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Friday, June 19, 2009

New York Judge Charged at DWI Checkpoint

Albany family court judge charged with DWAI
Police say Gerard Maney was chased after he turned around near DWI checkpoint
The Albany Times Union by BOB GARDINIER - June 19, 2009 

GREEN ISLAND, NY -- Albany County Family Court Judge Gerard Maney was charged with driving while ability impaired during a Thursday night sweep, according to the Albany County Sheriff's Department. Maney turned his car around to avoid the DWI checkpoint near the Green Island Bridge, deputies said. He was chased by police for 1.5 miles before being apprehended, law enforcement sources said. He was taken back to the Green Island police station and registered 0.07 percent on an alcohol test, just below the 0.08 percent legal limit for DWI, sources said. Maney, a longtime family court judge, also is the supervising judge for the third judicial district of New York and announced his candidacy for state Supreme Court justice in the district earlier this week. The judicial district comprises Rensselaer, Columbia, Greene, Ulster and Schoharie counties, along with Sullivan and Albany. Maney was processed and released. Green Island Police are expected to release more information soon, deputies said. The Green Island Bridge was one of many sobriety checkpoints on Thursday around Albany County.


Anonymous said...


Hmmm said...

Hmmm, wouldn't a judge and an 'officer of the court' know better than to sneak around a lawful dwi checkpoint... and then the drunk flees?!?! Or tried to, anyway.... Why wasn't he charged with additional stuff?!?!

The best of all: this corrupt hack is also an administrative judge. Who appoints our 'administrative leaders' anyway......

Anonymous said...

A fine example this judge is to fellow judges and the youth of this state. He should be removed as a judge.

law enforcement employee said...

You see, before the cops had cameras, the judge would have simply swerved up to the check point and identified himself as a judge. Free pass. He'd be given another drink for the road, and be on his merry way with, perhaps, an escort to make sure no drunks ran into the drunken judge before he got home to drink some more.

Albany attorney said...

He's the supervising judge of the Family Courts in the 3rd JD!! He's also an "acting" Supreme Court Judge which means his nose is up someone's ass. He gets that "acting" appointment by playing the party line.

I can't stop laughing, he's the top judge in the family court. What's next, I'll see him out drinking with my underage kids?!?

upstate bartender said...

Help me. Someone. I have a DWI pending over my head in Albany and it's giving me trouble in my family court case. Can anyone tell me if it would be OK to offer this administrative judge a few cases of beer or whatever he'd like. I saw the video and saw how administrative judge Nicklia in White Plains just changed cases anytime he wanted. I need this kind of justice! I need to contact the Albany administrative judge quickly. Us drinking slobs have to stick together. God, I need a drink....

Anonymous said...

being a judge is not an easy job and honest judges probably have great stresses.

but that does not justify the conduct that judges have gotten away with for years.

it seems the complete corruption or failures of the oversight systems CJC and Discipline Committees or COPS have been breeding grounds for corrupt conduct which then became part of the "normal" way of doing business.

glad no one got physically hurt by the dwi offense.

maney should be removed as supervising matrimonial and family court judge based more importantly on other conduct such as conduct out of neighboring columbia county where he: refused to disclose ex parte communications; threatened to hold a father seeking reunification with his sons in contempt merely for attempting to place matters on to the record which his Public Defender refused to place on the record; Maney brought in additional guards threatening jail for simply trying to make a record "on the record" and yet refused to make official records of this for appeal; forced a father to have to fly from NY to arkansas and back to ny, give up his job, home and belongings to move in to a run down motel in order to continue seeing his sons, all done without a proper due process hearing, without expert reports to support, without witnesses to be called for the father, etc; maney got away with calling the father by another name showing "inside" collusion within the case; made disparaging remarks about the father moving to arkansas when permitted to do so by another judge; then later took away the father's assigned attorney even though he had an assigned attorney for years as the state was taking too much money from him to pay back medicaid and foster care when the father's sons never should been in foster care at that point according to the Expert Psych Eval from years before which was systematically suppressed from official court "records" obstructing a fair appeal and more.

sons placed on harmful anti-psychotics paid by Medicaid which are under scrutiny around the nation by various state attorney generals and federal attorneys for racketeering by pharmaceutical industry;

several threats in the case and one director in renss county said "long arms and tentacles" impacting the case from behind the scenes; alot of evidence never made it to the record either.

appears to be coordinated efforts at the third department to obstruct a fair appeal too. could this be because of connections to the presiding judge who has ( or had )a son working for maney?

this case comes out of columbia county judge czajka's court and at least one other where some coordinate action took place.

Anonymous said...

Pfau can just replace a top administrative hack like Maney with a Maney-clone, just like Pfau did in the 9th JD.

Nicolai hack was replaced by a Nicolai-clone (and buddy) Scheinkman.

How about letting judges ELECT an administrative Judge?!?!

Anonymous said...

I agree with the above comment that cameras had something to do with justice being done in this case. Justice as in JUDGES SHOULDN"T GET AWAY WITH BREAKING THE LAW ! Remove this drunk from the bench.

Anonymous said...

I hope you all believe that many judges do drink and drive and do drugs!

The myth that the holy judiciary does not live with the sins of the people that they just that..and more of the robes need to be arrested for crimes when they commit them.

This is a perfect way to weed out the junk black garbed legal misfits we have now...if cops would remain diligent in doing their duty.

Stake out their boats and summer homes for that illegal drug use...and this time make arrests...these creep judges will not do you any big favors.

Anonymous said...

