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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

NYLJ: Grievances Against Lawyer, Judge Discipline Panels Aired at Capital

Grievances Against Lawyer, Judge Discipline Panels Aired at Capital
The New York Law Journal by Joel Stashenko – May 9, 2009

More than two dozen critics of the systems for disciplining the state’s judges and lawyers were given a public forum yesterday by the Senate’s Ethics Committee to air wide-ranging grievances about courts and attorneys, as well as complaints that sometimes had little to do with either. Committee Chairman John Sampson, the Brooklyn Democrat who also chairs the Senate’s Judiciary Committee, said he wanted to provide a means of discussing “all these allegations, these conspiracy issues” surrounding the attorney disciplinary committees in the four departments of the Appellate Division and the Commission on Judicial Conduct.

In a hearing lasting more than four hours, the ethics committee also heard complaints about courthouses that are not handicapped-accessible, strong-armed court officers, doctored or destroyed records, a “criminal enterprise” within Surrogate’s Court and an alleged conspiracy orchestrated by the Roman Catholic Church to punish advocates for clergy sex abuse victims. “Most people who go into litigation are convinced of the justice of their position,” Martin R. Gold, a member of the First Department’s Departmental Disciplinary Committee, said in an interview after hearing hours of testimony. “It’s understandable. …If things don’t go well for them, they complain about their lawyers, they complain about the judges and when they don’t get their complaints heard, they complain to the superior judges and the appellate judges, the state Senate, and everybody else.”

To the extent there was common ground among witnesses yesterday, it was over eliminating some of the secrecy of the Commission on Judicial Conduct proceedings and the investigations and hearings conducted by the attorney disciplinary panels in the four departments of the Appellate Divisions. “Open up the proceedings to the public,” urged James Montagnino, a state special referee. “Why should this be secret? Judges are public officials. They have a public trust.” Three years ago, Mr. Montagnino was at the center of a dispute in Westchester County that led to the reassignment of all four judges hearing divorce cases (NYLJ, June 26, 2006). He said yesterday he accepted his own reassignment to Albany County in the wake of that shake-up and is happy hearing cases for the Supreme Court, the Court of Claims and other state courts.

Robert Tembeckjian, the administrator for the Commission on Judicial Conduct, told the committee he favors public hearings for judges facing formal misconduct charges. Such hearings, held after a determination that probable or reasonable suspicion exists of misconduct, were public until 1978 but have been closed since. “The commission’s position has consistently been that the law up to 1978 was correct,” Mr. Tembeckjian said. After his testimony, Mr. Gold said he would favor opening to the public attorney disciplinary hearings in the First Department at a similar state of the process. “We are one of the most secretive in the country,” said Mr. Gold, a partner with Sonnenschein Nath & Rosenthal. More fundamental changes in the disciplinary processes were proposed by several other speakers.

Christine C. Anderson, who worked for six years as a staff lawyer for the First Department’s disciplinary committee before being discharged in 2007, said the 12-member advisory committee to the appellate panel should be eliminated. She accused the advisory committee, whose members make the call on which cases should be referred for discipline, is “rife with conflict.” “We don’t need a policy committee,” Ms. Anderson argued. “The D.A.’s office doesn’t have a policy committee. They depend on the staff and the D.A. [when referring cases for prosecution].” Ms. Anderson is pursuing a $10 million suit against the First Department’s disciplinary committee for allegedly firing her because she was complaining about discipline cases being “whitewashed” by her superiors (NYLJ, Oct. 30, 2007). Southern District Judge Shira A. Scheindlin threw out Ms. Anderson’s claim that her dismissal was racially motivated, but preserved her claim based on a possible First Amendment violation (NYLJ, April 30, 2009).

