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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Convicted Federal Judge Facing Impeachment Submits Resignation

Convicted Judge Facing Impeachment Over Sex-Abuse Case Submits Resignation
Convicted Judge Samuel Kent submits his resignation to President Obama -- but it won't take effect for a year, leaving congressional lawmakers in pursuit of an impeachment. - June 2, 2009 

A source close to the House Judiciary Committee, which will soon consider Judge Samuel Kent's fate, said the embattled judge was "thumbing his nose" at Congress with the belated resignation. The committee intends to go forward with plans Wednesday to draw up articles of impeachment against Kent.  Kent is a federal judge in Texas, and was convicted of lying about the sexual abuse of two assistants. He was sentenced to nearly three years in jail and fined $6,500.  The impeachment proceedings are rare for a federal judge -- one has not been impeached by the House and then convicted by the Senate since the late 1980s.  Kent has tried to retire from the bench on disability, a move that would allow him to collect his annual salary until death. A disciplinary panel recently denied that request.  But Rep. Lamar Smith, R-Texas, the ranking Republican on the panel, said Kent is clearly still angling for a taxpayer-backed pension he does not deserve.  "Judge Kent's own actions continue to prove that he is unworthy of public service. By choosing to resign effective a year from now, Judge Kent is attempting to secure a year's salary, paid for by the American taxpayers, while he sits in a prison cell as a convicted felon," Smith said. "This is an outrageous abuse of authority and defies the very principles of justice Judge Kent swore to uphold. Ensuring that a corrupt judge does not receive another penny of taxpayer dollars is one of the most important jobs for this Congress and a priority for the Judiciary Committee."  FOX News' Chad Pergram contributed to this report.


Anonymous said...

IF more judges (state and federal) were removed for their improper behavior, I believe the entire bench would clean itself up pretty quickly.

Anonymous said...

I guess these judges believe they are going to be buried with their kickbacks, pay offs and extortion money. So they can have enough change to play bingo in hell.

Anonymous said...

Term limits for all judges..state and federal...5 yrs at a time with a 15 yr max.

If we had limits and oversight..none of us would continue to write year after year on this blog expressing or screaming for "bring in the feds".

Is corporate America also influencing the Courts as well as the agencies required to investigate?

Many federal government agencies that have powers to investigate have ownership in companies in America and around the world..used as fronts to retrieve national and international information.

This could be another cog in the wheel that keeps justice in the hands of the crooked courts!

Think about it when you take a bite of that next Burger King hammy!

Anonymous said...

they should give him another 6 months for being such a fool.
Throw him in jail. Save the tax payers from paying for inpeachment hearings. Just give him a day he has to report to prison. If he is in prison he can not go to work.
Very simple

Eliot Bernstein said...

Solution to Fix Exposed Corrupt Courts, Lawyers, Judges & Politicians.
Sometimes the best solutions are sitting in front of your nose. The simple solution to all of these problems is to rid the country of all these attorney conduct codes, judicial cannons and self-regulating conflicted authorities by simply codifying the codes and cannons as laws. Make some misdemeanor, some felony and have the lawyers, judges and politicians investigated by anyone but lawyers, judges or other politicians, unless they are willing to sign no conflict under say additional 25yr prison term for perjury.
These commissions and these regulatory bodies have failed as they were designed to fail no matter who is running them, as they breed conflict and favoritism and are more protection agencies for the guilty.
These crimes against the people through violations of attorney conduct codes and judicial cannons and public office regulations are just that CRIMES, not code violations with minimal penalties.
Now set the bar high when codifying the codes to law, say 10 yr. felony for attorney or judge or politician found violating such law and you will see no more of this nonsense. Anything short is more of same ole same ole. Personally I am sort of John Wayne justice, take the guilty judge off the bench, hang em high outside the court house but you all know me by now, so nooses free @
Eliot Bernstein
Mad Inventor

Anonymous said...

I love it. Another lawyer/judge exhibiting his/her ability to "play" the system..... (play= further corrupt)

Anonymous said...

This common skunk is doing this so he can retain his pension, that's what this is all about. I say strip his persion from him.

Anonymous said...

I want the names and addresses of all the fine people who covered up and protected the bum, they should go also.

Anonymous said...

here is a comment from a web article published on Westchester County matters; anyone know what really happened here and why Governor Cuomo really got rid of Delbello and why nothing happened thereafter?


"Sharon Enea's murder was the darkest day in Westchester County's long history. It showed how corruption and organized crime had worked it's way into the highest levels of county government and in particular tainted law enforcement with an unsolved murder that was politically motivated. Al DelBello was sent packing by Gov. Cuomo because of the Sharon Enea case and other matters that were brought to his attention by the State Police. Too bad it was not followed up by an investigation that would have sent some of the most highest ranking officials in Westchester County to prison for life. Sad thing is, it still goes on today.

Posted by: James Fleming | January 30, 2009 at 02:45 PM "

from following link:

Anonymous said...

Eliot Bernstein is there an email where I can contact you? I would really like to speak to you if is possible.

Anonymous said...

I cant believe it. Who would want to speak to Eliot Bernstein?

Eliot Bernstein said...

Eliot Bernstein

And to above who wonders who would want to speak with me, everyone who wants to speak to a world famous inventor whose inventions have changed the world wants a chat.

Anonymous said...

Many people do not understand the judges are a branch of government. That when an attorney is on the bench for 20-30 years he has a strangle hold on
the people and the law to practice and apply the law
with his interpretation. Further everyone of them is an
activist. Just an attorney with a point of view. Many
believe they can not be touched and many are unaccountable for their decisions and actions. That is why judge's should have term limits- Two four year terms.

Anonymous said...

This "judge" - while running for office (and before) - was running around with another man's wife. His wife divorced him and he ruined two families in the process. his "girlfriend" is a lawyer in Westchester appearing before all of the judges he supervises. check out his financials. he doesnt have a pot to piss in. he is mortgaged to the hilt. he is considered by many to be a "dirty" judge. the lawyers who appear before him despise him. he came into office and said "there is a new sheriff in town." The guy may be book smart but he that is about IT. Factually in the past he told clients he represented to lie under oath.

if anyone wants the court system to improve - someone should put a tail on this guy and expose him for the corrupt judge that he is.

the guy has no moral fiber. why should he be allowed to judge others?

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