Maybe just maybe I should send the judge in my case a bottle of whisky.. Maybe he will see things clearly and his decisions will go from distorted to fair..And if it works he may get more from the same place that one came from.. Oh Gods of the immaculate alcohol, may some of the alcoholic judges will like to be friends with me. And rule for the interest of alcohol..

MonsterAgency said...

Don't let this phony Judge Gerard Maney run for Supreme Court, impeach him from Family Court, disbar him from the Practice of Law!!!

Anonymous said...

I can't belive that a judge was arrested by a police officer for any reason.

There must be more to this story.

Oh, by the way, this "acting" justice is just another huge scam by the Chief Judge of this state. Not only does the State Constitution not allow it, but the Constitution is clear that Judges must be elected to their positions. Remember the U.S. Supreme Court just made this perfectly clear to the challenge to elected Judges. So much for protecting our "Constitutional" rights. Keeping a judge in a "temporary" position for years and assigning them to run divisions of courts clearly violates the Constitutional intent of "temporary" and the requirements for permitting an asignment to the Supreme Court so as to help out in relieving the Court of extraoridnary case loads.

But what else is new.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunatly Shankmann I bellieve is a HACK I sent to him a very important motion to intervine on a Judges removal from a case in which the Judge was never assigned to. And all i recieved was some made up case law which did not even apply to the request made in my motion,,,, I believe that james Garifin should be removed,, How can he be the Chief Law Cklerk for any Administrative Judge, replace him when a new Judge is appointed, The clerks sign most of the orders with the judges rubber stamp, 9th Judicial district is plagued with corruption Ethics commitee where are YOU?????

Anonymous said...

In the late 90's I went to a trial lawyers dinner( I was not a lawyer...they invited certain higher level court employees) and as I pulled into the lot of the country club to park, in a very snow piled January but clear night, I heard aloud crash and crunch behind me...and this was 6:00PM at night.

The person who got out was our Administrative Judge at that time...and he was smashed and DRIVING..... and could not see a white snow bank with lights everywhere!

He immediately saw me dressed in BLACK and grabbed my arm and then my "buttocks" and continued to walk like that unitl we reached the inside of the club.

The woman with me who ended up walking behind us, was appalled and asked...Who the hell was that...not everyone in this district knows the top judge since that judge seldom enters the lower cts.

I told her that was our chief judge...and she gasped..he grabbed your butt!

So...alcohol is a typical prop for our highly stressed soothe the pain of working that 4-5 hr workday.....sitting in a robe and giving orders to their clerk or secretary to assist in that little bit of work!

This same judge was arrested for shoplifting a few yrs later when he was then an over 70 yr old certified Supreme Ct Judge working in that capacity. He was given a very, very light wrist slap with an unusual 3 month ACD..unlike what is given to most 1st time non-judicial shoplifters... which is a 6 month ACD or violation conviction with a 1 yr CD.

He was then heard bragging in other bars about the humor of this shoplifting event and still being able to remain a Supreme Ct Judge ...working!

So citizens... DWI'S need never to drive of course...but remember...that most likely the men/women in the robe judging you...are likey cracking their own mirrors!

Troy attorney said...

Make an example of Judge Maney by disbarring him. The attorneys that practice in these courts know that there are many more rotten apples around. Give us protection and we will talk.

Anonymous said...

Blog Administrator:

Looking in to the Albany Family Court records in the case of Louse M, mother, I believe around 2002 or so should yield very interesting records.

After years of being custodial parent, Louise "lost" custody on a switch by Maney after what appears to have been a coordinated "hit" by North Greenbush Police Officers who came to Maney's Court right at the time of the Louise appearance to arrest her allegedly for a bad check of about $60 made out to a Liquor Store in North Greenbush.

Problem: Liquor Store owner NEVER protested the check thru the Bank and Louise had PAID restitution on the check some 10-12 months BEFORE the coordinated effort at the Maney Court and HAD PROOF of having made good on the NSF which turned out to be a bank error in the first place. Info says Store owner never even signed a complaint or affidavit with the police.

Despite having all the proof that the nsf had been paid off months before and no complaint sworn out by the store owner, Maney permitted the town police from across the river to take her away, process her, and of course Maney "had" to switch custody because of this, although habeus corpus and other remedies may have been available to Maney or another judge up the street.

Louise's family apparently had already paid in excess of $200,000 for the proceedings at this time and may have "stopped paying" the right person resulting in the switch.

Look at this not for the custody switch itself but the underlying events leading to the switch is recommended.

See habeus petition in case filed in ny county with judge drago.

Anonymous said...

A friend just told me about this arrest, yet didn't remember the name of the Judge. The universe works in very mysterious ways. Maney's cases definitely need investigating. I witnessed Maney's violations of the Judical Code of Conduct and violations of the rules of evidence in a friend's case when I was asked by the friend to accompany this friend to court. I too, years ago, was in front of Maney when a let us say, questionable transfer of custody of my child was granted to my child's other parent. MMM...maybe Louise M., myself, and my friend need to compare notes and ask for an invitation to testify during the next round of hearings this summer in front Senator Sampson and the Judiciary Committee. At a minimum in the interest of Justice, OCA needs to suspend Maney from the bench until the resolution of the pending criminal charges. Similar to the suspension of a child from school.

Anonymous said...

Judge Maney is due in Green Island Court on July 7th.
Who wants to go? We will bring signs, stating NO DEALS for example. We could also demonstrate before court....let's keep the media spotlight on him.

Anonymous said...

Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...Drunk fool...I always knew he was a piss head cause of his red face but OMG this had made my night haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa..And Louise M would love to attend a hearing against him hes ruined my life wanker!!!

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