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Monday, February 2, 2009

Current Top Judge of NY State Asked to Act on Court Corruption

Today, New York State's Top Judge, The Honorable Carmen Beauchamp Ciparick, the Acting Chief Justice of the New York State Court of Appeals, was asked to publicly join state judges, attorneys, OCA employees, citizens and litigants in the call for public hearings into the widespread corruption in and about New York's court system.   

Here's the letter.......(more tomorrow........)

Integrity in the Courts
“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” (Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.)

February 2, 2009

The Honorable Carmen Beauchamp Ciparick
Acting Chief Justice of the New York Court of Appeals

RE: Call for Action on Corruption in the New York State Judiciary and Bar

Dear Judge Ciparick:

Your status as the state’s top Justice has renewed the promise of hope to the great people of New York. We loudly echo what the Hon. David Paterson said about you in November of 2007, “[Judge Ciparick] has pursued justice in accordance with the rule of law in an exemplary manner and is one of New York’s finest public servants.” Judge Ciparick, we need your immediate help and leadership in reforming the condition of avarice and corruption that exists within and about our state’s court system.

Immediately troubling is the revelation from public testimony at the January 27, 2009, NYS Senate Judiciary Committee hearing before Chairman, Senator John L. Sampson: the existence of dozens of complaints that have been “white-washed” by the Commission on Judicia Conduct, and that have resulted in tainted information produced by the CJC and sent to the Commission on Judicial Nomination.

The evidence is clear: the New York State Commission on Judicial Conduct and the statewide attorney grievance committees are irreversibly corrupt. The growing outcry, volume of lawsuits and complaints from every corner of this state represents the serious condition of wholesale corruption and lawlessness by those charged with “ethics oversight.” The time for action is now, and the most capable person is you, this state’s judicial leader. We respectfully request that you take immediate, and public, action.

Our two-year-long research has revealed a troubling state court “ethics” oversight structure that is itself corrupt. We have documented dozens of examples where the law, attorneys, litigants, state employees and, in fact, judges have been targeted for annihilation simply because of a political whim or the vengeful, misguided desires of a few. Conversely, we have evidence of many outrageous and criminal acts by certain individuals within and about the state court system that have been substantively ignored for no other reason than their favored position or political affiliation.

We have asked Senator Sampson to hold statewide, and televised, public hearings so that formal findings and recommendations may be presented to state lawmakers for appropriate action. We have commitments from current and retired New York attorneys and judges who wish to testify before him.

We ask that you publicly support the holding of public hearings, by the State Senate, into the corruption at the Commission on Judicial Conduct and the various attorney grievance committees.

True “ethics oversight” must be restored, and the current system of destruction and cover-up must end. We are confident that future generations will echo our gratitude of your restoration of our faith in our government and in our system of law.

Very truly yours,

Frank N. Brady
Integrity in the Courts
347-632-9775 (tel)


Governor David Paterson
All media outlets
All NYS Senators



Anonymous said...

Well, if Judge Ciparick's 30-plus years as a fair judge is any measure, I'm confident she'll take some action. She knows how bad things are.... She's an honorable person!!

Anonymous said...

Anyone who ever met Joe or Carmen Ciparick know well that if the state court system is ever to see a cleaning, it would only come from a chief justice like Judge Ciparick.

Anonymous said...

Anyone but Lippman. A circus clown, a dead rat. Anyone but Jonathan who will only continue the rampant corruption and abuse of the courts.

Anonymous said...

I've known Judge Ciparick since she worked at Legal Aid. I think she turns 70 in 4 or 5 years, so she could only serve for a relatively short time. But let me tell you that if put in charge of this state, Carmen Ciparick would correct 85 percent of the problems that currently exist. She has widespread experience, and was rightly moved along by Governor Cuomo. She's a beautiful person, and one fine Officer of the Court!

Anonymous said...

Once upon a time I believed that MOST judges were sincere, loyal to the Rule of Law and to the rights of the individual. Now I know that MOST ARE NOT. I only hope that Ciparik will recognize the full extent of this problem and that WE are not just a few malcontents.