Another attorney suing a disciplinary committee, John Aretakis, argued that the Third Department’s committee improperly punished him for conduct committed in the First Department when it suspended him for one year in 2008. Mr. Aretakis continued to contend that the Third Department leaders are too close to Albany’s Roman Catholic diocese and that his suspension was his punishment for aggressively pursuing clergy sex abuse cases against priests and church administrators. Mr. Aretakis is challenging his suspension in the Southern District. Another witness, Kevin McKeown of Manhattan, argued for abandonment of the current lawyer disciplinary system altogether. In its place, he said only non-lawyers should be allowed to decide when attorneys have engaged in misconduct. “No lawyer can or should be permitted to sit in judgment of another attorney,” he said yesterday. Mr. McKeown is a member of several groups that allege widespread corruption in the courts and the legal profession, including Integrity in the Courts, Expose Corrupt Courts and The groups lobbied Mr. Sampson to provide the public forums. Assuming Mr. Sampson retains control over the committee in light of yesterday’s apparent change in Senate leadership, there could be two additional hearings, one in New York City and in Buffalo. No dates or locations have been announced.

Personal Attack

In testimony, Queens Supreme Court Justice Duane A. Hart launched into a personal attack against Mr. Tembeckjian and Alan Friedberg, Mr. Tembeckjian’s former deputy who was responsible for the investigations that resulted in the Commission on Judicial Conduct twice censuring Justice Hart. Mr. Friedberg appeared separately yesterday with Mr. Gold representing the First Department disciplinary committee, where Mr. Friedberg is now chief counsel. Justice Hart contended that he was censured on the basis of “doctored documents” and other shady investigative activities involving Messrs. Tembeckjian and Friedberg. Justice Hart called for a special prosecutor to look into how the commission conducts its investigations and sanctions judges. “In the situation you have right now, Mr. Tembeckjian has absolute powers,” Justice Hart contended. “He can do anything he wants.” Mr. Sampson said he is “not interested in character assassination,” but in changes to improve the system. Mr. Tembeckjian said both censures against Justice hare were affirmed by the Court of Appeals. “As for [Justice Hart’s] various and sundry attacks on me and the commission, his remarks bore little to no relations to the truth,” Mr. Tembeckjian said in an interview.

Click here to see copy of today's New York Law Journal, 


Bronx victim of corrupt lawyer said...

Great article. Looks like the rats will have a bright light pointed at their corruption. About friggin' time!

I couldn't make it to Albany, when's the New York City hearing?!?

Anonymous said...

The links never work for me.. :(

Anonymous said...

I was at the hearings yesterday, everyone did a great job with their testimonies..Let's see what happens next!!!!

Finnan said...

Good Hearing. Due to Senate action switching Majority Control, Senator Sampson was unable to complete the hearing and hear my presentation. Here's my brief statement.

To Senate Committee:
My letters from the CJC’s Jean Savanyu says it has dismissed my complaint(s) upon careful consideration. I'll describe what being careful meant.

I’m suing Judge Kevin K. Ryan and Vito Caruso in the Federal 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals. The pathetic answer from AG Andrew Cuomo, representing the judges, is that NY has ample remedy. From what we heard here, that’s false.

CJC dismissed my complaint against Judge James Dawson, who brazenly met privately with the opposing attorney and his client to show his contempt for law and ethics. CJC found such conduct acceptable.

Judge Kevin K. Ryan knowingly allowed perjury and fraud by an Ara Asadourian. Ara Asadourian, former DA Clinton County, told a jury I was the worst Domestic Violence Abuser in the North Country since 1972 and the Police intervened to stop me. Judge Ryan refused to allow Police records to show no DV intervention ever occurred. Judge Ryan refused to allow me to present evidence against this fraud, telling the jury to disregard that testimony. Is that CJC acceptable judicial conduct?

I have been defribrillated five times. Judge Kevin K. Ryan moved up a trial date to the time he knew I was in cardiac intensive care. Judge Ryan dismissed an action for damages from an assault and battery and attempt to cause my death,. allowing Ara Asadourian to claim in one action that the assault, battery, and attempt to cause my death was only an accident and then claim it was deliberate.

