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Monday, February 23, 2009

Corrupt and Biased Commission on Judicial Conduct Strikes Again

We will post a story tomorrow that will explain how the New York statewide Judicial "Ethics" Committee has again hand-picked a judge to go after, all while ignoring: (1) a complaint against a Manhattan judge showing a $40 million fraud; and (2) a complaint against a Westchester Surrogate involving millions of dollars. 

Here's the Journal News Article:

Commission says ex-Westchester judge should be removed from bench

The Journal News by REBECCA BAKER - February 23, 2009

NEW YORK - A state judicial watchdog group today said former Westchester County Judge Joseph Alessandro should be kicked off the bench for trying to cheat his former campaign manager out of $250,000. The state Commission on Judicial Conduct said Alessandro, now a state Supreme Court justice in Orange County, should be removed from office from trying to defraud Barbara Battista out of a loan to his 2003 campaign. According to the commission, Alessandro had told Battista he would repay the loan in nine months. After Battista sued him for nonpayment, he claimed he had told her he would repay the money in 15 years.

"He later gave misleading and evasive testimony about the transaction," the commission said, concluding that he showed "a level of dishonesty which is unacceptable for a member of the judiciary." The lawsuit was settled in February 2006 when Alessandro and his brother, Judge Francis Alessandro, a New York City civil court judge in the Bronx, agreed to pay Battista $273,000. The commission said both brothers filed loan applications in 2004 and 2005 that omitted certain assets and liabilities - including the Battista loan - and that the brothers' "deceptive, deceitful and dishonest behavior" makes them unfit for office. Both brothers filed an incomplete financial disclosure statement to the Ethics Commission for the state Unified Court System in 2004, the commission said, noting that Francis Alessandro also filed an incomplete statement in 2003. The panel recommended that Francis Alessandro also be removed from the bench.

The commission's recommendations are now in the hands of Judge Jonathan Lippman, chief judge of the state's highest court, the Court of Appeals. The Alessandros must ask the court to review the commission's report or they will be removed from office. If the Court of Appeals reviews the report, the court can remove them from the bench, censure them or impose no sanctions. Lippman, a Democrat, and Alessandro, a Republican, benefitted from a cross-endorsement deal in 2005 that got them both elected to state Supreme Court - even though Alessandro was rated "not qualified" by the Westchester County Bar Association. The deal, brokered by the political leaders in the 9th Judicial District counties of Westchester, Rockland, Putnam, Dutchess and Orange, virtually guaranteed their election to two of the four open seats.


Corrupt Courts Administrator said...

Here's some good insight from the Journal News Blog:

Alessandros in trouble -FEBRUARY 23, 2009

We’re talking BIG trouble here for the Alessandro brothers, Judge Joseph of Orange County and Judge Francis of the Bronx. The state Commission on Judicial Conduct wants both Alessandros to be kicked off the bench and has recommended as much to the New York Court of Appeals, the state’s highest court, which will have the final say on the matter.

The commission’s beef with the brothers involves a $250,000 loan to Joseph Alessandro’s cash-strapped 2003 campaign for Westchester County Court. It also involves the brothers not being completely forthright with their financial disclosures to the court’s ethics board. Click here to read more about the commission’s ruling.

So why do we care? The $250,000 helped Joe Alessandro, a Republican, win the county court seat in Westchester, which led him to run for state Supreme Court two years later. He won that seat as well, thanks to a 2005 cross-endorsement deal that tied his candidacy to — wait for it — Judge Jonathan Lippman, who was running for a state court seat as a Democrat.

Lippman, as you may know, continued to rise and this month became Chief Judge of the Court of Appeals. That means Lippman, who lives in Rye Brook, now heads the same court that must decide if Alessandro gets to keep his job. No word yet as to whether Lippman will recuse himself from the matter.

Anonymous said...

I don't agree with a lot of what I see on this website, but you people are completely correct in that the NYS Commission on Judicial Conduct overlooks horrible criminal acts by many judges who are political friends, and they only go after judges who have been targeted as a "non-player."

I dare to have even one judge come forward and say that if Tembeckjian slid his smelly finger up their behind, good 'ole Bob wouldn't find something to put in his mouth and savor.

The bottom line is that the Commission on Judicial Conduct is NOT fair, and it provides ZERO Due Process. Yes, even our judges can't get Due Process.

The Commission on Judicial Conduct MUST BE SHUT DOWN.

Anonymous said...

Let's pray the Alessandro brothers have the goods on Lippman. Is their honor among thieves or that lower form of life called NY judges? Lippman recuses himself and the Alessandros pay him back. Please Lord, the people have suffered long enough.

Anonymous said...

The Alessandros also know a bunch about the head thug in the 9th judicial district: Frank "the king" Nicolai. Bring down Frank and Jonathan, I say.

Anonymous said...

Lippman will be angry he did not get anything out of the deal.
he will stay on the case to get revenge

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe what I read above...that an actual court clerk of OCA does not believe most of what she reads on this blog?

Well this court clerk needs some ear candling and optical crust scraping...because as an ex- very long time court clerk myself....this stuff is true and accurate...with a ton of critical corruption...still missing!!

I can only assume that this alleged court clerk (which may be a lie) is friends with the political hack supervisors and some judges! I once had an alleged very close 28 yr friendship with a chief clerk...hack plus unqualified... and she turned her stupid and ignorant butt away from me and our supposed dear and close friendship...because I outed OCA for sexual harassment...thus the command came...if you want the job and the help that you apparently need...dump the problem we have had dealing with her publicity and exposure!

If this clerk ever wants to see the reality..she can have an open and verifiable discussion with me...about her crooked and criminal employer!

One question...did OCA promise you a promotion for your statement? Sell your soul... because another living devil makes their crumble more effective!

If clerky really

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