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Monday, February 9, 2009

OCA Rats Scrambling in Preparation for Corruption Story

"It's like watching rats scrambling on a sinking ship"
(OCA Insider, February 5, 2009)

Grab the popcorn and a six-pack. You won't want to miss any state court news this week. The inside story from New York's Office of Court Administration is unsettling-- for some rats, anyway. This week's New York Village Voice is scheduled to go with a blistering story about some high-level vermin in the New York State Court System. "It's like watching rats scrambling on a sinking ship," said one gleeful OCA insider, adding, "I can't say anything more other that the bastards deserve everything they get."

The Village Voice article is to feature certain high-level, social parasites currently employed by the New York Unified Court System. The yet-unrevealed individuals are believed to be responsible for plunging statewide law and order into the bowels of injustice and indecency. "They've been working overtime- night and day- in preparation for a response to the Village Voice story," says another court employee. "They are quite adept at re-writing facts and whitewashing misdeeds," says the employee. "Their usual defense of 'Deny, Deny, Deny- Demand more proof,' just might not work this time. The spin-makers know the public is pretty fed-up with their corrupted court system."

"You dirty, yellow-bellied rat!" 
(James Cagney 1932)

Once the Village Voice article comes out, this forum will publicly request that each person named in the story appear before a public, and televised, forum to address any allegations or concerns that may come up in the story. If you work for OCA and are named in the Village Voice story, and you're NOT a dirty rat, then you have nothing to worry about, of course. Just consider the open forum 'free publicity" to tout your altruistic acts in the name of public service. And if you are a dirty rat, well then we look forward to having a little chat with you- in public, and before a live-televised audience.

Get ready, folks. The print copy of the Village Voice comes out Wednesday, February 11, 2009. We will, of course, post the electronic version as soon as it is made available. 

And as one dirty, fat, New York City rat recently said, 
"Spread the Word - Read the Village Voice this week!" 
(dirty, fat, NYC rat 2009)



Anonymous said...

Well, the story has to be about Robert Tembeckjian, the biggest dirty rat in all of OCA. He has personally ruined any real oversight over the bad judges. Shame on him.

Anonymous said...

In the interest of helping, I have a box on "rat treats" in my basement that I'd like provide for any public hearing. I'm sure they're yummy bits for any hungry rat.

Anonymous said...

just 1 article?
they could write a book thicker than N.Y.C phonebook.

Anonymous said...

I work for OCA in Westchester and I can tell you that the story will talk about Nicolai, Lippman and DeFiore. Things have been very tense around here. This has been brewing for weeks. It's not good to get Frank mad, he can be a real bastard.

Anonymous said...

Well ? Will anyone speculate? Is Lippman's chance for confirmation about to go up in flames?

Anonymous said...

If the story includes Tembeckjian then it has to include his former lap dog Alan Friedberg. Friedberg used to be the #2 animal at CJC under Tembeckjian. Now Friedberg is the #1 mutt at the Manhattan DDC, working with the premier ethics professor, one Sherry Cohen. (Follow the money, I say....)

Anonymous said...

I heard the story was going to be about DeFiore and Nicolai and their trip together last summer to romantic Italy. A nice Valentine's story, I'm sure.

Anonymous said...

Get the butter, Lippman's toast.

The story is DEFINETLEY about Lippman and how he couldn't say NO to big Frank Nicolai. Nicolai's closets are filled with bodybags, and now he can add Jonathan Lippman. And his pockets are filled with dollars! And his conscience with air!

Anonymous said...

I heard a NY Times reporter has been asking questions around Lippman's old stomping ground: White Plains!

When do the tickets for the DeFiore, Lippman and Nicolai circus show go on sale!?

This is great. Better than porn.

Anonymous said...

They can RUN, but they can't HIDE..

Anonymous said...

The fleas from the rats have bitten all those around them. Where is Saint Andrew? Is he praying for those poor corrupted lawyers and judges?

Anonymous said...







Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

WHO ARE 'THEY'? And why would they want to keep it secret?

I have been counting on Sampson to keep all of this open, public, above suspicion.


Anonymous said...

