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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

U.S. House to Consider Impeachment of Lying Federal Judge

House to Consider Impeachment of Judge Who Lied About Sexual Assaults
By The Associated Press -June 10, 2009

House committee sends judge's impeachment to House WASHINGTON — A House committee unanimously approved four articles of impeachment against a federal judge Wednesday in an attempt to remove him from office for lying about sexually assaulting two women. The House Judiciary Committee sent the articles of impeachment against U.S District Judge Samuel Kent of Texas to the House on a 29-0 vote. If the full House votes to approve the impeachment charges, there would be a trial in the Senate. If approved by the House, the impeachment would be the first of a federal judge in 20 years. The impeachment articles allege that Kent sexually assaulted two female employees and lied about the sexual assaults to a federal court of appeals investigative committee, to the FBI — twice — and to Justice Department officials. Kent is scheduled to go to prison June 15 to serve a 33-month sentence. The 59-year-old jurist pleaded guilty in court last month to lying to the judicial panel about the sexual assaults. As part of his plea bargain, Kent admitted that he tried to force Cathy McBroom, his former case manager, into unwanted sex acts in 2003 and 2007, and did the same with Donna Wilkerson, his secretary, from 2004 through at least 2005. The Associated Press does not normally name alleged victims of sexual abuse, but McBroom's attorney and her family have used her name in publicly discussing the case. Wilkerson knew her lawyer gave her name to reporters during Kent's trial. Rep. Lamar Smith, the ranking Republican on the House Judiciary Committee, said testimony last week from McBroom and Wilkerson was troubling, "especially because Samuel Kent abused his authority as a federal judge to intimidate his staff into silence." Kent had hoped to retire on disability after his conviction so he could continue to collect his $174,000 a year salary and retirement benefits. But a 5th Circuit Court of Appeals judicial panel rejected the request. Kent would get nothing if he resigns, which is what several lawmakers want. Last week, Kent sent President Barack Obama a letter saying he would resign in June 2010. But Smith and other lawmakers want him forced out sooner. Smith has repeatedly said in hearings and statements that Kent will collect $465 a day of his taxpayer-funded salary while in jail. Rep. Jerold Nadler, who presided over the committee meeting, said evidence collected for the impeachment was "copious and sobering" and made a strong case that impeachment is appropriate and necessary. "He has come close to admitting he assaulted the women," the New York Democrat said.


Anonymous said...

Good Bye and Good Riddens!!!! At least this JUDGE didn't get away with it ALL!!!!

victim said...

They need to start dropping. One dirty black wearing corrupt judge after another. Just leave the honest judges. Then justice will have a chance......

Anonymous said...

Wow...I have been participating in several Federal Court depositions with OCA as the deft....and "everyone" of their witnesses has committed perjury.

Since I know the story through thorough investigations and proof obtained, I am concerned that this conduct will go unaddressed.

The most blatant and embarrassing testimony, was the latest conducted this past week by the Buffalo Police Commissioner....and he knows it! When he wasn't outright lying, he was thinking fast and hard trying to taylor his testimony to what he thought OCA would want him to say...while not paying attention to the fact that...I had excellent recall of that 20 minute conversation at my home. He did ask me to go for drinks with him while performing his OCA business...but denied it...although knowing that it is not unusual for him to do so...well known in the ranks of his men and often reported on their blog!

It appears to me that OCA condones and has counselled their witnessess beforehand to lie..because perjury is "rarely prosecuted" and many people testifying believe that perjury is only illegal if the the case is high murder or rape!

So....why should anyone be prosecuted for perjury..if most are not...and all of you in the justice business, know that to be a fact.

I say the judge should get away with the biggest crime in this nation... that reaks of selective prosecution! Use the law when it is abused or lose it.

Anonymous said...

Throw this bastard to the ground!

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