous said...

Cover-up and White-Wash artist the dishonorable Roy Reardon has covered for his well connected pals, his band of brothers too long.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Reardon, I'm still waiting to hear from you regarding the three letters in which I sent to you...Still no response...Now I know why!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr.Reardon, Mr.Lippman, and Ms.Kaye, you all got alot of splaining to do.

Anonymous said...

Can someone please tell me why Allen H. Isaac, Esq. got away with it all? Was it Power, or Politics or was it knowing the right man who could pull the right strings for him?...He got away with Felony Level Sexual Abuse, Extortion, Soliciting Sex from his client, Coercion, and Blackmail..Tell me what's wrong with this picture?

Anonymous said...


I just saw the videotape of Mr. Isaac.. OMG it is soooo wrong on so many levels...

beyond the Sexual abuse... he brags about being able to make a call and influence Judges.....

and no one notices this???

Anonymous said...

If Mr. Reardon's wife, mother, sister or daughter was sexually abused, would he still be able to turn a BLIND EYE away? Probably not!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I hope this is worth waiting for.......

Anonymous said...

As a Aussie friend of someone who has been mistreated by these criminals (lawyers), it's about time the authorites acted in favor of the victims. They should go well in prison with some of their former clients.

Anonymous said...

Go from Victim to Victim - it's gotten to be a story line out here in Suffolk. Every, single woman seeking divorce has "alienated" her rich husband. It has become like a written script - each one is the same and NOBODY IS DOING ANYTYHING ABOUT IT! WOMEN ARE LOSING THEIR KIDS, BEING ABUSED BY THEIR LAWYERS, AND NOBODY GIVES A SHIT! I hope they all die a slow, painful cancer. They don't deserve anything else.

Anonymous said...

To the above Anonymous Writer @ 10:04 A.M. You're absolutely correct..He is clearly heard on that tape how he received favors from his friends on the First Appellate Division regarding the Phen-Phen case and on Esposito's case..and no one has done a damn thing about it..WOW..Isaac must have some pretty powerful JUICE!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

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