Does the CJC believes that Judge Ryan’s reversing the order of closing arguments acceptable.

The attorney grievance committee is another joke. In a complaint against Andrew Wylie, presently DA in Clinton County, the committee thought refusing to return money that he had no right to have was OK. He moved up to be DA, when he should have been disbarred and jailed.

The attorney grievance committee didn’t see any thing wrong with Ara Asadourian’s long list of complaints including knowingly presenting false evidence, physical violence threats against me, lying to Appellate Court, and so much more which was submitted, but dismissed.

The present Essex County DA, Julie Garcia, has told me she doesn’t prosecute attorneys or women. Should I complain to the grievance committee?

The dark side has triumphed in NY and it’s your job to drive it out of power.

Terence Finnan

more info:

Anonymous said...

The Hearings went well and the public commentators were all articulate, conscientious and professional articulators of what ails these public bodies. Now the real work begins and we must continue the pressure until real changes take place. Some of the remedies that clearly can be illicited from the testimony is the need for real transparency in the current system, accountablility, independence from the courts. It is clear that the CJC and the various state GC are only used for attack dogs to destroy those it does not like. In their current forms these entities have no valuable use for the public, attorneys or judges.

Brady from Rochester said...

Yesterday, after hearing Robert Tembeckjian spin that old yawn to the Committee, that the CJC must walk a delicate line
in requiring judges to enforce the law and yet 'protect the independence of the judiciary', I approached him during break and asked
'where does the Commission find authority to include 'protecting judicial independence' in it's mission?

He quickly responded 'oh, it's in the constitution'.. to which I responded 'no it's not'………

At this point Tembeckjian gave me a surly contemptuous look and walked away.
I forgot to ask Senator Sampson to pin him down as to this seemingly legal fiction.

So I ask my fellow bloggers………

If the authority is not in the constitution, and not in Judiciary Law Sec. 44, where did this part of the Commissions 'Mission' come from ?
I really wanna know.

Brady. Rochester

Anonymous said...

for the corrupt lawyers, judges and public officials who read this blog & think they belong to the BADA BING CLUB

your new club is the BLOODSUCKING

better start backstabbing, your day is over!

Anonymous said...

The pdf is 28.44mb on the link to Law Journal article. That is too much data for one article.

Anonymous said...

heroic show; Anderson, Carvel, McKeown, Galison, Esposito, Pollack, and ALL who actually got the time to speak as brief as the time was allowed!

good all around and hopefully the fiasco manner in which the hearings were cut off will help bring federal pressure and intervention!

apologies on behalf of what used to be great state to all who traveled and denied the chance to speak.

keep pushing!

Brady from Rochester said...

PLEASE ELABORATE; 'the fiasco manner in which the hearings were cut off'...WHAT HAPPENED?

Anonymous said...

Brady, did you miss that the vote to change Senate control from Democrat to Republican occurred at that time in the News?

Anonymous said...

1. They have never read the Constitution. They just make this stuff up as they like.

2. Is there going to be a transcipt of the hearing made public?

Brady from Rochester said...

Anonymous @ 4:03pm

I havent gotta clue what you are talking about.


Anonymous said...

Brady, find a NY newspaper and discover what happened in the NY Senate at around 3 PM, yesterday .

Anonymous said...

to Brady from Rochester: the Senate Judiciary Committee hearings on DDC and CJC and court related corruption "Adjourned" at about 2:45 pm so the Chair, Senator Sampson, the ONLY member of the Committee present at the time, could attend to Senate Business. Sampson indicated the Judiciary Committee hearing would resume in 15 minutes at 3 pm. Sampson never returned and some time shortly after 4 pm a staffer announced the hearings would not resume for the remainder of the day.

at the Same time there was a political "coup" or Change in Power in the Senate body where the Majority Leader and VP Pro Tem of the Senate were allegedly "changed" over and in the change of power the Committee Chairs which would include Sampson running the Judiciary corruption hearings were All changed by the new power structure in the main Senate body.

there is much controversy over whether this political power grab and transfer was legal. see the ny post or times union or other news sources to learn more.

