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Sunday, February 1, 2009

On-Going Corruption at the Commission on Judicial Conduct

Judge Dread
The New York Post by Brad Hamilton - December 19, 2004 -- EXCLUSIVE

He could be the worst judge in the state.

At least that's what some people in Columbia County are saying about Paul Czajka, a local jurist under fire for allegedly making outrageous rulings, including giving custody to an abusive mom
who "circumcised" her boy with a lit cigarette.

The boy's father and at least six other litigants filed complaints about Czajka to the state's court watchdog, casting him as a vindictive tyrant who's sided with bad parents to favor lawyers he once worked with when he was the district attorney or in private practice. The judge also has been hit with a federal civil suit in Manhattan by Wall Street financial consultant John Chase, who claims Czajka ruled for his ex-wife Kristin despite her facing bank fraud charges. "He's the most complained-about judge we've ever seen," said George Courtney, who heads the Columbia County chapter of the statewide Fathers' Rights Association. But it's not just men he's outraged.

Three complaints are by women, including Michelle Mayer, a battered wife and mother of four who says Czajka illegally removed her kids because she exposed them to beatings she suffered by her ex-husband, though he was arrested when she called the cops.  But no action has been taken against Czajka (pronounced ch-EYE-kah), 50, a politicall connected Republican who narrowly won re-election to a 10-year term despite being ripped by one of the most respected lawyers in the state.

Complaints to the state's Commission on Judicial Conduct allege:

* The judge failed to protect a 13-year-old boy who's allegedly endured years of abuse, including the nightmarish circumcision, a scalding with hot water on his side and broken ribs.  The boy also accidentally severed his fingertips when his mother allowed him to play with a chainsaw, according to a complaint by the father, carpenter John Calkins, 32, who's been battling for custody of the kid.  Calkins claims the mother once informed him that her family knew the judge.

* Czajka has in two cases jailed fathers in custody fights, one who served time for violating a court order by discussing custody with his wife after an accident in which she got drunk and smashed into a telephone pole, injuring one of her daughters.

* Czajka engaged in a "vendetta" against another father, plumbing contractor George Ihlenburg, who did work at the judge's home and believes he was targeted because Czajka wasn't happy with the job, his complaint says.

* Czajka railroaded an elderly husband, Herbert Stickles, 69, into a sex-abuse conviction after false charges were brought against the man, by allowing his lawyer to not present a defense, according to his wife, Pat. She claims the case was retribution for her suing the county after being sickened by the social-services building where she worked in Hudson, an office put up over an old oil-storage facility. 

A court observer, John Dunne, said of the jurist: "The criticism is he's often insensitive to the needs of women and children." Dunne is the former head of the state senate's judiciary committee and now part of a blue-ribbon panel to restore public confidence in how New York judges are elected. He served as a juror in a case before Czajka — though it wasn't a family matter — and told The Post he came away with an "unfavorable" opinion of him, though he wouldn't elaborate.

So Dunne crossed party lines to back challenger Pam Joern, who slammed Czajka — who handles criminal, family and surrogate cases — claiming he's too quick to remove kids from their parents. Figures show that rural Columbia County has the highest number of children in foster care per capita in the state: 4 per 1,000 — the statewide average is 2.5. "The problem is he's an attractive man and kind of charming, but he gets on the bench and he's destructive," said Joern, a 54-year-old lawyer. "He's an arrogant, narcissistic, nasty person. He's got a huge chip on his shoulder." Said Philip Mann, an advocate who encouraged the litigants to tell their stories, "

Chief Judge Judith Kaye and Gov. Pataki were both sent these complaints, and I believe it was their acquiescence that empowered Judge Czajka." The CJC has never publicly censured Czajka and dismissed the Mayer and Ihlenburg complaints. Czajka, saying ethics prevented him from discussing cases, said, "There has never been a case before me where a parent has alleged to have burned a child's penis."


Anonymous said...

