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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Voting Eyes Focused on State Judiciary Members

Statewide voters are focused on today's Senate Judiciary hearing where a sham vote to confirm nominee Jonathan Lippman as New York's next Chief Judge. We urge each and every Senator to do the right thing and table any vote.  

Each and every Senator, and the committee's counsel Tim Spotts, knows that Governor Paterson and Attorney General Cuomo have publicly slammed the process utilized to get to today's session.  Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman John Sampson has himself called the nomination process "a hijacking."  Importantly, Senators Diaz and Sampson have recently, and rightly, pointed to the dismissal percentage of minority names on the short nomination list from which Governor Paterson had to choose. 

Notably, each and every member is aware: (a) of the corruption in and about the Commission on Judicial Conduct- the entity relied upon, in part, to "clear" the names on the nomination list; and (b) the "whitewashing" of serious matters, including the violation of federal election laws.

We are hopeful that each and every member of the New York State Senate Judiciary Committee will abstain from voting today.  If they do not, or they vote in the affirmative, we believe they should further answer to the public before an appropriate panel hearing their sworn testimony.  And we promise: they will, indeed, be testifying. We are also comforted by the intentions of a "concerned citizen" who has pledged the legal limit, or  $5,000.00, per Judiciary Committee member to bring the issue before each committee member's district.


List of Names on NYS Judiciary Committee

Senator John L. Sampson, Chairman
Timothy Spotts, Esq., Committee Counsel

Committee Members:
Senator George Onorato
Senator Eric Schneiderman
Senator Ruth Hassell-Thompson
Senator Ruben Diaz
Senator Jeff Klein
Senator Eric Adams
Senator Pedro Espada, Jr.
Senator Neil D. Breslin
Senator Martin Malave Dilan
Senator Diane J. Savino
Senator Bill Perkins
Senator George D. Maziarz
Senator John A. DeFrancisco
Senator Dale Volker
Senator Stephen M. Saland
Senator Kenneth P. LaValle
Senator John J. Bonacic
Senator George H. Winner, Jr.
Senator Michael F. Nozzolio
Senator Andrew J. Lanza
Senator Michael Ranzenhofer


Anonymous said...

I'll kick in some real money to expose these guys. Direct Mailing to homeowners to advise them that their state senator is a sellout.

Anonymous said...

Frank and all of you that are part of the expose corrupt and integrity in the courts... operation...a HUGE and HEARTFELT THANK YOU!
Your work has been noticed and well all are amazing~!
Thanks for not letting OCA trample your efforts..because THEY certainly HAVE tried while utilizing many of their criminal minded employees, their unending source of funds and legal resources, as well as the influence that that brings, and the severe corruption of our NY state laws to reach any end they pursued!
You are admired and the absolute greatest in my life!

Anonymous said...

I got an email from Integrity in the Courts about efforts to remove Lippman from office based on evidence of federal crimes. I fully support his removal from the bench....wherever he sits. THIS NEEDS TO BE ANNOUNCED TODAY !!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Sampson Sell Out.

Anonymous said...

Are the black and Hispanic Senators going to sell their people out for a few crumbs from the schol platter?

Anonymous said...

Not even Noon Time on Wednesday and TU Says State Senate Panel Already approved Lippman.

What was the Point of even having any hearings?

What are the Feds supposedly doing? many people have been lead to believe that ongoing investigations, blah and JUST READING the Statements on this blog would seem to be Sufficient for Feds or Someone to move on all the corruption? But nothing again?

and some people were told to "back off" the Sampson hearings which were shams anyhow??

Anonymous said...

Jonathan Lippman has been confirmed as the state’s Chief Judge of the Court of Appeals.

This comes on the heels of a scathing cover story about Lippman’s appointment by the Village Voice’s Wayne Barrett, accompanied by the illustration above.

According to TU reporter Rob Gavin, Lippman was confirmed without opposition. There were however, at least three abstentions from three members of the former ‘Gang of Four’ - Sen. Ruben Diaz, Sen. Pedro Espada, and Sen. Hiram Monserrate.

When asked about the Village Voice story moments after being confirmed, Lippman told the Times Union his record “speaks for itself.”

He then added: “There are lots of newspaper stories every day. God bless the media.”

Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, when asked about the Village Voice story, playfully asked a reporter to please describe what the cover looked like, and then proceeded to say, “I’m very proud that a longtime friend of mine has risen so far in his profession.”

Anonymous said...

Not at all surprised and well expected..butt the higher he is the higher he gets to fall.
Now just keep track of all his crap. We know he is corrupt and most of you know what his court habits and actions him intensely and court employees get the courage to document his violations from Kaye was full of them and he will be too...just need to get him mantra!

dg said...

People keep saying that the new Chief Judge is corrupt, but I still see no proof to back up the words. The voice article, as someone else noted, is about politics, not corruption. Why would OCA employees be "scrambling" over an article that barely mentions OCA?
At least Gallison provided a link where he documents his complaint. I might not agree with his interpretation of the law, but at least something is there. As to the rest of the posters, it is easy to cry foul, it's seems to be a lot harder to provide a shred of evidence.

Anonymous said...

Hey, DG. You obviously have close ties to OCA, so you know how they work. That NY Times article was readied because they knew that the VV article was coming out. Ask OCA press people.

The continuing crap inside OCA depends in large part in everything staying the way it is inside OCA. And they got it. It has always been important to those who have corrupted OCA for Lippman to be the boss.

If you want to see some of the allegations against Lippman, put the word "Lippman" in this and other blog search boxes. And check out the many lawsuits that name him.

dg said...

Hey ak, naming someone in a suit is easy to do. How many of those suits have the plaintiffs won?
With respect to OCA, you can throw the word "corrupt" around all you want, but again you supply no proof.

Anonymous said...

Let me tell you I have a transcript that was altered after it was entered into evidence, as the legal record at an OCA proceeding...and the person who testified to the altered segments, stated in a federal deposition that (it) did not testify to what was in the transcript. Statements were removed and numbers diminished by the thousands.... to make the proof OCA was seeking... comply with their need.
I have proof that the supervisors and judge in the district conspired to alter it about 10 days after the hearing, because it did not allow them to proceed the way they wanted to. OCA knows I know...ask them and watch them squirm!
After that you can ask them for the licence plate number of the state corrections officer they hired to run me off the highway...oh and the date book he dropped with his work logo on it and writings, when my friend approached him for stalking both of us for over a week...don't know or have any reason to know any corrections officers in any capacity, esp ones that would try to kill or stalk me...only an OCA hiree to prevent a federal court filing.
Also in discovery at federal court.
Maybe you want the bank proof in discovery that shows, OCA went into all the banks in my area looking for something to hang on me and check to see if I had finances to file charges against them or hire a PI that could uncover their corruption...but they did not find anything or ever have legal probable cause, initially.
You see the government can only receive a subpoena for an investigation, if they have probable cause for "specific felonies"...and they knew they had none of that, but OCA issued themselves a subpoena anyway, and it's contents ( but not the proof) is hidden from me to this day...all taking place back in 2005 and 2006.
OCA made a request that someone arrest me, as long as it never was related to them.. OCA...but I found out and prevented it by supplying the information to federal court.
All this evidence exists and more... but not sure about your access because of court procedures.
These are examples though, that would provide a taste for the rest of the material that would cover this entire blog.
Lippman was an administrator on my court letterhead at the times of many of the mentioned actions. Kaye ,Plumadore many other NYC-ERS and the NYC- OCA- OIG were WELL aware and participants in the actions being used against me.....sooo the NYC JUDICIARY was BUZZING ABOUT THE CONSPIRACY TAKING PLACE AND CONDONED IN UPSTATE NY...WITH THE PERMISSION AND BLESSINGS OF THESE FAR AWAY PLAYERS.

You only got this information...because I wanted everyone to have see what a scumbag has taken the place of the scumhag!...lIPPMAN FROM KAYE!

Anonymous said...

dg -

who do you work for? there are so many instances of state court corruption and cjc and disciplinary corruption, like blatant violations of ethics allegedly that are supposed to be upheld, blatant altering of transcripts, withholding of docs and records, altering of docs and records.

if you are a lawyer and sounds like you may be, and want to become a "Good" one doing "good" things, Become a State Judge or Prosecutor Willing to Prosecute State OCA / Court Corruption or a Federal Judge or Prosecutor willing to do the same.

everyone or many in oca that is not speaking out just wants everything to stay the same and not get exposed and Hope for 4 oclock and tee times and bourbon times each day without much hope or original thought left in any of the minds that maybe once were good and just or if not bourbon or scotch of some sort, maybe forgetting all about the "work" they do at children's soccer or bball, which of course is a good thing.

