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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Corrupt Surrogate Court Getting Testy, Fight Breaks Out

Fight on the 19th Floor
The Journal News by Rebecca Baker - Competely Legal - June 25, 2009

So there I was, in the third-floor hallway of the Westchester County County when 8 uniformed court officers run past me. And I mean RUN. Of course, I run after them. They won’t let me on the elevator, so I wait, and the next elevator is packed with MORE court officers. I find out they’re going to the 19th floor — Surrogate Court — so I hop on a free elevator and go to the top floor. The doors open, and it’s quiet, except for a couple of court officers behind the help desk. I ask one of the women at the help desk what happened. She smiled a tight smile and said, without moving her jaw, “This is really not a good time.” Turns out two employees got into a fight, or “altercation” as the lingo goes. Apparently one of the employees wasn’t supposed to be there. No one got arrested and no one was hurt. That’s all I got from those willing to talk with me. I left a message with the law clerk for state Supreme Court Justice Anthony Scarpino, the head of the Surrogate Court. No word yet from them. Meanwhile, if you know more about what happened up on 19, feel free to email me confidentially at


Anonymous said...

Interesting. Why would there be a fight, and why shouldn't an employee be there.

This doesn't make sense, but then we are dealing with Scarpino.

Anonymous said...

The Joker's (Scarpino's) henchmen fighting over their share of the loot.

Anonymous said...

Well...according to OCA'S unified court procedure policy and bizarre CSEA union contract....OCA must terminate both employees!

OCA has inserted in CSEA'S contract..with the unions permission and collusion.... that this behavior is some alleged violent misconduct and matter how many years employed, is the definite sanction.

OCA has falsely made claims about this conduct to create a reason to terminate an employee that was not wanted by them....there words exactly... for the real reason that the employee's strong ethics.... interferred with their remaining employed because their viewing of OCA courthouse violence, retaliation and corruption was seeping into the public's eye! If you only knew about that had some very excellent properties and exuded some great real time information.

The false story included the one employee fighting madly alone ... while Jan remember him..the crooked and vicious now vanished psycho judge... lied heavily and illegally to create that entire story and then in his ABUSE OF POWER.... promised and encouraged some very disturbed and emotionally ill female employees.... to commit perjury for promotions..and he then did just that!

So I guess I will keep an eye on this story to see if everyone gets justice at least exists for a REAL fight IN THE COURTHOUSES, THAT GO ON DAILY... ALL OVER NY STATE.... FOR YEARS!

What do you think.... John Sullivan esq...OCA counsel's office...can you make this case something it was not or bigger than what it was? That is your job for OCA where they pay you handsomely, when you are summoned to get involved to select the very unique and most likely legally non- existent false charges... that the court files to eventually eliminate that employee!

Do you ever wonder so much about you gets reported when you think you are hiding in that somewhat unknown office? It maybe that your life ruining activities have the interest of some potent honest outsiders!

Anonymous said...

People around Scarpino know that his juice is souring and they- themselves- just might be getting into some trouble. The clerk's office is run by a bunch of hacks who have kept silent about Murphy's, Keltz's, Accetta's and Charlie Scott's illegal behavior. Of course things are getting a bit testy. Personally, I'd like to see Joseph Accetta just sit and Scarpino's corrupt head.

Anonymous said...

trouble in the Scorpion's lair, too bad. could people be upset about the buzz that someone is talking and ratting out people for a better deal? Charlie Scott & Jody Keltz are the main "men" for the Scorpino. Joe Accetta is honest and Kevin Murphy is new and doesn't know what he's in the middle of.

Anonymous said...

Rebecca you can make your bones on this story, it's big and this thing was nasty and Tony is not happy

Anonymous said...

I know a lot of people inside the court (and even people outside the court who know the going on), are honest and were sucked into this corrupt system.

I also know that these people read this blog.

I hope that since none of these good people have posted here, they have gotten in touch with the reporter.

This is another great opportunity to start to bring down this corrupt house of cards.

I just hope those with knowledge are going the right thing.

I also hope this reporter has the courage to actually dig into this story and does not stop there. We all know what a powerful and corrupt organization the OCA is, and what it can do to anyone who challenges it.

If this reporter is willing to delve into this, we all know what kind of story she can come up with.

Although the Serpico story has its detractors, it did make effective changes to the NYPD. These changes have effected not only the actual and perceived corruption of the PD in NY, but changed police procedures throughout the US.

Outside NY he is still seen as a hero for what he did.

NY can again be a leader in fighting corruption instead of being the leader in creating it and protecting it.

My fingers are crossed.

Anonymous said...

Rebecca Baker's blog:

Keltz Casualty said...

No one has answered the burning question - How did Jody Keltz an attorney/referee of the West. Surrogate Court obtain a house in Scarsdale from an estate in the court where she works? The totallack of ethics in the Surrogate Court is unconcsionable. This is the same syndrome that spawned Bernard Madoff.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if OCA has ever been associated with or implicated in a homicide?

Anonymous said...

OCA is being implicated in federal court in an attempted homicide.... using a reckless driving action at a high rate of speed on an expressway!
Good enough?

Anonymous said...

June 29, 2009 9;36 AM. Can you give me the name of the prosecutor on that case. I have information about an assault involving two court officers. One who was assaulted by the other.

Anonymous said...

The federal case is a civil case and relates this action to include the reason for the attempted homicide to the filing of this very lawsuit in federal court......before OCA could act legally...first.

The multiple illegal actions taken by OCA and their lack of forsight in the knowledge that the pltf was advanced enough in NY OCA politics and insider information, that it would give the pltf the ability to reveal a strong and ongoing history of corruption and massive discrimination and articulate same....angered them enough to take this desparate action.

It is rare that OCA develops knowledge that an employee has the ability to write and express intelligently the happenings in their crooked courthouses...since most of what employees do is constant and basic pencil pushing!

Chasing down employees while watching their minute per minute activities... like how much time is spent going to the rest room (esp female) is a sport for OCA hack supervisors. These taxpayer waste products spend multiple days, weeks and years in efforts to achieve this success..when they should be doing the people's work! Taxpayer's of NY STATE pay many high level court employees...6 figure salaries.... to just blatantly and for absolutely no reason.... harass excellent and innocent employees.... they JUST DON'T PERSONALY LIKE!

OCA is capable of anything and crime is not an illegal or nasty word to them when it comes to whatever they desire to obstruct, esp retaliation. This is one of the purposes of their daily collect billions of taxpayer dollars to perfect and develop a stragedy to mask the abuse they wield, within their tremendous and intimidating power.

The ADA if desired... can read the federal case filed in the western district, but I truly bet he will never make that attempt...ADA;S are beholden to OCA'S power structure and their future as aspiring judges!

fedup said...

Just maybe one of them wasn't getting their cut of the payoffs? Folks do get upset about money you know.

Anonymous said...

The word is that there's a lot of chatter. Could be criminal events unless Judge Anthony Scarpino does a cover-up. Is a federal grand jury in place?

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