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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Skell of the Day: Lawyer Arrested in theft of 100k from 9-year-old

Lawyer arrested in theft of $100,000 from 9-year-old boy
The Sun Sentinel by Rebecca Beitsch - June 5, 2009

A lawyer charged with stealing $100,000 from a 9-year-old he represented was arrested Friday by the Brevard County Sheriff's Office. Andrew Meynhart, 41, a Cocoa Beach attorney, failed to deliver the money rewarded to the 9-year-old after the boy's father, John Taylor, died in a car accident while vacationing in the area in 2006, the Sheriff's Office said. According to the Sheriff's Office, Meynhart sent fabricated copies of his law firm's account to the Taylor estate's law firm in Iowa, the family's original home. But The Florida Bar's review of actual bank statements for Meynhart's law firm account showed a balance of only $20 in January. "Where the money is sitting right now, we don't know," said Vic DeSantis, spokesman for the Sheriff's Office. "Lawyers have a bunch of escrow accounts, so he may have moved it to another account. It's a very convoluted situation. "He may be able to produce it from another account." Meynhart's law license was revoked by The Bar in March. He has been charged with one count of grand theft and was booked at the Brevard County Jail with bail set at $15,000. Rebecca Beitsch can be reached at 407-650-3548 or


Stunned said...

Just when you thought the corrupt lawyers had hit bottom, they give their all, and dig deeper to the bowels of worse misconduct.

victim of florida lawyer said...

this does not surprise me, the snakes get away with murder down here and nothing happens --- why hasn't he been disbarred?

Anonymous said...

This reminds me of when I settled a federal lawsuit against OCA and 9 months check.

When I questioned my shister lawyer..he said... oh OCA says that the removed judge you sued along with OCA... has to sign off on the check...and he refuses to do so! Of course he does..he hates me!

Did you ever hear of such crap?

My lawyer left it hanging saying you have to wait until he signs it... and that is final and that is all I can do....and don't keep bothering me.

My lawyer apparently did not enter into a time agreement with OCA about he worked in collusion with them to settle the case without my permision. Yes.. he settled a federal lawsuit pending for 4 yrs.... while I was having arm surgery.

The next Mon...the newspaper printed it, the radio announced it and the TV stations blasted it before I was even told...all back in 1997.

My mother resided in a nursing home at the time and was the person I was attempting to protect, with a private I thought could happen. My lawyer was checking out the privacy issue and other details before I would agree to anything...and boom...I unknowingly became infamous and severely hated by my fellow female employees and female judges in upstate NY 8th dist...unitl they could secure my false termination in 2005 after 30 yrs, because of this entire story!

This setup and lie packed termination gave these sick women of Buffalo City Court the vindiction they wanted for 15 yrs. My audacity for reporting sex crimes by a judge and in the world of politics was unheard of. I was forced to sit 3 feet from this creep daily and work lots of overtime so he could keep me next to him.

My complaining about this harassment to all the top judges and supervisors...multiple times... and then suing OCA for their lack of protection or correction and the severe suffering I had to endure daily for many years afterwards by these out of control and vicious female employees...was apparently worthy of a certain groups female rage, that continues in that extremely hostile court today.

My ailing mother called me while I was in a sling and on pain meds.... and told me my case had been settled and for how brother read it and called her and told her!

I was forced to tell my atty to get my check or I would call the federal ct judge and let him know what he and OCA were doing...and the check arrived 2 days later and the lawyer gave me $5000 more of his fee for his collusion...because he was scared I was too court savvy!

So if the court system is guilty of attempting to not pay their the heck do you get the lawyers to do so. They do what they see the courts will allow them to do and what the NY state courts participate in themselves...with no repercussions!

This was not true of the federal court that handled my case... as they have no idea this ever occured!
This is the first time I have ever told this story to anyone but my new atty.

Anonymous said...

By the way...OCA was attempting to steal the settlement with that attempt at a ridiculous law made up by their counsel's office. They thought that I would be intimidated by the quirk in the terms and because I was still employeed and being harassed by their order....I would cower to their corruption of justice..but I did I was removed with perjury and torture from disturbed and insecure women...all with connections to the sick ex-judge!
I TOOK the money and then I was marked to pay...when the heat went down.
The heat has intensified again and will remain hot until OCA halts their personal vendetta...forever...against this innocent citizen and once honorable employee!
Be careful if OCA NY ever owes you money...they will attempt to steal it through any means they can...and if they don't...they will haunt you for life... or so they believe...right Johnny Sullivan, Esq...counsel's office?
Maybe whomever is watching me has a shadow watching you. Read the transcript for clues.

Anonymous said...

it appears the 8th is not the only mentally & sexually derainged court system........

Anonymous said...

Sorry for what you had to experiance. I now involved in a lawsuit which has now been going on for a year now. My father passed away leaving me a will and I am his only child. My father second EX WIFE who has now been divorced from my father for 10 years wants everything my dad ever owned. She found lawyers that worked out a deal with her that if they could win anything that they would get half. I am in another state so I have to fly back and forth for court.

So far the Judge seems to be siding with the ex. On what grounds? It is a ridiculous country that we live in when a father makes a will for his child and lawyers, courts and a ex wife come in trying to steal everything he has ever worked for. It is sickening and unbelieveable.

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