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Monday, June 29, 2009

Corrupt Westchester Surrogate's Court Brings Out Worst In People

Police: Former court employee harassed co-worker
The Journal News by Rebecca Baker - June 29, 2009

WHITE PLAINS, NY - A former Surrogate's Court employee is accused of harassing a former co-worker inside the Westchester County courthouse, at one point throwing an umbrella at her during a heated confrontation. Charmain Smalls, 31, of 32-42 107th St., Queens, was arrested last week and charged with second-degree harassment, a violation. She was released on her own recognizance and ordered to appear in White Plains City Court on July 10. Westchester County police said Smalls entered Surrogate's Court on Thursday and began arguing with Deupty Chief Clerk Johanna O'Brien. The argument escalated and Smalls threw an umbrella, hitting O'Brien in the chest, county police said. The incident prompted more than two dozen court officers to respond to Surrogate's Court, which is on the 19th floor of the courthouse in downtown White Plains. State Supreme Court Justice Anthony Scarpino Jr., who heads the Surrogate's Court, directed all questions about the confrontation to David Bookstaver, spokesman for the New York State Office of Court Administration. Bookstaver identified Smalls today and confirmed that she had been arrested. He declined to offer further details about the incident, saying it was an "internal dispute." Surrogate's Courts handle wills, estates and property of those who are deceased. The court also shares authority with Family Court on adoption matters.


Anonymous said...

Johanna O'Brien is a hack, brought in to further whitewash the Scarpino/Emanuelli crimes. I worked with Ms. Smalls- she's a good person. The lesson here is if OCA wants to destroy you, they will.

15 year victim of this corrupt court said...

The whole floor is filled with hacks! Bring in the feds!!

Anonymous said...

Some Non-legal advice; just practical advice for Ms.Smalls: write down all the corrupt acts you know of in this division of Hell and send a copy to this blog. And then send a copy to AG Cuomo. No copy to DA. Send copies to various local news media. Then ask for a jury trial.

Anonymous said...

you're right, don't send anything to the DA she is totally useless. All they do is coverup and make things go away. Also don't send anything to the White Plains FBI they are in bed with former agent Scarpino!

Scarpino victim said...

That snake bastard Scarpino shouldn't be a Judge! His pals in the mob got him his robes and he serves them well.

Anonymous said...

to 11:07 post

it's not just the w.p. fbi. even if you call into the main office in nyc to discuss issues which they cover for the region, they will cover up also.

Anonymous said...

are you all joking? JOHANNA O'BRIEN, my mother by the way, is NOT a hack. that crazy woman harassed her because she didn't meet probation. my mom is not racist, and has never been. you all shouldnt judge fucking people you dont know.

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