Anonymous said...

in simpler terms, mr brady from rochester, it appears that Sampson "lost" his job as committee chair by the new leadership and thus not able to continue the hearings. this is being disputed by many and no one is quite sure yet how this will play out. differing stories in the news.

Anonymous said...

Okay. So now we have a coup in the Senate for the People of New York to deal with. How is this going to effect yesterdays Senate hearings on the judiciary ? Have 'We' made any progress ? What should 'we' be watching for? Do our Judges know we were talking about them yesterday ?

Anonymous said...

majority in Senate changed and Senator Maziarz is bragging on the news that Golisano helped him do it
I remember Maziarz he spent many years hanging out in Oliver Street Bars with his friends, someone should investigate him & friends!

Anonymous said...

someone should start a smear campaign, you probably just have to find facts on Maziarz, Harris-Beach Atty's and Golisano as they do to others to obtain their power and allow the violation of the people's rights!

Anonymous said...

Many things happened in Albany yesterday! The suits started off with the spin and as time went on they saw that they were not doing well. It was nice to see them getting nervous. At the start there were three Senators, Sampson, Perkins and a white republican attorney piece of garbage. And he left early when he saw that the status quo was not doing well. So why did they really close the hearings?

Anonymous said...

obvious, to many were being implicated in their corrupt practices, the people were beginning to speak, to shut the people up......

Anonymous said...

Tembeckjain and Friedberg are both over priced whores, fire them. They could help balance the budget!

Anonymous said...

Did others present at hearing note that Tembeckjian spent the entire five hours with a Cheshire Cat Grin on his face? What was he grinning about? Is he depraved and hoping his grin will help him. Did yu noticde the Bar Association head complaining avout videotaping? That clown claimed 20 years on grievance committees. He had extensive experience covering up corruption. He takes pride in that; the people see it as corrupt.

Anonymous said...

Tembeckjian wasn't a Cheshire cat grinning; that was the natural expession on a rat's face.

Anonymous said...

Malcolm Smith is going to take the matter to COURT!

Lets see how he likes the treatment he will get!

Lary Holland said...

When I was made aware of these activities I was very pleased. When we open up these private rooms and activities within all government branches, especially the judiciary, sunshine will cleanse much of the misconduct that occurs. When the general public has clear and effortless access to the government's activities, the government operates better within the boundaries that are mandated to it by the Constitution from the people.

My personal thanks for those working on this project.

Lary Holland
Host and Producer of Get Your Justice Live

Anonymous said...

The Bar Association head objected to the video taping, who does he think he is? He said on the record that he wanted to give the fellow that was taping the finger! This from the head of the Bar Association? He should be disbarred! A typical low life lawyer in a fancy suit!

Anonymous said...

"Three years ago, Mr. Montagnino was at the center of a dispute in Westchester County that led to the reassignment of all four judges hearing divorce cases (NYLJ, June 26, 2006). He said yesterday he accepted his own reassignment to Albany County in the wake of that shake-up and is happy hearing cases for the Supreme Court, the Court of Claims and other state courts." I wonder what happened to the litigants of those cases. Oh I know they got crew big time, I think they called it retaliation for exposing criminals within the pucky 9th corrupt district.

Anonymous said...

It was disapionting that the olny 2 seantors aside for Sampson that showed up Bill Perkins and John DeFrancisco both left at 12.
Bill perkins did ask a few good questions.
You can find out if your senator is on the pannel and give them a call and ask them to allow the hearings to go on and that they attend.
Bill Perkins
John DeFrancisco

Anonymous said...

My District Senator is Dean G. Skelos, should I give him a call and ask him to attend..LOL

Anonymous said...