I don't understand the reason for drudging up ancient stories, but that's okay. All these stories are deliciously marvelous. I have actually begun to live for this website; to feed my obsessions daily for up to the minute updates on the painful public downfalls of wretched hypocrite bastards in black robes. In fact many of their mothers do too.

Anonymous said...

It is the same with the Judges in Westchester Co., the exact same thing goes and they get away with it all!!!

We complained and nothing happened, so what's new? The gangsters are running the Courts!!! Complain all you want and it gets you no place!!!

Anonymous said...

The day a judge sells his/her soul and fails his/her oath, they should be removed from the bench.

Anonymous said...

please keep in mind in Columbia County like perhaps others a "real" and "legitimate" fear exists or has existed on "speaking out" or coming forward since the retaliation often lead to jail or having one's children removed to Foster care.

there is one woman who was talking to someone who was speaking out about how the County Child Support numbers never added up for what would be taken and later provided and was told by the county that the Support Enforcement Unit could not try to Enforce a Judgment for $20,000 plus that was a NY Judgement as the party responsible to pay was across the border in close by Vermont.

yet, the county would repeatedly go in to florida and texas and pennsylvania and more but would not go into vermont?

when the woman was informed that albany county state central support enforcement unit said, "yes", we can seek to enforce a NY judgment in Vermont, the woman started having Local DSS investigators and others stalk her home.

there is a gentleman Still fighting after 8 years to get his sons out of Foster Care and off harmful Anti Pyschotic Drugs against his consent and the Original Court Expert Psych Eval said the father was not a risk to his sons and the Reunification should begin back in 2000 over 8 years ago.

when the father Complained 8 years ago to State OCFS Commissioner Johnson under Pataki the father was Indicted without Medical Records or Favorable Doctor and Nurse evidence put in the record, Jailed despite previously posting bail and making all court appearances, had his attorney bullied off the case, had his Sons Kept in Foster Care for 8 years and is still trying to get his records at this very moment while multiple attorneys have either been threatened or intimidated or told to back off.

with this type of background it becomes understandable why the woman mentioned above does not want to speak out from fear of what may happen to her children.

so anything this Site can do to give Positive Reassurance to Whistleblowers, blah, would probably bring many more local folks back out of the woods to relay stories of corruption and more.

Anonymous said...

Link to Industry Article showing how RISPERDAL PAYMENTS from Industry resulted in Felony Conviction of Pa State Official with Discussion of Related Cases in Texas;

Also look for NY Times Articles on this Topic and Other articles on Texas racketeering style lawsuits and same in Pa and perhaps Florida

What "REALLY" Happened to those 2 Female US Attorneys in Texas who "suddenly" passed away after Criminal Investigation into the Industry was begun in Texas??

According to one woman who worked for NY State for 17 years, "if you are a woman under age of 75-85 ( natural life expectancy ) how could it be called "natural causes" to pass away so young as US Attorneys were not close to that age range"??????

Anonymous said...

i heard from a TU source that Robert Tembeckjian, Head of the State CJC, OWNS property in Columbia County.

what is the Link here??

Anonymous said...

the comment above is really intersting as a CJC staff lawyer in Albany said in late 2004 that the CJC was going to get transcripts and records in that Risperdal case above but never did???

and i heard those Foster Care boys have always been in Foster Care in Renss County but the case was "managed" by Columbia county but somehow the Father who moved to Arkansas with court permission from Judge Cholakis in Troy was later told he had to move back to Hudson, NY where Judge Czajka sits or Greene County where the Judge owns property in order to get to keep seeing his children and be reunited??

doesn't the Social Services Law mandate that keeping the Family unit intact is First priority??

why would the poor guy have to move to Hudson or Greene County if the boys were in Foster Care in Renss County???

Anonymous said...

To the above writer..if you are under 75 and you die of alleged natural causes and you have pissed off the judicial mafia....make sure you have someone watching your back before you get fully and completely involved...and that watcher should be someone "secretly" following that judicial enemy! They would be shocked at who is peeking from garbage pails and hobo hats.

This blog "is" getting results, to all those that believe that nothing is being done. It is so interesting to so many, that book sales have sunk like the market!

