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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Judge Testifies on Corruption

Another good background story....

Judge Testifies on Corruption

The New York Post by Denise Buffa - August 28, 2003

The first of about a half-dozen former judges has testified before the Brooklyn grand jury probing judicial corruption in the borough, bringing DA Charles Hynes closer to landing indictments against Democratic Party big shots, sources told The Post yesterday. The former judges, all women, are coming forward without being subpoenaed, a source said. The focus of the probe is allegations that judgeships are routinely bought and sold. Karen Yellen, a judge for 10 years who appeared before the panel yesterday, has maintained she was pressured to hire a political printing and consulting firm and a campaign consultant she had never used before, sources have told The Post. But she lost her re-election bid, blaming it largely on those she was compelled to employ, saying they did nothing for her, even though she paid them $17,000. Also expected to testify is Maxine Archer. A source said the former judge, who had 10 years of experience on the bench, alleges she was asked to pay about $160,000 to keep her job.


happy, once again said...

I love when history repeats itself. I also love when special prosecutors show the thugs for who they really are!

Anonymous said...

Is Senator Sampson going to be serving popcorn at Monday's hearing? I can't wait.

Anonymous said...

i hope Lawrence Horowitz is one of these people talking. I know he has plenty to say about the Orange County Supreme Court in Goshen. Horowtz do the right thing for the sake of your soul...

Anonymous said...

And once again, Hynes does........NOTHING!

Anonymous said...

how about open hearings
it is our tax dollars funding the show
anounce the hearings in advance to allow anyone who wants to go

Anonymous said...

If this investigation was legitimate it would open the hearings up and televise them ...with anyone who had indicting information, given the opportunity to the entire state can view the sludge that has overcome the NY state judicial system.

Corruption is not just in runs quite hellish in upstate as well...but Albany has no intentions of running them upstate, because they know that the truth and sickness has already been exposed here!

Anonymous said...

I am totally speechless after reading this article GREAT JOB!!!

Anonymous said...

I had a jury trail scheduled for May 27, 28, 29th. NY Surrogate's Court had set that date four months earlier. They wrote Subpoenas for Supreme Court Evaluator and court-appointed Attorney for my deceased father's interests, at my request. Then, when I requested subpoena for NY Supreme Court Judge to testify, Surrogate's Court cancelled the Trial. Reason they used was that I had not filed objectios, not notarized and not paid $150. fee for Trial. I had been in constant contact with the Court. Recorded over forty phone conversations with the Court. I regularly asked if there was anything i needed to do- and was told there was not.
Once the Court saw my subpoenas, they knew there was no chance I would not win. They also knew the Judge and all counsel in Supreme Court would be implicated in collusion. They had to stop the trial. Now they are planning to defame me- again, without cause. I am Pro Se and only learning Law. What I'm learning is about corruption. Can anyone help?

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