Billioniare Golisano wants to reform NY state politics and Albany.

He has solicited a real creep ex-democratic boss in Buffalo NY....TO ASSIST IN DOING THIS...WHICH HAD IT'S PITFALLS AND LOSSES THIS PAST NOV.

So when the budget came out with th 3 men a room scenario...with multiple tax increases and continued extensive spending...Golisano decided to meet with Paterson and no avail... he abruptly moved his life to Florida...but desired to remain financially.. in NY politics to reform... or so he stated a few weeks ago when he moved .... ....obviously knowing he financed and triggered this coup with Maziarz's knowledge!

The biggest slap to his powerful big money face... by the 3 men in the room politics of the present Dems ...was the fact that as he talked to Malcolm Smith about his concerns and possible moving from NY state and taking his big tax dollars...Smith fiddled with his blackberry, semi- listening and appearing as though he could care less.

No wealthy taxpayer with an ego, wants to be dismissed this way, by the plot began that is reported!

Juvenile, disruptive and ignorant of the citizens of NY state is the only description I feel when I hear about this insanity.

The citizens who voted for these 2 Democrats in Nov. should get to vote again...because they have been deceived. I cannot see where this is legal...unless the vote is redone to see if those voters still desire these 2 very questionable officials with alleged wrongdoings in their backgrounds.

Time for the Federal Government and investigators in conjunction with the military to get involved in ripping apart NY state government and their criminal judiciary...before NY citizens have to be stressed and appalled any longer about such blatant corruption obviously taking place in the national eye.

We have lost complete faith in NY state political operations!

Anonymous said...

The big NYC law firms had people at the hearing on Monday. What part did they play in the coup d'etat? Sen. Sampson is history and the hearings are kaput. Was it all a waste of time and effort?

Anonymous said...

PLEASE NOTE that the propaganda written by 'Anonymous' at 11:33am is sympathizer to the coup d'etat.

Zoey said...

I was also in attendance on Monday.

I found it interesting that only three Senators showed up and two left early.. call me cynical but that in and of itself smelled fishy!

Ok now for what to do.. doesn't Senator Samson have an obligation to report criminal activity if he has documentation to prove it?

Didn't those that testified or left their personal documents with Samson's crew, prove criminal activity?

So now where does this go, since they made sure the "official" hearing was abruptly ended.

Wouldn’t one think a special prosecutor would be appointed in spite of the seemingly innocent and unrelated change of power. Which by the way cunningly coincided with the hearing exposing the corruption.

Anonymous said...

Senator DeFrancisco, first elected in 1992 to the Senate, was Chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee for several years before the Republicans lost the Senate this past year. DeFrancisco is very much an insider and part of the group that orchestrated the coup on Monday. It's being reported that he is the one who will be swearing in Dean Skelos as Senate Majority Leader, if the coup is a success. I suspect the only reason that he was at the hearing was to report back to his cohorts about the severity of the complaints.

I also have it on good authority that senior staff of the now-indicted former Senator Joe Bruno were present at the coup. Nice that someone who is facing Federal criminal charges is still calling the shots in Albany.

Zoey said...

It was impossible to miss the one sidedness of Senator DeFrancisco's statements on Monday.

It was clear to me that he wasn't open minded or unbiased to what was being said by the witnesses.

Anonymous said...

can malcolm smith and whoever is challenging the legality of the coup force Golisano and the deal makers to make full disclosure of the financial interests and deals that got made to make the coup happen? could they be questioned under oath at hearings to determine the legality of the coup?

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous at 3:18:

It's being reported that Senator Malcolm Smith is seeking an injunction from the Court. The same court system that we have been trying to expose for its corruption.

There are many questions that should be answered regarding the coup but if the Republicans have bought the right judge, then the Demcrats don't stand a chance.

Ironic isn't it that this happened on a day when we were finally making some headway in exposing the miserable New York State court system for what it is.

Anonymous said...