Maybe you don't see the results openly, but I have knowledge that high level government crooks are not amused and despise this site. They find the stories that you find riveting..revolting!

Let the stories rip...truthfully...and names attached and watch what happens. It took the FBI 3 yrs to get Bruno...and they were appalled at the road blocks and secrecy they had to sledge hammer... to get to him. Now it is time for them to sever the head of the Albany corruption....The Office of Court Administration.

It takes time to implode, what took years to build. Be patient and keep reading the true and wild stories OCA has created for all of our spare time.

Anonymous said...

hey, doesn't third dept appellate judge karen peters also serve on the CJC? isn't she from ulster county where that Benedictine Hospital in the middle of federal / state medicaid fraud investigation is located?

Anonymous said...

This freaking Judge is beyond corrupt and EVIL, he needs to go to JAIL immediately..Please, God Bless these helpless, innocent children and please keep them safe.

Anonymous said...

Hey. Dig This. A few years back Perinton Town Court Judge Tom Klonick; married to supreme court judge Evelyn Frazee,
failed to file his Oath of Office until August of that current term. Sorry Tom, YOU LOSE.
The statute mandates that you VACATED your office at the moment of default.

A few months later, CJ Judy Kaye announces a new 'judge' has been appointment to the CJC…..the Honorable Tom Klonick…...
BUT WAIT !!!! Our state constitution mandates the seat be filled by a JUDGE. POL statutes and Court of Appeals case law specifically says

I wrote to the Chief Judge and to the Commission………They never answered. …….[see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil]

I believe Klonick is now the senior member of CJC………I bet he'll never forget to timely file his Oath of Office again.
If anyone bumps into sure to ask.


Anonymous said...

Why isn't this woman locked up somewhere in a LOONEY BIN? BTW, while you're at it, you could put the JUDGE in there with her also..They are both very SICK people.

Anonymous said...

its time to remove Judge Dread from the Ranks of the Judiciary

letting the judge have to go swimming again in the sea of lawyers once the "regular" fixing processes are dismantled should be a punishment of itself

but then again, a perp walk if they finally found the goods yet with tight cuffs, wrists, ankles and waist, at least for a while is more than fitting given what he has Gladly enjoyed imposing on so many others

this blog does not even have all the judicial misdeeds yet

then maybe the squawking about all the "high level" protectors will begin

anyone check the campaign finance records?

Anonymous said...

Hey Creedmore. If you're referring to the story above, I think your suggestions may be a little over the top. The point was however how little regard for the letter of the law, even our own Constitution, the honorable judges of this state actually have. But We all know that don't We?

Anonymous said...

one of the problems with this judge dread from the stories was that he was so drunk on his own power that he was not even "sligh" or "tricky" about some of the nonsense since he was so protected from on high he blatantly would act hostile, prejudicial, and more and not even care

did he have a golden pataki pass or bruno pass or a combination of all and more?

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Peon, that suggestion is not over the top..all of these JUDGES, LAWYERS, our JUDICIAL AND LEGAL SYSTEMS have sold their SOULS to the DEVIL..they are all spineless animals, they belong in the mental ward in JAIL.

Anonymous said...

Since we are talking about ancient stories, let me relate one about the xx-rated courtroom I was forced to endure as a court clerk in the late 80's.

I had made some cookies for an employee's going away party in the criminal office of a Buffalo courthouse. After the party, I went up to court to begin a very busy session of criminal cases. Apparently the judge I worked for had his court reporter bring some party food up to him for his lunch. Poverty and perversion were his gimmicks.

As court began, with loads of court users present and facing myself the judge and the typical...the judge leaned into the side of my face(he stood in the courtroom for back purposes, so he said) and he then stated...I just came all over my office... after eating your cookies...they were so hard on the outside and soft and creamy on the inside. He then pecked my cheek and I was forced to spend the next 4 hrs, 3 feet from him and this gross story.

