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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Village Voice Urged to Immediately Post Corruption Story

Top executives at the New York Village Voice have been formally asked to immediately post on their website an article now scheduled to be released in print on Wednesday, February 11, 2009. The story, by noted Village Voice reporter Wayne Barrett, had been in the works for about a month, and it exposes widespread corruption involving the highest levels of New York State's Court system. Mr. Barrett's story reportedly raises serious issues, and that are currently under federal review, involving pending chief judge nominee Jonathan Lippman.

The concern is that once it was widely known that Barrett's Corruption Article would appear in this week's February 11th print edition of the Village Voice, politicians close to Shelton Silver instructed state Judiciary Committee Chairman John L. Sampson to immediately confirm the nomination by Governor Paterson of Jonathan Lippman for New York's next Chief Judge. Insiders say that New York Senator John Sampson initially balked at ramming the chief judge confirmation before his Senate Judiciary Committee without full disclosure. However, it was learned that Shelton Silver advised personal associates over the weekend that the chief judge confirmation hearing was "all set" and that it would be "fast-tracked" the morning of Wednesday, February 11, 2009- the same day Barrett's Corruption story was to be available to the public.  

Widespread Corruption has been alleged at the state's Judicial Nomination Commission, the Commission on Judicial Conduct and the various statewide attorney grievance committees- and those charges are the focus of various federal committee and prosecutorial reviews.

The Judicial Nomination Commission has been publicly slammed recently by New York's Governor Paterson and Attorney General Andrew Cuomo for the "process" utilized in forming the list of names for NY's Chief Judge from which a choice had to be picked.

If you believe that Wayne Barrett's Village Voice article exposing Corruption in and about New York's Court system should be immediately posted on the paper's website, for full and immediate distribution to all media and New York State lawmakers, contact the Village Voice:      (Glenn Berry, Circulation Department)      (Christina Pettit, Marketing)
Village Voice Main Telephone number: 212-475-3300


Anonymous said...

Let Lippman get nominated. It'll be more fun protesting his swearing in, having him removed from the top spot, and putting a big deserving light on the some of the state senators that squeezed him through their judicial nomination committee. This is disgraceful.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I thought Senator Sampson was a honest guy. Wow.

Anonymous said...

I'm calling my NY Senator NOW. This is NOT acceptable.

Anonymous said...

boy oh boy. shelly silver still has a bunch of tricks up his sleeve.

Anonymous said...

With this kind of back door crap going on, it's the very reason why we need change.....REAL CHANGE. It's also the very reason we need some one as chief judge who is not beholden the Shelly Silver and the nasty hacks at OCA. For god's sake, former chief judge wackeyler did time in a federal prison, is a convicted felon and New York decides he should get his friggin' law license back while other heads of families have been ruined by having their law license screwed with for relatively minor mistakes. Yes, you idiots, that's why NY lawyers and the legal community are regarded as corrupt and a total joke.

Anonymous said...

Poor Sampson is the victim of "Delilah" Silver. What charms did Delilah offer to Sampson.

Anonymous said...

I am, at the very least, confident that Sampson and his supporters are playing the hands dealt to them in the most strategic manner possible.

Anonymous said...

Well eye for an are so confident about Sampson when usually not confident about much else...maybe you are a member of the judiciary committee? You seem to be searching for the stark raving truth...hope you got it.

Anonymous said...

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