Anonymous said...

Simple moral choice for Judge Ciparik: behave honorably and be so judged in life or behave to protect fellow corrupt judges. Are you respectable, decent and honest or a coward afraid to expose corrupt fellows? As you judge so shall you be judged. Your choice, rise above the corruption or slink away and hide within it. Dear God, help her to have the courage.

Anonymous said...

How many bloggers are inclined to believe that a man [Richard E. Sise] could live with his attorney wife [M. Cornelia Cahill], sleep with her, and plan their future lives together in retirement, and yet NOT KNOW that she was obtaining a large portion of her [their household] income by embezzlement from the State?

Now the husband, Richard Sise, is the presiding judge of Court of Claims, the court that is supposed to 'settle up' with those injured by the State. And his BROTHER, John Sise, is also an attorney, and also got caught embezzling from the State. Nevertheless, our Attorney General says taxpayer's money is still SAFE at the Court of Claims. AG says that Judge Sise didn't know what was going on all around him….even under his own roof. Didn't know what wife and brother were doing.

What do you bloggers say?

HERE's the story.

Anonymous said...

Ain'tnodummy, Saint Andrew is the Patron Saint of corrupt attorneys and judges. Everything Saint Andrew does is to be their Patron Saint. Are you a crooked lawyer or judge, pray to Saint Andrew; otherwise, pray to God. The Sise family believes those Japanese monkeys: we see no evil; we hear no evil and we do no harm to our family.

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't it be nice if we could just shit can all these guys and flush them out to sea? Listen to their cries growing dimmer ...and dimmer...and dimmer..............and dimmer?

Anonymous said...

I don't trust any JUDGES...if there are any honest JUDGES why don't they turn in the corrupt JUDGES??????????????

Anonymous said...

Victim of Judges, judges have the same code of silence as the mafia. That's called judicial honor and why you call them your honor.

Anonymous said...

But if the system is cleaned up, how will the payoffs be made? Something to think about....

Anonymous said...

I have learned not to trust any Judges or court personal, they are all corrupt

Anonymous said...

Come on, Carmen. Make your mark! Or just fade into the sewer with the other unremarkable hack judges.

You can do justice and the honest judges (and there are a lot!) a big favor by now standing up for something you really believe in.

Anonymous said...

I don't believe the above blog is truly from a judge. The culture is far too respectful of each other to resort to that descriptive rhetoric.
And at this time of day they are all doing their 'magic' on the bench. It would be nice to have such an ally, be S[HE] aint it.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately... ain't no dummy... lots of judges don't take the bench till 10:30 or 11:oo AM. And one of those late arrivals is now an administrative judge in WNY!
Being concerned that a judge is on the internet during work hours is A very big legal and ethical work concern for OCA...I know...they claim, after altering my computer report and usage...terminated me using said poorly crafted and crappy document.
I think I will use this blog for the lawsuit...they can check the IP number to see who wrote this. A judge using the internet on a banned blog, should assist me greatly..thanks black robe..I owe you.

Anonymous said...

Lippman is about the same age.

Ciparick may be a nice person, but when I appealed to the Court of Appeals with a case concerning fraud, misconduct and illegal activity, which occurred in every step of my case by the attorneys, judges and court personnel, she rejected it like every other judge there.

If she is another one you have to hit over the head to get her to do the right thing, what good is that?

Anonymous said...

Well, Anonymous, you must certainly NOT be referring to, perhaps, WNY administrative judge Tom VanStrydonck, because HE never arrives late [does he?] and HIS work ethic is infinitely beyond question..right??

** spits out coffee and LOL *****

Anonymous said...

anyone know if this article posted on the letter to Acting Chief Judge Ciparick was the "breaking news" from yesterday?

yes it is a very important step but was just not sure if that was it on the breaking news??

Anonymous said...

If the Commission on Judicial Conduct was improperly burying complaints against any of the judges on the list for chief judge, then the whole process is a scam.

Anonymous said...