This story is part of a public CJC record, along with other stories, but it appears that I must relate them here, for the workers at Buffalo City Court, because they claim not to know the events that led to the removal of A.P. Lorusso. As such, many felt a tremendous need to harrass and retaliate against me, even committing perjury with conspiracy etc. to have me terminated to compensate for LoRusso's removal over some as they say... silly undefined and unknown sexual events and my subsequent settled federal lawsuit.

So BCC girls and judges who got involved...since I was only identified as witness D in most papers...I feel compelled to tell you little bits of stories, when I think you deserve to hear them, esp. when I want the world to wonder what causes grown and older females to desire and participate in such middle school and criminal behavior at a taxpaid government job.....for many hours a day and many days for years!

Work at Buffalo City Court is maybe secondary and then poorly performed... to gossip and destruction of other female employees' reputations and lives... continuing till this very day. This experience was mandated after they successfully got rid of me for retaliation. All (4)supervisors are female and one, the chief clerk is a minority....the only minority chief clerk... outside of NYC.

So Here is your statement Paterson...for the lack of qualified females for chief judge...Kaye sanctioned all of this above behavior and is part of the federal lawsuit. Hard to find a female anything... who would void this conduct completely and permanently!

Enjoy the laughs ladies with your troubled supervisors...they won't be amused much longer...I assure you!

Anonymous said...

I am thrilled to see the Judge Dread article appear on this website.

I have personal knowledge of this judge and his abusive, heavy handed tactics and can verify that he is a miserable, vile human being that should have been removed from the bench years ago. Anyone who has tried to stand up to him has been met with his wrath and retaliation.

Many, many complaints have been filed against him with the JCC and the NY Public Integrity Unit but, unfortunately, both of this agencies are completely useless and should be abolished.

Hopefully, through the good works of Frank Brady and others, Czajka's days are numbered, especially now that his good friends, Bruno and Pataki are no longer able to protect him.

The best part about this blog is that Czajka reads the internet everyday looking for stories about himself! Happy reading Paulie!!

Anonymous said...

I am but a simple homemaker, who cannot possible understand the complicated matter of law and legal procedures, but can someone please explain to me how Lippman got to be nominated in the first place?

I might be wrong, but it has always been my understanding that the Constitution is the basis for our rights and the laws which have been enacted to protect those rights. A simple reading to the New York State Constitution, ARTICLE VI, Judiciary concerning who is Constitutionally allowed to be a Presiding Justice in an Appellate Department, says:

§ 4. c. The governor shall designate the presiding justice of each
appellate division, who shall act as such during his or her term of
office and shall be a resident of the department. The other justices
of the appellate divisions shall be designated by the governor, from
all the justices elected to the supreme court, for terms of five years
or the unexpired portions of their respective terms of office, if less
than five years.

§ 6. c. The justices of the supreme court shall be chosen by the
electors of the judicial district in which they are to serve. The terms
of justices of the supreme court shall be fourteen years from and including
the first day of January next after their election.

How is it that Lippman who was elected to the Supreme Court in the Ninth District, which is in the Second Appellate Department, is then designated to preside over the First Appellate Department? The Constitution is clear that to be elected in the Ninth District, he has to be a resident, and the Constitution is equally clear that the presiding justice of an Appellate Department is to be a resident of that Department. How can he be both at the same time?

If anyone ever wondered why the judicial system seems to be the corrupt mess it is, this seems to be just part of the standard operating procedure. Kaye and the OCA and all those other esteemed lawyers, just do whatever they want and make it look like they are actually following the laws and the Constitution.

To my simple way of thinking, this sure seems like a FRAUD. But what do I know. I just a simple homemaker.

The Constitution also says that a Justice on the Appellate Court, "The other justices
of the appellate divisions shall be designated by the governor, from all the justices elected to the supreme court, for terms of five years or the unexpired portions of their respective terms of office, if less than five years." That means they have to actually be elected. Not appointed in their illegal "temporary" appointments that violate the laws as they are not temporary but indefinite and not a "certificated" or retired judge.