Pedro the rat is on the Judiciary Committee, does that mean anything?

Anonymous said...

Smith got cocky..thinking that he was a big political insider immune to bullies with cash.
The American talks..politics walks.
Screw with a billionaire and end up on your derriere....nice job Dems!
The state hearings were not going to work anyway...unfortunately...the Feds are the ones to push and push hard we must.
Hold a federal agenda hostage...and see what that brings! Love Obama..but whatever it takes to get his attention relative to NY state.... must be considered!

Anonymous said...

What a shame I thought that this site was the real deal and that Sampsons intentions were genuine.These scumbags can do whaever they want. Whatever happened to a government of the people by the people.

Anonymous said...

hopefully the FEDS are reading this because all their coup has done is prove who is violating the people's rights...........
time to hold them accountable....
they proved who they were!!!!

Anonymous said...

please read for
Golisano's statement about why he has claimed he moved to Florida.
"one thing is for certain that money will not continue to fund Albany's bloated beauracracy,corrupt politicians or regular handouts to special interests"
that is funny if you know his friend Maziarz and why is he not in Florida now, saving himself some money!

Anonymous said...

The fix was in on this hearing, it was a sham. Sen. Sampson whatever his motives played his role. Wake up people this is going no where. Many good people wanted to believe and came from far and wide at their own expense for what? Our "so-called elected officials" are afraid just look at their reaction to the tea parties. Throw the bums out! That's the answer!

kevin patrick brady said...

I dont believe the complainer above. If 'a fix' is in, it's up to the People to nip it in the bud.
The Committee is there to hear US..and to do what 'We' want. If we let them forget that...they will.
We will have no one to blame but ourselves.


Anonymous said...

Billionaires and millionaires run this government with the help of their poorer sorry that you what you WANT is not what is reality.
The poster above you was correct..the hearings were to placate the restless and to discourage the weak...when the results would have stated...that state officials in both offices acted according to the state and federal constitutions!
The real help is for everyone to see the reality of state is a shameful disaster and if the feds do not arrive soon...NY state will bust.
The people do not run this government...ask Silver..he commands this state as The Hitler he is! If I did run this state...Silver and Lipmann would be where they used to.
Being blind to what is going on does not help to facilitate the agenda to preserve and re-manifest justice and ethics...better if you see the light and fight in it, than struggle in the dark...that believes that we the people...has governmental meaning.

Anonymous said...

let us see the two Dems have legal issues, the coincidence & timing is ironic........I wonder if their legal problems will just happen to disappear

Anonymous said...

why don't we plan a FED day and storm their offices with our complaints.........make sure we know how to turn off their lights

Anonymous said...

why don't we plan a FED day and storm their offices with our complaints.........make sure we know how to turn off their lights

Anonymous said...

Hey people the video is availible on Sen. Sampson's website. No one has to take anyones word for anything, see it for yourself. LOL to the 1st Dept. DDC you come accross really well, scumb*gs! The whole world is watching and they love it! How come this blog hasn't posted the video yet? Is it a secret?

Anonymous said...

Hey give us the link to the video

Eliot Bernstein said...

for the judiciary committee hearing videos

Anonymous said...

Watched both videos, it was amazing to watch the arrogance of the DDC group and just to think we are paying these boot lickers.

Anonymous said...

Can somebody please reassign James Montagnino to Alaska? Please remove this piece of human trash from NY. What he has done to my children is unspeakable. He has no place in law and no place on any committee. He needs to be brought up on charges. None of us will ever forget what you have done to our lives you piece of dirt. If I had known that you would show your smarmy weasle face at these hearings I would have walked there on my hands with every court signed document that helped lead you out the door along with Donovan. When my kids are old enough not to be affected I will publish the book that I have been working on the includes recordings, transcripts and all the crap I uncovered about you and the counsels that were involved. I would not waste this stuff by sending it to the NY grievance committees. You are an abomination and the people you worked with will be prosecuted. Trust me. I will never forget your abuse Montagnino. You tortured my children with your court and thank God I am a better parent than you are a person. I have helped them through this so they can deal with your abuse.