I'll be there, where will the hearing be held?

dg said...

I read this blog and the comments often and I have yet to see anyone back up their serious accusations with any proof. No proof. No evidence. Nothing. Nada. It seems like this is a blog for people who lost their cases and can't accept it. Be fair. If you want to drag people through the mud, back it up with something of substance. Crying foul is not enough.
And by the way, I'll believe OCA employees are "jumping like rats" when I see it. After all, this is the blog that proclaimed that Ted Jones would be Chief JUdge.

Anonymous said...

I agree with dg - have watched this blog for sometime - there is much here however the people that apparently control this blog are all talk and no action - a whole lot of hot air - WHERE ARE THE RESULTS? What Federall agency has picked up the information - NONE we pay them and we get screwed - well screw then - the answer is that I don't trust the Federal people so they have a big problem! WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF THIS BLOG? IS THIS A FEDERAL GOV'T FRONT???????

Anonymous said...

Dear dg,
I for one, have named names here and in other public forums.

I have also submitted numerous written complaints, with supporting doucments and citations of laws, rules codes and everything else that was violated.

I have written to administrative judges, judicial committees, attorney generals, elected officials, the fbi and doj.

I am not the only one who has done all this. I know for a fact that besides the people who post here, there are many others who have done all this and more.

When I went to the courts, because I had to, I foolishly thought that by tellilng the truth and presenting the facts, that the judge would see the truth and ignore the misconduct of the other side. I found out that I was mistaken. When I presented evidence to the OIG, and was ignored, it looked like the system was rigged. But when evidence, including tapes, of case fixing by administrative judges were ignored, then I knew there was no way the OIG would take any action to fix the misconduct.

All this is public information, and the names have been made public as well as the acts.

No one is crying foul without having the hard evidence and without already having presented it in formal complaints. It is posted here so all the other people who have been mistreated and ignored can learn from others who have had the same experience.

Anonymous said...

If you have been reading the news about Madoff, you will notice that an accountant had been trying to get the SEC to investigate him for fraud since 1999.

The $50 billion ponzi scheme is not rocket science, but the SEC claimed to have investigated, and then closed that investigation without taking any action. Becuase the SEC ignored repeated complaints, does that mean there was no wrongdoing?

Lawyers run this system, and they want to protect their piggy bank. This is a hard nut to crack, but it will eventually.

dg said...

Sorry anonymous, I don't buy it. If you have tapes of case fixing by administrative judges, and they have been ignored, then post them here. The technology is simple. Let's hear them. Naming names isn't the problem. Many people on this blog do that. Backing it up is the difference between what's real and what's not. People have commented that Jonathan Lippman should be in handcuffs. Why? Where's the proof?
So by all means, post the tapes. Please, prove me wrong.

Anonymous said...


If you don't know that the entire New York Judiciary is a sewer, you have have had your head stuck up a very dark, moist and stinky place for a very long time, and have lost your sense of smell.

Go to and look at the tons of documentation there.

You make a good point however, which is that we should all post our evidence on the internet.

Some of the evidence of my fiasco is up at, and the rest is being prepared for posting. My complaints are unrelated to the lawsuit that I was pursuing when I fell down the judicial rabbit hole. I lost, it was fixed, I got over it.

When I got manhandled, threatened and detained by two thugs because I filed a criminal complaint against a judge, I realized that we are living in a virtual police state, that threatens is all.

Meanwhile, you have no reason to doubt the claims of people who would rather be doing practically anything other than dealing with scum that are paid to ignore complaints.

The intelligent thing to do, the prudent thing to do, The patriotic thing to do, is to earnestly research the claims to see if they are true, not to discount them with no basis.

I can't speak for anyone else, but if you want to contact me, I will show you enough evidence of wrongdoing by dozens of Government suits to make you apologize for your ignorant and callous comments.

But do not contact me unless you have the balls to leave your name on this site.



By the way, why do you suppose there is no announcement of the Confirmation hearing that takes place tomorrow?

Anonymous said...


Having read the posts again, I see that there is one point on which we agree. It would be great if Frank Brady, who runs this site, could publish evidence of the people who vent on this site, when the evidence is strong and clear important.