How would you define "scam."

It seems like ab everyday practice.

Anonymous said...

I like the general description: "scam" = a dishonest scheme, a fraud.

Look up "New York Ethics Committee" in any dictionary and the first definition is the word "scam."

The dictionary I have has a picture of Robert Tembeckian, Alan Friedberg and Sherry Cohen.

Thankfully they're clothed!

Anonymous said...

HOWEVER, I believe the time is truly right to respectfully scream our collective heads off for government leaders to VICIOUSLY attack the scams....
and to CLEAN HOUSE like never before.

'We the People' have ONE ENORMOUS DEBT to pay off without having to suffer more scams like the past.


Anonymous said...

I work for the state (20+ years) and can tell you that morale is the lowest it has EVER been. It's frightening that even judges don't have faith in the NYS court system.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Anonymous for sharing the above at this moment when I really needed it. PLEASE recruit those judges to this website. They CAN do the right thing to help us. The judiciary won't get better until the truth about how sick it is is out on the table

Anonymous said...

"We're not corrupt, we're just incredibly stupid"

I just filed a complaint against Judge Lippman with the CJC. One of the many complaint points was that Lippman had refused to answer or acknowledge my hand delivered letters alleging criminal Official Misconduct by his Filing Clerk (and office thug) Ronald Uzenski.

I received a letter back from the CJC telling me that they did not have jurisdiction over court clerks.

Basically they are saying that the only point of my complaint that they considered was the part about Uzenski, and that they are sp stupid that they thought I was complaining about Uzenski and not Lippman

In other words, its the old: "We're not corrupt, we're just incredibly stupid" defense.

I place that right up there with the "Sealed Envelope Defense" as one of the (music cue) GREAT MOMENTS IN JUDICIAL CORRUPTION!!!!!!!.

I encourage one and all to send in complaints against Lippman to the CJC. Let's see what other creative evasion maneuvers they will take and the publish them here!

Anonymous said...

Galison. I'm sure you know that is 9.5 on a scale of 10 of the ways government AVOIDS the issues and establishes UNACCOUNTABILITY. I fire back at EVERY incidence of that.
Article VI Sec 3B1, 2, and 6 of the NY Constitution defines when [and when not] a judicial order is FINAL.

Hold CJC accountable. Make them address the REAL issue or make them get another job.

Anonymous said...

You can always tell when OCA is feeling the heat of exposure from their corruption....they pounce on the employees...not the hacks or massive family members...but the true civil service workers..grunters!

If anyone is uncertain that OCA is not getting the hint that this blog and the federal lawsuits are about to tell the world and America their dirty bagged and nasty sicko sex and mafia style secrets...then they are delusional. It is happening and with serious information OCA stupidly never recognized people had, who owe them nothing and as a matter of fact...OCA forced their hand in bring it forward!

To the poor employee/s who sees morale at the patient because your supers are miserable and sweating...for their future holds public and embarrassing job losses and criminal charges...and that includes judges. The heat you are feeling is from severe anxiety and uncertainty of how this definite exposure created by their wild crimes and illegal activities on government payrolls... will reflect on them, their families and most of all their extremely high incomes for doing little to no work. Who would hire anyone of them after this mess is revealed...esp in these impossible hard economic times...homeless and broke, broke, what they see.

The morale has always been brutal working in the alleged bias free courthouses...but soon that may change, if you can bare it. I hope you secure some confidence from this message.

Anonymous said...

You hope we will secure some confidence in your message???? I am essentially 'creaming' at the mere suggestion that accountability may be at hand. In fact, I haven't been brought so close to an emotionally political climax since the despicable Richard Nixon uttered the words 'And so, I will resign the Presidency effect noon tomorrow"

Keep securing us Deep Throat... keep up your excellent reporting.

AND THANKS, many times over

Anonymous said...

Just an FYI that I found more than amusing, in a preparatory sort of way.