White Plains atty said...

Jim Montagnino appears on the tape to be in character very self-aerving as always. The question on the systemic corruption must be - WHERE IS THE FEDERAL GRAND JURY?

Anonymous said...

Why hasn't James Montagnino filed a civil lawsuit or filed criminal charges? Because he is full of himself and full of hot air. Just keep him away from children in court decisions. Using and manipulating kids and families to gain a judgeship in Westchester via lawyers and law guardians did not work and he ruined lives in order to attempt it.

Has he pubicly ackowledged all the cases that he was supposedly interfered with via Nicholai or others? Or did he keep this "In the Family"?

Btw - Senator Sampson, now that Jimmy has come out to vent to your should start asking around about his LONGSTANDING relationships with Fred Shapiro and several lawyers. Of course Fred Shapiro would speak up for Montagnino, while Fred was a judge he used to throw cases Montagnino's way. Fred also used to frequent several prominant law firms and discuss Jim's troubles and intentions off the record. Thank goodness that I like to record my conversations with all lawyers.... otherwise noone would believe it.... It's amazing the things that they say ...and then later deny. I even know another lawyer who admitted to me that he was present and in complete knowledge of a White Plains lawyer/law guardian who knowingly lied in court which I believe eventually led to the death of a young kid. Does anyone find it suprising that a lawyer does not come forward that says that he/she knows that another lawyer that is lying to the court??

As far as Montagnino,
What a joke. During the hearing he starts off saying that he doesn't have a particular ax to grind and then proceeds to rant about various things. He is responsible for his own horrendous actions in Westchester and he is just pissed because he was outplayed by the rest of the bastards. They didn't teach that in Princeton did they Jim? How do you say "you're screwed" in Latin?

Anonymous said...

As a practicing New York Attorney I welcome the Feds coming in to regulate this NYCLA Fee Dispute Committee which is nothing more than a "Political Economic Assassination Squad" which ignores the crimes of its friends/cronies while punishing and economically bankrupting those who dare to compete with a better product who are not fortunate enough to be born with the right "pedigree" or ethnic orientation, and are guilty of nothing else but being better lawyers and more successful. Its about time the Feds broke up this "backwoods Manhattan posse of 'good ole boys' from New York City."

Anonymous said...

Yes I heard the Federal Trade Commission ("FTC") has now decided to regulate the New York County Lawyers Association Fee Dispute Committee ("NYCLA") since last week due to the fact that those people are running it like some mafia, by rewarding and approving the legal fees billed and earned by their buddies/political allies, while forcing unpopular minorities and non-connected lawyers to give all of the money back. What is wrong with these people? Does the NYCLA Fee Dispute Committee located at 14 Vesey Street, New York, New York really think that they can get away with this blatant racism and classism without getting busted like the Italian mafia did by the Feds? These people dont use guns and brass knuckles to drive out the competition like the Italian mafia did, they use corrupt arbitrators, judges, and corrupt courts to do their dirty work of muscling out the competition and extorting their competitors.

Laser said...

Expose Corrupt Courts has done a Fantastic Job;

The series on the NY State Senate hearings into cronyism and corruption is an absolute awesome positive approach.

We regret that we did not learn of the Senate hearings sooner as we have a case akin to Madoff where the SEC was instructed to Back Off and the NY Supreme Court case 601805/2002 has nearly 1/2 the docket Under SEAL to assist in Covering Up Organized criminal activity that has Federal and State Court protection of Traub who was a partner/associate of Tom Petters, Marc Dreier and Okun 1031 Tax Group. for links to public documents including the DOJ shutting down the Public Corruption Unit and threats against career Asst US Attorneys

Laser said...

Until we UNITE


Against Tyranny & Corruption

There will be no justice.