Anonymous said...

OCA never tries cases where they are defendents..check that out... and I agree you appear to be a lawyer or new OCA judge.

OCA destroys and influences dismissals on cases that are brought against them, that do not irate or outrage the ethics for an example. The other blatant violations of federal law that OCA commits...they settle after many years, if the person can endure severe abuse, terror and financial devastation! The settlement of course contains the statment that OCA has committed no violations.

So..there is never a win or lose scenario for anyone or OCA in any lawsuit they defend, because OCA manipulates every legal process they are accused in.. in NY STATE!

Didn't some concerned and caring older atty or jurist advise you of... OCA Corruption 101!

Now you can proceed with your naive comments and obvious slams, meant to sabotage any exposure of the NY court crimes! I'm right behind you telling my many, many OCA stories..with proof and personal experience!

Anonymous said...

You want proof of corruption...look at the files before they are destroyed...see how Justice is denied!
Judy Kaye will rot in Hell for the things she did and didn't do while on the bench!
Now we have another stiff...Jonathan Lippman!
They both belong in Jail like Sol Wachler!

dg said...

Maybe the reason OCA doesn't lose is not because they manipulate or fix cases, but because when called upon to do so the plaintiffs offer as little proof as you do. And what does it matter who I work for? Maybe I'm someone who thinks if you are going to accuse someone of a crime you should be able to back it up. Maybe I'm a fed monitoring this site who is coming to realize there is nothing here.

Anonymous said...

I am now assured that you refuse to read and choose not to comprehend ...and for sure I am convinced you are an OCA lawyer/defender or a judge.

You have excellent and real instances of proof related to court corruption and where to read and obtain it when you desire how to access it..but are way too obsessed with "sabotaging" this site to verify that established information....that exists in writing for public view.

I owe you nothing to bring it out. OCA wins because they manipulate laws, as well as influence judges in cases..both federal and state....and that is evident to the intelligent world that we report these allegations to.

You only get a response because I want those that believe, but hate to think the courts are this bad...that the stories are true that the NY COURT SYSTEM IS... a horror, brutal and hostile government entity!

Don't care if you are a FED...because if a FED is stupid enough to read a blog for probable cause and absolute proof to investigate...then you are the loser FBI agent I must have met. Any Federal Agent would only have to request that the blog administrator contact the person writing for definitive proof to initiate an investigation or use their own secretive know call your home with all zeros..kind of operation....internet wire tapping, satelite spying etc.

The agent I want looking into OCA, would not be asking people to copy proof to this site for an unknown identity. You really make me laugh with your inappropriate stupid comments and questions....dg..short for what I think?

But no smell like OCA big time...and this presents as one of their feeble ways to deconstruct this blog by attempting to put doubt in the minds of those that want the justice system to not be what we describe..never going to happen!

You fit what Bush attempted to say...fool me once shame on you...fool me twice shame on me!

Anonymous said...

Hey DG, if you are a FED then establish what Office you are from? Establish if you needed a "Godfather" to get your job or if any Godfather has control over your job. Establish that you actually have the Will and Capacity and Integrity to Actually Do Something and Once YOU DG have Established That, I am CERTAIN you will Have MORE PROOF and RECORDS and COMPLAINTS with PROOF PILED ON TOP OF YOU that you will not know what to do for Many Days and Weeks on End and will be asking for Higher Pay and More Assistants.


Anonymous said...

Hey?? Where is DG??? He was asked to bring his Proof forward 8 hours ago?? Is DG just Another Fraud in the Game??

Answer up DG.

dg said...

Hey. Still here. Still waiting for the tapes you have anonymous. You know. The ones that capture administrative judges fixing cases. Do these tapes really exist?

Corrupt Courts Administrator said...

MEMO to "Concerned Citizen" with
James "Whitey" Bulger Information

Dear "Concerned Citizen,"
Yes. As you desire, your complete confidentiality can be assured.

Frank Brady - telephone: 347-632-9775 telephone;
email: or

Anonymous said...

Is there a "t" missing in that email????

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