But in Frank's defense, he works incredibly hard on this blog, and clearly he cannot post evidence from everyone who sends it in. Only Frank can say, but I guess he has made policy of not getting involved with the mess of accepting evidence from every reader. It would be impossible to manage.

Needless to say, absence of evidence is not evidence of absence!


Anonymous said...

It is a fact (easily checked) that when Herbert Weissbert died in july 2003, Justice LIppman bent the rules which didn't allow sitting judges to become paid trustees and Judege Charles Ramos became a paid trustee for the Trust of the late Herbert Weissberg. Poor Mr. Wissberg--he had never chosen Judge RAmos to be a trustee in any of his previous wills. It was only after he suffered from severe, end stage dementia, couldn;t talk or write or understand, that Ramos's lawyer friends swopped in and had poor Mr. Weissberger sign a codicle giving him the power to become a paid trustee. Mr. Wiessberg in all of his wills never wanted any one to be a paid trusttee! Justice Lippman bent the rules for his friend Justice Ramos and while the tax payers of ny pay his salarly he has enriched himslef by many hundreded of thoushand of dollars. By now it is probably up to a minimum of at least 1 million dollar and the feels will continue for his life time as he make himself trustee of the next generaltion of Wiessbergs as well. Justice Lippman along with the old boys club of appointed trustees and laywers who destroy lives of innocent heirs and their families should all be exposesed. Unlike in his courtroom Judg Ramos

has allowed the estate laywers to continue to earn out of sight fees. Mir Weissberg never wanted to make all the lawyers and Judge Ramos rich men. He wanted to take care of his heirs. The system took over and it was all over. It's a disgrace! Justice Lippman put this all in motion. Is this the kind of man you want at the Head of the Cours?

Anonymous said...

I have done my bit to bring the rascals to justice. I made a complaint against a Suffolk County judge, in that he had caused the official trial record to be altered. Either it is true or it is not. Nobody at CJC asked me for any proof. All they had to do is to bring in the stenographer and put her under oath. All they had to do is ask for the daily sheets as oppossed to the official transcript. All they had to do was to read the part of the testimony where the transcript was changed and they would have found a dijointed inconsistency.

I didn't even get the name of the person I was speaking to at CJC.

You can't get the basis of their 'investigation' because it is secret.

Did the same thing with The SIC, another cover-up agency. I give them facts and they give me a bucket of steam wrapped in tin -FOIL. Isn't FOIL supposed to be for the citizen to find the truth.

It is such a cover-up racket that the Suffolk DA posted the letter the SIC sent to me on his web-site 'exonerating' him of wrongdoing. My letter and the SIC sent it to him for him to post in his Press Release section.

An added bonus is that DiFiore and her predecessor Pirro play a part in the complaint I made to the SIC and the useless AG Cuomo.

Want to see my name? Go to the Suffolk County NY DA website and open up the Press Release section. Scroll down to July 7 2008 : SIC notification. Open up and you will see my name and that of another linked to the DA message.

Anonymous said...

I am from upstate NY and I have names and I have proof. If I posted all the proof and the witness statements, this blog would become a federal court transcript and case. The proof is in the court process now and it is not advisable to print for the public.

The FBI had a major shot at looking at and exposing all...but they declined to even examine the proof of even the altered court transcript in of them had it in their hands and once they noticed I was correct...they put it down and walked away!

I believe that the person writing the trash talk about this wildly honest blog... is an acquaintance of a corrupt court employee...I can tell by the lack of astute observational reasoning.

Lots of information has been reported on this blog by myself and others that leads to corroborative evidence and you are stupidly defending ...that this is not so.

I for one have your number and won't comply with your ridiculous you can get a heads up on inside information for the courtdogs!

This blog is superior, truthful, insider and outsider informative and established with impeccable integrity, to support any readers need or desires to extract the real story of NY STATE COURT CORRUPTION....SOOO...JUST EAT IT AND BEAT!

Anonymous said...

NO surprise about the FBI, they're part of the coverup and corruptions since they know about it and do nothing!

Anonymous said...

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