The Buffalo News reported today ..Weds Feb 4th, 2009...that OCA held a noontime(beleived to be yesterday) session marking the start of a monthlong effort by local court officials to highlight the Buffalo area's impact on the civil right's movement..the funniest part.. and the role of the courts in fostering EQUALITY and the RULE OF LAW.
The speaker, an atty from the 7th district, applauded the diversity of the state's Buffalo based 8th judicial district and stressed that his own 7th dist did not have any minority judges beyond the City Court level.

Well...the article was written by a news staff reporter that is in personal possession and extensive knowledge for the past 4 years ... of material that relates to a second round of serious discrimination charges filed against OCA FOR the second time in the WESTERN DISTRICT FEDERAL COURT by the same individual.. and shockingly to the public this time, with an entirely new administrative judge, her "spanking" new lawyer assiatant, a minority chief clerk and deputy clerk etc.

Apparently OCA -8-is lining up news and new stories that they are spreading throughout upstate, about their alleged firm fisted, 0 tolerance, anti- discrimination laws and policies, in defense of future revelations.

Obviously these horrid and horror discrimination charges and attached documented proof will not be reported by the Buffalo "Judicial Protectorate" newspaper.

Maybe if the Buffalo News was the least bit ethical and reader concerned.. it would have posted the federal complaint next to the article, to give their multiple readers a chance to view the actual truth from within their reportings... to judge for themselves if the 8th judicial district is biased free...what do you think Matt?

Anonymous said...

Is the reporter/editor/owner related to someone in the legal/court system? I know that is a big reason why these one-sided articles that do get printed, get in the papers.

I will say this, there is a newspaper in upper NYS where one of the editor/owner's adult children was very involved in a activist branch of a major political party. That paper was publishing on a daily basis letters from and about a candidate who was running to be elected a judge and was connected with this activist branch. Of course, this candidate was being presented as a crusader for justice and anti-corruption (which they were the poster child for.)

This editor was sent several 'letters to the editor' about what this candidate was really like and outlined the corruption and misconduct they were involved in. The editor did not print the letters at that point, providing correspondence about the fact that they would like to first investigate the serious allegations. However, from that point on not only were there no more letters about this candidate, but there were numerous letters about the other candidates. The corrupt candidate vanished from the campaign at that point, which was two months before the election, although they had been very active up to that point.

Sometimes winning a skirmish can be the same as winning the war.

Anonymous said...

The Buffalo news reporter of the article referenced here is Matt Gryta.
I do not believe that he is related to anyone in the courts...but he is given an office in the same court building that the Administrative Judge and her weird assistant have their offices.
This reporter has access to all the crime and gossip in Buffalo because of his special accomodations, where he can gather arrest data, inside DA information, bail status etc as it comes in.. minute to minute..because all those offices are also in the same building.
I know exactly why the Buffalo News is scamming Buffalo is only about the money making of selling papers that exploit people with tabloid gossip, half structured and usually partially printed dull articles about flower shows and children in pools on the front page.
The paper would rather bore you into a life you lived in the 50's, rather than investigate stories that interest the needs and lives of the about 500,000 readers they reach, while shying way from reporting and exposing court corruption, because that would eliminate their court office.
The local newspaper, if it was legitimate, should have their own office somewhere..away from any prejudicial environment...if they are to maintain an ethical reporting mechanism.
The Buffalo News's reputation is only about bringing in money for profit, with issues that papers are meant to report...non-existent.
Investigations, truth about government or reporting of stories that inform the public of tax dollar wastes and ripoffs, have seen the highway.
The internet is the source of real time crime and tell it and read it here!

Anonymous said...

So, we are asking them to do their job?

Anonymous said...

As the two felons (who took kickbacks totaling over 2 and 1/2 million dollars to send kids to the Big House, from their thrones in the courthouse in Luzerne County, PA-deservedly or not) prepare to take up residence in their new cribs of steel and concrete, the initial investigation has broadened. The FBI have begun to pry into a number of related, suspicious activities. KEEP LOOKING a thousand times a thousand times a thousand. You will find enough putridity (new word) to keep you busy for the next thirty years 7x24.

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