Without Justice

There can be NO PEACE!

Stand up and Fight
For your American Way of Life

Anonymous said...

The power to open up a Docket Number against a Lawyer is the Power to Destroy.

Frivolous complaints against Attorneys are, and should be, dismissed at the outset of receiving a complaint by DDC Personnel when it is on its face merely a Fee Dispute or someone just pissed off by not winning their case.

Frivolous allegations of Ethics violations are rampantly and flippantly used by Clients who may always have ulterior motives for filing nonsensical complaints against good Attorneys.

The problem is, the DDC has the absolute and undisputed right to decide who gets a Docket Number and an investigation against them, and who doesn't even get a copy of the Complaint because it's dismissed outright.

Too bad that all of the evidence on these discussion boards, and in Christine Anderson's Federal Lawsuit, prove that if you are a minority Attorney with a small practice, every frivolous and nonsensical complaint will hit you hard right between the eyes, even if you are innocent, but if you are a White or Jewish Attorney, or from a Big Law Firm in Manhattan, even if you freaking raped someone or stole escrow funds, nothing will happen to you, not even the opening up of a Docket Number by this absolutely satanic and racist den of Jewish vipers known as the DDC Cabal, one of the last vestiges of Jewish Mafia organized crime in this country.

They also have this monopoly and stranglehold to do this on the Medical Licensing and Ethics Boards as well, to both keep out, stamp out, and drive away the competition, all at the expense of the Consumer, just so that they can preserve their own wealth and power.

I sincerely hope and pray that the FBI Office of Public Corruption, the New York Attorney General's Office, and the Office of Senator John Sampson of New York clean the shit out of that Jewish hornets' nest known as the Departmental Disciplinary Committee, First Department, of Manhattan New York, a truly un-American, racist, and repressive regime.

These sons of bitches are as much, if not even more secretive and more corrupt, and more harmful to the American people than the Federal Reserve.

An FBI sponsored enema is absolutely necessary here.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

With regards to the NYCLA Fee Dispute Program, if you are a Jewish Attorney or from a Big Law Firm, you get to keep your fees earned. If not, or you are a Minority Attorney or from a Small Law Firm, you don't get to keep the money you earned through billing. It's the same problem with the Departmental Disciplinary Committee, First Department.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...


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(1) Defaming them on the Internet, Media, and in Social Settings;

(2 Using their Jewish Head-Hunters to steal their best Employees and to breed disloyalty within the ranks (only to fire them after a few months);

(3) Use their Jewish brethren and contacts on the relevant Disciplinary Committee, Licensing Committee, or Regulatory Committee to start pursuing frivolous investigations into their company, right down to the bone, looking painstakingly for ANY irregularities with which to hang the business with;

(4) Use their Jewish brethren and contacts on the relevant Taxing Authority, Department of Labor, or other Regulatory Committee to start pursuing frivolous audits into their company, right down to the bone, looking painstakingly for ANY irregularities with which to hang the business with;

(5) Corporate espionage (good old fashion spying) using computer/server hacking techniques to steal their data and client information or even better, real live Jewish employees if the Business owner is stupid and naive enough to hire them in the first place;

(6) Encouraging and instigating domestic friction and instability at home using cheater temptations and mechanisms to pull apart the marital home somehow, and then using all of the Feminazi hench-women to neuter/castrate the man in a very costly divorce and child custody battle;

(7) Vaulting and promoting their own religion which keeps them together, while shitting all over everyone elses;

(8) Use their Jewish brethren and contacts on the relevant Credit Card Merchant Services Account Company to start pursuing frivolous chargebacks against their company, right down to the bone, looking to cancel their Merchant Services and Credit Card Accepting ability, and destroy their Credit Ratings, with which to hang the business with;

(9) Rinse, lather, and repeat until the competing business is either dead, or the owner is.

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Great post! You may want to follow up on this topic!!!


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               The June 8, 2009 hearing is on two videos:
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