The Constitution is actually very interesting reading, but it is so full of information, that it really needs to be dissected almost word for word. Yet this is where you will find what the Judges, administrators and related staff are required to do.

p.p.s. re: Torres v. New York State Board of Elections; while the Constitution does require Judges to be elected, the laws on how that is to be done are not followed. Ms. Torres should have challenged the elections of judges is currently unconsitutional as the mandatory laws and procedures are not being complied with.

Anonymous said...

No my simple homemaker, the rules of this game are not as you believe. That’s the price you pay for being a simple homemaker.

You see one MUST go to an accredited law school and become a Member of the Bar before one can truly understand what 'the laws' of our society MEAN,
regardless of what they clearly say…….And only those chosen to wear the robes of black ultimately possess the intellect, wisdom and insight to know that…
and when said laws may become no longer applicable to any particular situation, especially when favored parties are involved.

In other words, THE LAW IS WHATEVER THE JUDGE SAYS IT IS AT THE TIME……and if you don’t like it you can always APPEAL………
[that is if you haven’t already been defrauded on previous appeals.]

This has all been best been expressed by former Virginia attorney, Linda Kennedy who lamented
'Welcome to Holodeck Law; where nothing is as it appears….and where Plaintiff is never to be seen again…..with money.

Heres her link

Anonymous said...

The Commission on Judicial Conduct (CJC) was set up to protect certain insiders, whether they were right or wrong.

The CJC was set up with fraudulent intention and has ALWAYS been a corrupt organization.

Anonymous said...

the Above comment about the CJC being set up with fraudulent intention seems Very True after years of watching this body at work ( or at corrupt work ).

however, what are the implications of this corruption since the NY State Constitution Sets up a CJC as part of the overall State Justice system??

and if the Federal Constitution is a minimum level of the guarantee of rights, how has this Constitution been violated by corruption of a State Constitutionally mandated body??

will the Related cases get to answer these questions? let's hope and more!

Anonymous said...

the Above comment about the CJC being set up with fraudulent intention seems Very True after years of watching this body at work ( or at corrupt work ).

however, what are the implications of this corruption since the NY State Constitution Sets up a CJC as part of the overall State Justice system??

and if the Federal Constitution is a minimum level of the guarantee of rights, how has this Constitution been violated by corruption of a State Constitutionally mandated body??

will the Related cases get to answer these questions? let's hope and more!

Anonymous said...

I filed a complaint with the CJC, about a Judge who determined his own bias and prejudice and recused himself from my case. Even after his Order of Recusal, he remained to influence a case from which he was barred. The Attorneys did nothing... The Judge ultimately signed off on a Judgment of Divorce, incorporating a settlement that called for signing but was never signed. The Judge appointed a receiver and then his cohorts had me evicted from my home. The Bank saw the defect in the judicial proceeding and tendered a claim with the title company in the event that the receiver does attempt to transfer the deed... I'm out of my home and watching the mess their vindictive fraudulent criminal nature has made....

Anonymous said...

to the comment above, what county are you in?? what courts did this involve?

the CJC and Third Dept and more has Ample information of judge czajka above still having Influence behind the scenes over cases he was either "disqualified" from or "recused" from but the corrupt CJC has done absolutely nothing on multiple complaints, Not even bothering to contact a single witness before the CJC whitewashes with a dismissal

a mother and her children lost their lovely property and home thru a very similar situation to yours and many others have been harmed too

let's team up to try to break this wide open!!

Anonymous said...

to the above...

I posted as yet another example of the CJC whitewash...

My Judge wasn't Czajka, It was Kent in Suffolk Supreme...

I witnessed a recusal polka... or dancing with Judges.. I had 3 in total but some two times before all was said and done....

They never saw a rule or procedure they couldn't break... or a law they couldn't ignore..

I found that my own attorney, who had abandonned my case, was the one who received service.. he also created a fraudulent affidavit to help procure the void judgment..

If my case wasn't a fix... I don't know what was...

but if your offer of teamwork is still open... I would love to compare notes as to the scams they run and the methods they use.....

Anonymous said...

to above with suffolk problem, write to

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