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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Road-Rage Judge At It Again

The New York Post by MURRAY WEISS, LORENA MONGELLI and CHUCK BENNETT - February 21, 2009

A Long Island judge notoriously dubbed "Senator Road Rage" for his horrifying behavior while he was a politician nearly mowed down a traffic agent in Manhattan on Thursday and then threatened the officer's job, The Post has learned. Court of Claims Judge James J. Lack and his daughter, Katherine, 37, were "barreling down" West 60th Street near the Mandarin Oriental Hotel at about 5 p.m. when they crossed paths with the unlucky agent, sources said. Lack, who was awarded the judgeship by former Gov. George Pataki in 2002 after a stint in the state Senate, ignored an order to slow down from the officer, who was standing in the street, the sources said. The robed rage-a-holic - who's been involved in dozens of angry driving incidents over the last 20 years - gunned his engine to swerve around the agent, who struck his hand on the passenger's-side mirror, the sources said. Lack jumped out of his 2005 Mercury SUV and declared he was a judge, flashed an ID, and screamed, "I'll have your job!" the sources said. Katherine then heaped her own abuse on the agent before they abruptly drove off, said the sources.

Lack objected to that version of events. He said he had just left the Hospital for Special Surgery, where his wife was undergoing cancer surgery. He claimed the agent was not wearing a reflective vest and confused him with a jaywalker. The agent, he said, punched his window and broke the mirror. Lack called the cops, and Internal Affairs launched an investigation, the NYPD confirmed. His daughter admitted to being a little hotheaded but apologized, saying, "I was very upset. I get a rush of adrenaline when I'm scared." This was far from Lack's first roadside confrontation. In 2001, when Lack represented East Northport in the state Senate, he followed a horrified 39-year-old mother home after a traffic incident, threatened to have her jailed and cursed the woman out in her own garage. He also reduced an East Northport car wash attendant to tears after his credit card was rejected.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Another guy who thinks he's better than others. Why hasn't the Commission on Judicial Conduct had a little talk with this guy. Or maybe the bums in Brooklyn have his back and he doesn't have to worry about getting into trouble.

Anonymous said...

i think hitting a traffic agent is the same as hitting a cop. That excuse that they were not wearing a reflective vest is not credible.
I see them all the time not wearing reflective vests. During blackouts and in general i have seen cops directing traffic without a vest. The judge is a nutcase. If at all posible he should be prosecuted under a federal law. If hitting a transit worker is a felony so should this be considered a felony.

Anonymous said...

This nut job should be arrested today!

Anonymous said...

Jim Lack lacks a brain, he is a NUT. Take his law license and make him sweep the streets.All the locals know many more tales that have not seen the papers.

Anonymous said...

I had a case before judge Lack a few years ago. He's a corrupt judge in addition to being unable to control his temper. I would suggest that anyone who has an ethics issues with Judge Lack to file a complaint with the Commission on Judicial Conduct, and to post it on this or another blog.

Anonymous said...

RE: last post thier is a web site for that thier is also ripp-off report.
Someone told me the FBI
judicial conduct is a joke.
nothing will happen thier.

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