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Monday, June 29, 2009

Disbarred NY Lawyer Gets 6 Months for Swindling Clients

Disbarred Westchester lawyer to spend 6 months in jail for swindling clients
The Journal News by Rebecca Baker - June 16, 2009

WHITE PLAINS, NY - A disbarred Mamaroneck lawyer was sentenced today to serve six months in jail for stealing more than $445,000 from four clients and then failing to pay taxes on the stolen cash. The sentence for Christopher Meyers, 46, was part of a five-year "shock" probation in which he will serve 4 1/2 years on probation after his jail term. Meyers, wearing blue jeans and a navy blue T-shirt to his sentencing in state Supreme Court in White Plains, said he has "extreme regret" for hurting his clients and his family. "I apologize to all parties, the victims and my family, who's been gravely affected by this," he said. Meyers, who had a law office in Buchanan, was arrested last year after stealing nearly $300,000 from the estate of John S. Burge, officials said. Meyers had told the estate's executor that he needed the money to pay estate taxes, but then kept it for his own use, officials said. He pleaded guilty in February to felony charges of second-degree grand larceny and filing a false personal income tax return. He has paid nearly $300,000 in restitution, but still owes $90,619 to the Burge estate and $56,624 to ex-client Norman Preteau. He also owes $29,302 to the state Department of Taxation and Finance and $3,000 to Springvale Apartments in Cortlandt, but was not charged with the latter theft. State Supreme Court Justice Richard A. Molea told Meyers that he had been a "fine attorney" and "a credit to his profession" before he committed these crimes, which he described as "an aberration."  Molea said Meyers' actions not only created stress on his family but caused great financial strain on his victims, especially Preteau. Meyers was disbarred early last year after an investigation was launched. He must pay $2,889 a month in restitution starting Nov. 15 as a requirement for probation.


Anonymous said...

Why did Madoff hire an accountant from New City in Rockland County with an office right next to the Rockland County Bar Association ? Why not NYC ?

Anonymous said...

Why the big rush to sentence Madoff ?
No trial means no evidence ?

Anonymous said...

Rockland County and the 9th Judicial District is the District the Fedreal govt sould zero in on and start arresting the corrupt Judges and Attorney's. Then maybe the and only then will the other corrupt activities in other counties at least subside.
Organized crime is no longer old time gansters in the streets of New York, They have avanced themselfs thru Law school and Judgeships What has happened to this once Great NATION?

Anonymous said...

The legal 'profession' has become an organized crime syndicate.

Anonymous said...

Greed has destroyed this country and our predicted it would.

The federal agencies that should be the oversight and investigatory entities...have grown afraid of and overwhelmed by...the number of and extent of the abuse of power of these greedy thugs...and thus have left Americans and NY'ERS to fend for themselves!

We the people of the United States of America... are now existing like our fellow humans in the third world...and yes it is that bad!

We have been abandoned by our government, as they watch our constitution and our lives within it;s stated rights... being blanched to wordless paper. God Bless us..for our future is absolutely and truly unknown.

Anonymous said...

One more down! How many more to go?

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